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Oct 28, 2007

Accomplished Sunday

I have few updates for this past week.

  • Today is the championship game of Site Wars - Sports fest, but we weren't able to go. Makikibalita na lang kami tomorrow.
  • Sa wakas, I got a mani-pedi, huwaw, after like combined 5weeks, it's really nice to have one, finally!
  • Tapos na ren ang dreaded lecture days ng Training. Nesting time!
  • I have started reading the book I took with me in Australia, finally, I have the time to read again.
  • Nagawa na ren ung simulator na pinapagawa ni Aly, thanks to Tofer!
  • PC just got fixed, finally!
  • Nakalinis na din ako ng kwarto. My goodness, I didn't realize I have shoes and slippers already piling up kasama ng mga makakapal na alikabok sa kwarto. ewww, hehe, pero don't worry, naglinis po ako kanina. :)
It's really nice to be back on my feet again.... Finally!

Oct 21, 2007

The Last Site Standing

We had site wars today - it was really fun!

Marvin and I decided to meet at Buendia LRT then go to Roxas office to catch the 7:30AM shuttle this morning going to Club650 Libis for the sports fest. I was a bit early but the lrt was late unexpectedly. In short, when we got to the office, the 730Am shuttle was leaving with somewhat overflowing number of people inside. After few minutes of waiting and talking, the shuttle finally arrived and we get on board nonetheless.

The sportsfest started with a bang from the Site Directors dressed as X-Men (sayang la ko picture - try ko kumuha ng advertisement email at ipopost ko kasama ng entry na to).

Pinakilala lang ung mga sites, a bit of speech from the gods and godesses and then game na!

Roxies were really good in the CheerDancing Competetion. Hope we bagged the overall site champion again.

Roxas Pride!! We should be the last site standing. :)

Oct 20, 2007

More Than The Usual Load of Work....

Saturday it is!

After leaving Melbourne last Saturday, I had to report to the office on a Sunday after that to prepare for our class on Monday. I have been experiencing jet log lately - i'm not even sure if I spelled it correctly, wehehehe.

My class' schedule is 4PM - 1AM, which means I don't go home at once. From house, I do the normal routine travel to Roxas office. From Roxas, I get picked up by our shuttle service going to TeleTech at SM Bacoor. From SM at 12MN, I get dropped off at Roxas and continue my work till 1AM - kung hanggang 1AM lang nga talaga. I wouldn't sleep after 1AM kasi I'd feel kukulangin din naman tulog ko e. I'll catch the 4:45AM shuttle going to LRT and make it at home hopefully before 6AM or a bit past 6AM. Around 12:30PM bangon ako, kain konti, prepare and then alis na. I have to be in the office at 2:30 para makaprepare pa ng konti for class then pick-up-in ulet ng shuttle to bacoor. This has been my tiring week. I have been struggling with my class a bit because this is a new training and new concept that I have only known for like 3 week - me kasama pa yung paglipad ng isip sa kawalan. ahahahay buhay.

I woke up past 3something today and I just feel so good that its Saturday today that I get to rest. Actually, our Australian friends have invited us in Shang to go gimik but I couldn't simply make it talaga. Even Bax texted me at the last minute if I can go to her place. Bax - sorry, kung alam mo lang... 'pagod and exhaustion' is an understatement of what I've been through.

Pagkagising ko, I decided to go to the derma. Salamat naman - it went well, pretty painful.

Tomorrow will be another history...

Oct 14, 2007

Back home again..

With a week of extension, I can't simply wait to go home... and finally, we're back.

Super busy I swear. I reported for work today around past 3PM and had a con call with our manager. We just needed to prep and make sure that we're ready for class tomorrow. I'll be on a 4PM to 1AM shift going from my_home-to-roxas-to-bacoor and back to roxas and back home. hay talk about travel and all that. wish ko lang talaga mobiled na ko - weeeeeeeeeee.

