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Aug 9, 2008

Denver overnight

ahay, travel travel and more traveling alone.
its hard to travel alone only because you don't have anyone to talk to; the experience, the independence, and yeah - the pleasure of going to cities all by yourself is OK. I don't have to worry about anyone, I wake up on my own time, go here and there where I want to without someone else telling me what to do. But, I pull my big luggage alone, i take pictures alone, cruelly MY pictures alone, i kill time alone. ahay. but i'm cool. hey! independence you all.

my first two pics were from Radisson Hotel during my overnight at LA

From LAX Radisson's Hotel, i took the 2hours flight of Frontier Airlines to go to Denver where my bosses and other managers are staying and waiting for me so we can head to our final destination... Wyoming! Here's a pic of DIA

yep, you have to take a SHUTTLE BUS/TRAIN in order to get your luggage. Buti di ako naligaw

Denver and California are on different timezones, so instead of a 2 hour flight, it became 3 hours, but its just 2 - ok, whatever! hahaha.

I could have not imagined a BIG airport. Gosh, I thought I'll be lost finding my luggage. And so I followed this girl who I knew was on the same plane as me.... but while I was following her, she stopped to buy a coffee! ha! i was caught clueless as to where to go. Buti na lang i am able to read - ok, so follow the signs. and then whoah! I have to take a train in order to get to the baggage claim. ha! grabacious!

After the train, I heard someone calling my name. Turning around and looking for a familiar face - nope. I didn't recognize anyone. Then again, I heard it. Finally!! a familiar face. Our Country Manager - mind you - country manager, in his rubber shoes, cargo shorts and shirt, picked me up from Denver Airport. He was with the Site Director of Laramie Wyoming. Am i this important that two HIGH END people are picking me up from the airport - ha, I WISH!! hehe. siguro feeling nila mukha akong kawawa. hahahahaa.

But it was just a relief that finally, I get to talk to someone - I know.

From Denver Airport, we headed to Holiday Inn Select. I don't have a room reserved to me because we are supposed to leave for Laramie that noon. I guess everyone wanted to go shopping and make the most out of Denver so they moved the Laramie trip the next day. Since I don't have a room, I get to stay overnight with my manager. I was so freaking tired that I didn't manage to go with them to shop. Well, for one I don't have money, second - I badly needed sleep.

But I was hungry too. No food. It was a Saturday I think when I arrived. Since I got my US Credit Card, I went ahead and activated it and had food ordered and delivered to the hotel (since the hotel restaurant is closed). My first ever meal after the PAL plane is here in Denver, at freaking 5PM. I had overnight already in LA mind you.

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