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Aug 30, 2008

from Denver to LA

what a journey, I swear.

majority of us had to re-do all our bags because we exceeded the 50lbs limit. we had to dispose some of our extra stuffs or put it into someone else's luggage if they have extra. Like few of my pambahays are in Marika's box - hehe, sorry Mariks.

Hay, finally we get to pass the check-in counter. Had a meal from PANDA EXPRESS which fortunately serves rice. and then... enduring the bitin 2 hour flight from Denver to LA. 8PM, we landed in LAX and waited for almost 30 minutes for our bags... and then finally.

Running from Domestic to International side of LAX Airport, we made it to PAL check-in counters. Weighing the bags, explaining things, bringing our luggage to the x-ray machine - we ended checking in at 9PM. Our supposed boarding time is 9:50. We are so exhausted and hungry, we then decided to settle down and eat - i loved the japanese food i bought from Sushiya.

hay... tired and sweaty.. in an hour we will be heading to Manila na. :)

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