It's a tough and cranky day for me. Weird but I find it hard to unpack my things more than packing it in my luggage. Like I have to make sure to put the things I brought with me in their exact place, nobody will do it for me, hay kapagod. As in masakit katawan ko paggising ko pa lang and I'm still so dead tired. But Life as it is... ganito talaga.

meron akong gusto pang i-blog but i'm tired na.

break muna.

here are the the top quotes from melbourne:

1 - me talking to lyn - "ate, excuse me, kelangan kong sabihin sayo to. hindi nakakahiyang uminom sa Coles mo!"

2 - lyn talking to someone trying to make a belt fit "ate, pag di kasya wag ipilit"

3 - myda, talking to someone who's getting off a tram "nagmamadali, ambagal bagal naman. bababa din naman ako"

hahahaha, ako lang ata me alam niyan - laugh trip to!

Oct 13, 2007

Saturday Flight!

My friends and I woke up mga past 2. Painit agad ako tubig to have some light coffee and reheated my food to have some breakfast. after 15 minutes - ligo naman. I was already dressed and completed repacking my luggage when lyn knocked on the door with all her luggage. :) I was worried how heavy my bag was - so good luck sa pag check in. :)

Sinundo kame nung coaster at exactly the same time we were told - 3:55.

After 20 minutes, because we had to stop for one more hotel to pick up another travelers, we were at the airport. Funny, it wasn't as crowded as the last time. Anyway, I was worried because my hand carry was 10 kilos and my luggage is about 30. Eto na naman ako - hahaha. In short, nag check in kami as a group, we exceeded 13 kilos and multiplying that with 24 - I believe we have to pay like A$300 dollars. Naawa naman ata ung supervisor, he waived the rest and made us pay 6kilos lang. I don't have to ditch anything in my bag so I hurriedly paid the 144Dollars na excess baggage. I'm thankful naman kasi we don't have to pay anything like of that amount. Thank you thank you talaga dun sa lalake na un - na sya ding nagpahirap samen the first trip. hay life talaga.

It was a smooth ride, hindi sya kasing exhausting nung first trip - ewan ko ba. few people lang and nandun sa waiting area and basta - it was all positive considering all girls kami na walang magawa kundi magkwentuhan. I have another book pala with me na kinekwento ko sa kanila na di ko gusto ung umpisa dahil sa sobrang dami ng characters at the beginning na I can't remember the names.

We are supposed to board the plane mga 6:45 - but nonetheless, nakalipad naman ung plane exactly 7:25 which is na dapat na time ng paglipad - so on time paren kami. An hour and 5 minutes later, we're in Sydney airport na. It was not so smooth landing and all that, feeling ko nagmamadali ung plane- hahaha.

So standby lang kame sa sydney, after mga 20-30 minutes, here we go again. Ewan ko ba, it wasn't as tiring talaga as before, nakatulog ako sa plane, di ako nainip, everthing was going well. We landed past 5Pm - and take note - wala pa ung mga sundo ko. hahaha take note naman of PAL being on time and my sundo being late. I bought my things with me muna sa Figaro and had some coffee - mga 15-20minutes later here comes Marvin and 3-5 minutes later, here comes Mama and the gang kasama si kae and kuya and my cousins. Off we went sa duty free.

The night ended early, mga 10PM. sumama lang ung mga pinsan ko dito and Marvin to have dinner. Tapos un, pasalubong giving at tulugan na.

Super bulagta ako sa bed.

Oct 12, 2007

Our Last Friday Here..


crazy day! hahahaha. since I got my money so late, I had to do some serious shopping and it has to happen fast. Buti na lang half day lang kami today sa work. Mga 11PM, naka alis na kami papuntang Burwood to get some havaianas. Sa sobrang sikat nung tindahan, naguwi ako ng more than 10 pairs - of course, hindi naman saken lahat. I got my sister ung gusto niyang one finger na slippers and a matching pairs for me and marvin. After that, I had to buy some shirts for the people here. I got remyxx pala small bags - sensya na mga sis, talagang low budget and no money - :) I got tights palal from Giordano na susuutin ko pabalik ng pinas - hehe. kelangan presentable kahit la pera - paksyet talaga. We went to what they call Victoria Market to buy some pasalubong and to roam around naren. I scouted a Levis factory outlet pero di na ko bumili - hehe. Back to swanston st. - I bought a black trolley bag as a handcarry for tomorrow.

