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Feb 28, 2009

Training Progress

How's everyone doing during this hot days of the season?

Ha. Summer is fast approaching and I personally think Manila is not the ideal place to be.. hehe. Not that I meant it in such a bad way, but sometimes I can't bear the heat anymore!! Ok, I'll stop whining now because unlike Australia, Manila doesn't seem to experience heat waves and heat strokes. It's just that when 3PM kicks in.. ay, I would be awake. I always and always.. get to wake up in the middle of my sleep because of the fu**ing heat. Or maybe its just our house? And thus, I wouldn't be able to sleep anymore. Aircon is not an option, we're a classic struggling family.. and so we don't have that, hehe :p

I just wish to leave Pinas soon and experience winter for a change!

How's your week? Mine? it was very BUSY but accomplishing. I am now fully New Hire Certified. Thank You! Actually, while the certification was happening, I had to do some side lines - print some stuff, laminate certificates and other materials, buy this, buy that, do up-training, send emails, update trackers, sign forms, CALL FOR FOOD DELIVERY (which I liked with no complaints at all!!) LOL and so many others.

But at the end of the week, I got a very positive result... I got certified and the rest of the participants too. On top of that, we (training) were able to pull off the biggest graduation celebration to date with the assistance of so many others. I failed to send a THANK YOU note to all of them but I hope they are all aware of their participation. We ROCK!! Thank you for the help everyone.

Last day of the week marks the end of the 10 painstaking weeks of product training. Hay salamat! :p LOL, but just like what I mentioned to my class.. I could have not imagined any other class to supervise but theirs.

At this point, I am all smiles kahit puyat.
No more overtime hours in the office just to finish trackers and action logs, no more class to look after to, no more people to motivate LOL (but I beg to disagree because I love talking to people and sharing my two cents every time)...

Seriously, I am very thankful for every learning experience. No room for retreats... it's all learning.. and its all about progress! success in 2009!

Feb 19, 2009

Almost There

The Cincinnati News is finally getting concrete.
We are now just awaiting confirmation as to when to leave, tickets, booking, etc.

... But we are still busy at work. Next week is the end of our 10-week training. After which another certification is set to take place.

... work work work and no play?

Feb 14, 2009

Happy Valentines! 09

And yet again.. for another little something... surprise..

Marvin bought some pizza and charlie chan from yellow cab and had it delivered to our office for my sumptuous lunch this valentine! actually, to tell you the truth.. he's not like this. maybe because we always see each other before (as we're in the same company) so he doesn't normally deliver stuff to me. But I liked it, thoughtful enough :p

I took a pic of the pizza because I was laughing my ass off when I saw the pepperonis.. can you see it clearly? tell me what you see. hindi ko alam kung baduy.. or he was just like making valentines day as the excuse to be cheesy and baduy. LOL. But just like what I've said. I love it, I love you!!

when he saw this pic, he said he didn't request it this way.. he wanted every single pepperoni cut into HEART shape and then distribute it just like a normal pizza. Sabi ko nga, natuwa naman ako eh, i think the ones who made this wouldn't spend so much time cutting/ reshaping the pepperonis right? The outcome was fine.. the only problem was some cuts were highly concentrated with toppings while the others were just cheese :p

..And the rest of feb 14? I just slept :p everyday is supposed to be a love day anyway.

Feb 11, 2009

Pre Valentines Special

I was pretty surprised to see what was waiting for me, last night's shift. I can say I was really impressed with the efforts. Not to mention I liked it so much!

First, I thought they're real flowers, but the official receipt (minus the amount, thank gahd), came together with the package and it says '12 pieces rose soap flower'. I'll wait till the time comes that I can use the soap, hehe. It'll stay in my table until after Valentine. I love it. Thanks hon!!

I also got a long stemmed rose from my co-trainer (whose name is actually Rose too)

just don't mind my messy table

if you look closely, you'll notice the petals were carved thinly.. i call it a piece of art

i don't know the source but it says fiore wiz - try fiorewiz.ph

Here's the message from the card:

"And through me, eyes will see
There will be only you
Only you"
an excerpt from Only You by After Image

Happy Hearts to everyone!

Feb 9, 2009

Online Marathon: Gossip Girl Season 2

I know I mentioned last time that I have a non working DVD of gossip girl right?, and ETC has started airing the show last weekend. I wont be able to really see it on TV so I had to search the net for some quality videos. It's a little pathetic I know.. Believe me I'm not so much a fan of pirated ones and free internet as its really not right and fair to many people involved in the industry.. but sometimes during desperate times... I have to do this!

Hehe, drama! And so I've seen quite several episodes already. To date I think they have until Episode 18. And while I am typing this I am allowing half of Episode 14 to buffer first before I continue to watch.

La lang, just thought I update you my dear blog. :p

.. and oh dear, sa labas ng bahay namen... VIDEOKE galore ang mga tao.. buti na lang malaki headset na binili ng kuya koh!

