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Aug 10, 2008

Our trip to Laramie, Wyoming

here's my food last night delivered by BY JEEVES from Black Eyed Pea
From Holiday Inn Select Hotel, I had a good breakfast today. I just love buffet. :) fruits, orange juice, bacon and oh so much bacon, sausage, eggs and soup. What more can I ask for? - yes, its free.

Via a rented car and armed with the powerful GPS, we headed to Holiday Inn at Laramie, Wyoming. I don't know what's waiting for us. All I can say is that the GPS was amazing. Every mistake of road we take, GPS automatically calculates another route for us - hanep!

so there's the little helper

I don't want to sleep via our way to another state, so I'm all awake during the drive. Suddenly, we are driving through the shoulders of the very big highway. I didn't realize it until i looked back. Shit, sheriff. uh-oh. We got pulled over. We are driving 89 on a 75Mph highway. After all the interview, i thought the policeman will just let it slide - but nope; we got a ticket for overspeeding.
And now everyone's awake na.

But we made it in Holiday Inn, Laramie Wyoming -- safe and sound.

Another problem though - walang signal!!

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