My girlfriends that I'm with are really nice - myda and lyn. At the end of the day - we had some chats and kumakain kami ng dinner altogether na kahit iba iba kami ng room.

The day ended with me finishing the book I'm reading and watching Lord of the Rings at the same time. Multitasking comes naturally na siguro. :) I slept around past 12. come to think of it, susunduin kami ng coaster ng mga 3:55 - so goodluck sa preparation and all that. Pero good na ren na natulog ako ng late, I won't be able to sleep ng maayos knowing how excited I was.

Uuwi na kameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Oct 2, 2007

Mom's Birthday Today :)

Late ako nakatulog kagabi kasi nagstudy po ako eh. Andito kasi palagi ung manager na nagtratrain samen so parang kelangan prepared kami with some lesson plan and how we're supposed to train the modules and trainings that they are teaching us. So ayun, mega read ako last night. Sobrang hirap ako gumising ng 6AM or 6:30 ata yon. Tapos nagcoffee lang ako tska tinapay na may strawberry jam. Paguwi kahapon dumaan ako ng 7eleven, bumili ako ng 2 dollar na bread and 3 dollar na strawberry jam. tapos meron kaming microwave sa kwarto, meron din kaming bread toaster, plates, and all that. ung ref namen medyo maliit lang pero ok naman. kagabi - dinner ko is meatloaf and rice. nakakaluto na kami ng kanin via microwave. bumili kami ng 2 dollar na malaking microwavable na baunan and un ginagamit namen para magluto. tapos ung sobrang kanin binaon ko for today. kanin and corned beef naman ulam ko kanina during lunch.

The day is pretty ok naman. hindi mashadong malamig sa labas. so carry lang. napagod ako kagabi kasi naglaba ako, at maglalaba na naman ako later.

i miss you na po. sobra.
want to go back na :)

Oct 1, 2007

Second Week - Monday

It's been a hell last Saturday. Anyway, I had a good sleep last Friday and I woke up past 10 na ata ng Saturday ng umaga. tapos ayun, dahil AFL grand finals, lahat ng tao eh papunta sa Telstra Stadium wearing blue and white stripes. Kaya nung kumain kami ng Brunch nung Sunday, halos walang tao sa daan. Lahat ng tao sa AFL pa. Grabe, with all the spirits high and their support to AFL - di ako makapaniwala kung anong nagagawa ng sport na to sa kanila. Like I think there were numerous events or even concert before the big day began - and people are really there patriotically supporting every event - kaloka.

Wala naman akong ginawa ng araw na yun kundi manood ng TV at magrelax sa hotel. La namang pera. Last Sunday, ayun nagising ako ng 9 na ata tapos nag prepare para lumipat ng hotel - yes, talk about moving!

In short, magkasama na kami ni Myda sa hotel and the rest puro solo. Ayos naman lahat, sagana sa tipid. hindi ko pa nakikita sa online account ko ung account number na ninominate ko sa BPI para makapag bank transfer ako at mabayaran ko na yung utang ko. mukhang pareho nating kelangan ng pera.

Latest news, Finally, October 13 na kami uuwi - inaayos na ung flight and all that. We will be staying sa Grand Chancellor Hotel for the rest of the days. Nagkagulo gulo na ung mga booking and all that, pero un na... sa Grand Chancellor daw kami until the rest of the days.

Sinisipon paren ako, and medyo masama pakiramdam.

goodluck talaga with all the challenges i have - ahay!