Feb 7, 2009

First Class for my 2nd Account

Finally! I made it to the very last day of my very first class, Product Specifics Training is nevertheless over.
And what a way to actually end it? Getting drunk of course! err, drinking but not really getting drunk. My class and I spent some time chit chatting outside of the classroom for a change.. for the very first time with them.. holding bottles of drinks instead of the tiresome notebooks, markers and ballpens. Fortunately, everything went well. Nobody was crazy drinking more than what they can take. And of course, nothing can beat a drinking session that's free!! :p thank you!

One of my trainees is leaving Pinas to continue his work abroad. He is actually bound to go there anyway, it just so happened that he was accepted in the company. And that is one of the reasons why the class went out too.

Training has always been a learning experience for me, and the recent one I completed was no exception at all. The class, I think tested me for patience... because I almost lost it during the process.. hay naku!! Fortunate enough, I'm still myself. hehe.

so happy nesting on Monday, and guys? share the pics please..

Feb 5, 2009

Point and Shoot

Sigh, I don't have a digital camera.

My family never owned one.. even during the 'film' years way back. During my last trip to the US, I borrowed one. Poor me. Hehe. Yeah I know. I survived without me having to buy. And now that I heard that there's a possibility of going back this March I am forcing myself to scout for a cheap, reasonably priced and quality camera. I want something that's point and shoot, no hassles, no complications :p

I have asked many people about it and I have observed that Canon is a great choice, and so I would like to stick with that. I like the ixus 85is - neat and pretty reliable. I think Cisco has this one and I have copies of all the pics he took.. they're all good. But I want something that won't even reach 10k... meron kaya nun?

... and I found this for 6K, you think this is ok for a starter?

Feb 3, 2009

Ohio in March?


I'm posting because I can't contain it myself. I have to share it to someone or somebody else. Here it goes...

My manager told me we are going back to the US.

Ok, no screaming, no giggling or whatever. I am happy yes, but I know there's always drawbacks.. consequences. It all happened this morning when I got to talk with my 'MA' (manager) and she told me there is a possibility of flying back to the US and I might be part of the entourage after all. We will just wait for the official papers but until then, nothing is confirmed and official yet.
Here's the current weather condition in OH

Temp: 33°F (1°C) Overcast
Humidity: 70%
Wind Speed: NW 5 MPH
Barometer: 30.09 in
Dewpoint: 24°F
Wind Chill: 29°F
Updated at 753 PM EST MON FEB 2 2009
super I say.. super cold. :p


What is happening in OPS? I say its really unfair in so many ways. You have me 100% guys. If you have to do a dialogue, you can count me in. They might not listen to me as I'm not directly impacted but you can always rely on me.... till the end.

Feb 1, 2009

GG Season 2, UFC, 4th week, etc.

TV Update!
After my beloved Veronica Mars was cancelled, I stopped seeing series regularly, no time, not enough passion to see them. I love House, CSI (all of it), 24, Prison Break, Sex and the City, Californication, Nip/ Tuck and Entourage (i'm not sure if I'm missing anything else).
Gossip Girl was created in replacement for Ms. PI, Veronica Mars. I've completed the entire season 1 right from the Television, no help from the dvd. Aren't you proud?!
After season 1 they went off the air for few months to start season 2.

My very last day in the US was the very day that Season 2 will premier there! Arghh, have been dying to see them back pa naman.

But finally, after 5 months the Upper East Siders will be back in no time because Gossip Girl Season 2 Philippine premier will be this February 3 at 8PM, brought to us by ETC.
you may visit http://gossipgirltv.multiply.com for more information.

And of course, I can't watch it GG this season because I have shift during weekdays. So marvin bought me the season 2 dvd during our recent trip to 168. After the frustrating battle with the pc's and laptops, I finally had the courage to conclude that the DVD wasn't working properly. And nope, we didn't test it. I was hoping to do a marathon pa naman yesterday. :( Can you believe that it stopped playing after 10 or 15 minutes? darn!


I don't watch UFC (ultimate fighting champion) like my brother but I know what it is. And yesterday, it aired live.. cool. The website gets updated in-pronto! I watched it with the barako's here at home. I just thought of posting something about it. :)

LAS VEGAS – Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre scored a one-sided win in what may have been the closest thing to a true “ultimate fight” in the history of a promotion with that name.

Between St. Pierre and lightweight champion B.J. Penn, you had two of the most gifted champions in company history – St. Pierre the world’s best welterweight and Penn the world’s best lightweight, with both at the peak of their careers.

And while St. Pierre was favored as the bigger man, it was still stunning how he dismantled someone who three years ago he struggled to beat in a controversial split-decision win. -- read more.. YAHOO

Fourth Week Update!

We're done with 4th week and I love just how the way it ended. We are not behind with the lessons, we even had a spare day (which was last Friday) so we did call simulations, mock calls and all that. We are now down to our final week for Product Training, next week is Abay. Hope that everything will still be alright.

Happy Monday everyone.
I'm not sure but I feel like I'm not uplifted at all.