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Mar 23, 2011

A Chocolate Mousse to Remember

** finally, i had the time to put this together**

August 21, Saturday AM

I can say it’s been a tradition that the team spends quality time every weekend, or whenever we have money. Their latest addiction is indulging in seafood, that is Dampa. This particular Saturday, they decided yet again, to spend another ‘breakfast’ in Macapagal avenue. Since I’m trying to save up as much as I can for our Hong Kong Trip, I initially declined. There were no signs of panic and disturbance from the team but my manager insisted I go. I even used Marvin as my excuse (that he was sleeping, that he may not be able to follow, that our food trip won’t be worth it since he can’t eat much) but they all talked me out of it, like everyone has something to say to me. Oo na, sige na.. sasama na ko. Gosh. Little do I know that he (Marvin) wouldn’t have a hard time joining us.

Here are some little segments.

So we arrived bright and early at Dampa. Like the usual, I didn’t join the rest on their scouting walks. My manager, Allian, despite her killer heels, walked from restaurant to restaurant looking for a private resto with an acceptable ambiance. We moved from the initial open area to an airconditioned one because I prefer not to hear Bonchie whine. :p And as usual, I let them order food. I was so engrossed on reading that I let them do all the work.

When we were just waiting for our food to be cooked, they were singing the Karaoke. They even asked me what Marvin’s theme song is to me. I said that of Introvoys, they all laughed. Wala ata silang love song. OK fine.. hnd ko matandaan. After a few more songs and few more 5 pesos, Allian said she wanted to buy some DVDs so she stepped out. I can’t remember how everyone else followed. I know Rona said she wanted DVD too. Few minutes after, Myda and Hakkai followed outside for some reason. Kathlyn stepped out too as she will wait for Cai to arrive. Joey kept taking pictures, I honestly don’t know or where everyone is as I was busy reading.

Suddenly, a becky approached me with a cake in a slightly open box. He said, me nagpapabigay po, “Ha?” Ung nasa likod nia said “buksan mo daw ung box, buksan mo” So he slightly opened it and I saw the WILL YOU MARRY ME text, yes I’m 20-20. I am shaking a little. Sabi ko, “Ano to ha, sino nagpapabigay nito.” At the back of my mind, I know the cake is from Marvin.

And then..

spread the LOVE!

Mar 22, 2011

Mheann and Trek Tied the Knot!

The long wait is officially over. :)

Mheann and Trek celebrated their 12 years together by tying the knot at the Lourdes Church in Tagaytay City last March 22.

The church ceremony was very emotional as close friends and family witnessed the exchange of vows. I went blank when Mheann pulled out a paper when she was about to say her piece, masasayang make up ko. I know deep in my heart, she said nothing but pure LOVE. Mababaw luha ko so I opted not to listen well. I focused on the priest and his intention to make the promises of the couple blessed by the people around them. The priest invited the family and ninongs and ninangs to surround the couple as they take their oath of endless love. Truly heartwarming.

A few minutes later, the ceremony was over. Picture Time naman. :)

let me show you some cute finds...

their bridal car was vintage

the venue of the reception was breathtaking overlooking Taal Volcano
I forgot where this reception was held but it was very near Lourdes Church
(plus I don't have invitation, haha, so I don't have a reference)

here's the pool turned to be a mini stage or area where the couple would be at
we didn't get to stay the whole time because I have class waiting for me, but I'm sure this looks lovely at night

even this cute cake was orange-y
I wish I could have stolen a cupcake!! haha

trendy photobooth courtesy of CDWORX

nothing beats a good old company
nice to be with you all

i love them!

it may not be easy to keep the relationship for 12 years, but it's not impossible.
CHEERS to the newlyweds. :)

Would look forward to juniors soon...

Mar 15, 2011

no to PLASTICs

From my recent Cebu Trip, I have concluded that Cebu is making a stand on campaigning a healthier and greener Cebu by eliminating plastic bottles.


Pictured below are some water dispensers that you'll see around Cebu. Almost every street has a minimum of one water dispenser. I am totally amazed on Filipinos developed a paid water dispenser that aims to control usage of plastic water bottles. Your Php1.00 in this dispenser is equivalent to 25ML of water whereas the cheapest 50ML water in 7-11 is around Php10.00. You don't just save money, we CONTROL PLASTIC.

Don't buy water bottles in stores anymore. Now you can carry your chic/posh/cute tumbler and refill all you want.

It's time to make a difference.

(hopefully clean water is not going to be an issue.)

I hope we could find ways to improve this dispenser and adapt here in the Philippines.
I challenge those water companies (Absolute, Coca-Cola, Wilkins, etc) to just make dispensers like this instead of small disposable water bottles.

Let's be Eco-Friendly.

For more ways to save the Earth, visit wwf.org.ph/howhelp.php

Hukad Restaurant in Cebu

Recommended by a friend, Marvin and I tried Hukad restaurant at Ayala Center Cebu, before we flew back to Manila.

Shrimps in Garlic

Chiken Halang-Halang
tastes like cooked with gata and a little spicy

Kinilaw na Isda

Escabecheng Tanigue

cute rectanglar flat plate

I had Maja Blanca for dessert

We liked their service, and their food was delicioso too! There were just several items they didn't have like certain drink on their menu, but overall, we enjoyed the dining experience.

Marvin super liked the halang-halang and tanigue.

In case you'll be here, try their baby back ribs. I heard it's good too.

Mar 13, 2011

Cebu, Day 3: Dinner sa Matias

There are a lot of restaurants in Cebu.
Considered the most popular and most visited one's are those that are home based with home made food, just like Matias along A.S. Fortuna St.

They serve everything, grilled!

They have this soup which I forgot the name

Balbacua that Marvin has craved for ever since we've tried.
Ubos na nung dumating kami pero kahit sabaw na lang, go pa rin.

Native Rice called Pusot
(pronounced fast, like puson)

Nakakagutom pa din!

Cebu, Day 3

We didn't think twice of returning to Cebu proper despite the Sun shining today. We just don't want to risk it. Funny, when a Ferry arrived, me mga passengers pa din na sakay. They weren't worried at all about the Tsunami threat? Kunsabagay, sabi naman hnd daw aabot saten eh.

We paid our respect at the Basilica Sto NiƱo, the biggest church I know in Cebu.
just look at the attendees.

Beside the church is the famous Magellan's Cross

Since we need to get some pasalubong, we opted not to go to Carbon Market but head to Taboan instead. The market was very busy!

Famous in Taboan and Carbon Market are Danggit, Dried pusit and all other dried and flavored fish.

Bantayan Island, Day 3, Sun!

Aww, the sun shone brightly on our third day at Bantayan, the day we were supposed to leave for Cebu proper. Instead of having breakfast, I immediately changed and run to the waters.

I need some tan, LOL.

Anyway, it was low tide then. The water was very shallow, hence the color of the water. The sand mixed with rocks colors the water brown... but it's very white sand here.

I didn't get to dip in the water much because we have to leave soon as the weather might change again and we end up stuck here in the island. Besides, I have a class tomorrow!

Mar 12, 2011

Bantayan Island, Day 2, Play!

I was on the lookout if the weather will turn to any more OK. My patience was ultimately tested when I'm about to give up and just bring umbrella, just so we can stroll. But the rain stopped although the wind was still mad.

We hurriedly changed clothes, actually I was the one who was in a hurry and very excited with the change of weather, and ran to the shore. Good thing Tristan Resort is super beachfront. No further walking needed.


we found so many little friends on the shore. A lot of them were just brought here by the current. They kept digging the soft sand until they're burrowed. In samar, we call this UMANG

The ride that got us around the streets of Sta. Fe

First Destination, Ogtong Cave in Ogtong Beach Resort
with an entrance of Php100, we got a dip in their pool and beach

towards their Ogtong Cave
swimming isn't allowed because of the Tsunami threat, they're being safe. So, pictures only

Here's the beachfront

We found a little white friend on our way back.
Marvin thought this is a spider :p
It's TINY crab, I suppose. crablet? :p

Our background is a sandbar that gets formed in different places depending on the season.

We're enjoying Bantayan despite the rain!
We actually went back to our resort when the rain poured heavily.

Bantayan Island, Marvin's Birthday!

I brought with me a party popper and several balloons. I was supposed to bring a lot but I was thinking in case the security people at the airport would took it, sayang naman.

I was very successful in keeping the balloons and popper from Marvin. He didn't know I brought stuff until we used it na. The resort was very accommodating in helping me inflate the balloons while I distract Marvin, which apparently didn't work quite well. Kasi, nahuli nia habang nagkakabit sila ate ng lobo, LOL.


you wanna see how strong the waves are?

Our day concluded with a hearty meal courtesy of the owner. She gave us free (square) pizza! Very generous, salamat Tita Nancy! (who, later I learned is a Tita of my new student in class. Nge!)