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May 31, 2005

from the newspaper

i told you it won't be too long.

hiyee guyzz..

i have read this news from Manila Bulletin, Sunday issue; they have this one whole broadsheet article about call center agents. I felt satisfied on how they actually justified the call center agents and the nature of work itself. many not-so-brilliant people don't understand how call center works. they simply know that we are getting paid by merely answering the phone and sitting down for hours.
to tell you honestly - it is indeed true. but the fact that you can take a single call as magnificent. americans consumers that call us can absolutely tell if we are an american or not. ACCENT is a big asset. you have to know how to speak their language. you have to know how to fill in the words to communicate effectively. you may sound idiot at times coz they really won't understand you whatever word you speak. so you have to know the accent, the words. and for a record - we are trained about things i don't know before. i really don't think a lot of people would understand.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

while reading the bulletin, i saw an article about Jessica Alba - i remembered Rina so I read the article. Interesting facts. She's a mixed Spanish, Danish and French lived in Southern California. Her film debut was at age 13 at Camp Nowhere. Then there's Nickelodeon's "The World of Alex Mack" and Flipper. I do watch Alex Mack before but I don't know her yet that time. Age 16 when she received her highschool diploma. Then she was casted for the movie "Never Been Kissed". If i'm not mistaken it starred Drew Barrymore - still, hindi ko siya napansin - screw me. Then later, the famous "Dark Angel" and last 2003 the movie "Honey". This year her movies include "Fantastic Four" and in the blue, i think, i'm not that sure - (this title i forgot - haha).

she's the next rising superstar in a super sexy body.

May 30, 2005

had it been too long?

hi guys,
had it been really too long since the last time i posted??
hmmmn ok!
busy-busyhan lang talaga akoh.. but nothing much. i just finished doing some stuffs and i guess i'm into another project again. i just finished reading angels and demons.. pretty late huh? anyways, better late than never. And i'm actually reading Deception Point my Dan Brown - exciting novel as well but i'm not really familiar with the airplanes and all that stuff in between - but it's cool and it's good to read.
i haven't seen the other remyxx ladies for a long time. haha - sorry ladies - mejo wala tayong meeting ng May ha. :) well, i just had dinner with dian, ivy and bax about 11 hours ago.. i wish we all can get together again and celebrate 'remyxx'.
don't forget to access my yahoo360. Thanks!!
till next time.

My Japanese Name

Your Japanese Name Is...
Kaoru Kaoin

i got this site from a friend, they have a lot of quizzes.. check out my blog for the other quizzes. i wonder how they can come up with such name.. hmmm, kapangalan ko pa ata yung sa Samurai X - d bah si kaoru rin yun?? musta na mga people.. memorial day nga pala ngayon sa states kaya medyo ok ok ang calls.

May 29, 2005

Deception Point

this is the third Dan Brown novel that i'm reading. Luckily though, i'm enjoying the story - kahit na wala akong alam sa mga kind ng airplane na binanggit. good thing about the book - it'll explain to you everything. what i love about his writings is that he always use another language - cool.

May 28, 2005

24, Season 3 Now Showing

i really love 24 - the series. it stars Keifer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, Dennis Haysbert as David Palmer (the President), Elisha Cutbert as Kim Bauer. Join Jack and the rest of the crew.. get hooked and watch 24, every fridays 11PM - ABS-CBN.

May 25, 2005

Friday, Friday, Friday

revived from my 360 yahoo

holla everyone!

hey guys, i decided to finally check my account here at 360 and do it just like everyone else. i dunno what this has to offer coz i got a lot of blogs already :) w/c i really haven't visited for a long time na. anyways, since my page is pretty new.. i'm still trying to update stuffs so give me some slack time and hopefully i can invite each and everyone.


May 12, 2005

still busy

i don't know when will i stop editing my site.. dian have been online all these days and thanks to her.. i was able to see some flaws from the site. i'm still updating everything and currently haaaay talaga.. i have to edit few more things. its so tiring and i feel so preoccuppied with all the things going through my mind. my site is even more than 100mb already and i don't have any internet connection at home - poor me, tapos 128K lang ang flash drive ko. hahaha - so imagine me everyday copying files from my PC to the office to upload necessary changes. it's really hard. if i have to modify stuff from the office - i have to use notepad.. tiring... so tiring. hopefully, after few more days.. it'll be flawless na. but still, i'm happy..

i'm actually thinking of my personalize homepage.. hopefully i can do the layout i have in mind. coz the one i have is from bravenet - it's nice but i want it customize so hopefully i can do it after all the edits i have been doing. :)

end of my week.. i'll see you after 2 shifts..haay, sarap ng off.

May 11, 2005

love series

yey.. roxana already replied to my request. now, this akeys picture that i'm using here is legitimate. thanks a lot roxy. i'm really an akeys fanatic.. i love her music, i just simply adore her.

anyways, going far far aways from that topic.. :)

i would like to sincerely apologize to remyxx - i probably have said that i would be applying a leave for office so we can go out. hmmm, my priorities have changed since the last time we saw each other. at this point, i really can't afford much luxury for myself. my sister is going to college - and whew - she passed PLM - good thing, but then again i'll be spending some - still - for her. my brother resigned from work and he's completing his requirements before he can work again. my Lola is home with us and my mom is making sure that everday she's being taken care of.

money isn't everything. maybe true. but from where i am standing, i think i need more than enough - soon :). i can only thank the LORD for being so good to us despite everything. my parents can still work, they still have the strength to go to work everyday, to cook for us, to cheer us and to share their patience with us. even if we're all so stubborn sometimes, they still work hard for us. nakakaiyak naman sulat ko. sometimes i'm thinking it'll never be enough for us kung ako lang talaga ang nagtratrabaho ng maayos. i'm not bitter. i'm not sad. i just want the best for everyone - yun naman gusto ng lahat di bah?. i love the people loving me better than myself. i can give them everything leaving me with nothing.. ganyan ako magmahal.

speaking of love.. si ivy.. cool. she has a crush on someone.. hahaha. i told hazel, walang iwanan sa pagiging single! joke. i'm fine being single. after i read the book 'i kissed dating goodbye' - i finally realized that i have an answer for all their questions. - why you still don't have a bf? - simple answer - 'he hasn't come yet'. singlehood is a gift from God. not everyone would be single forever. if ever i won't marry anyone, i want to serve GOD so i can repay him for all the good deeds he had done. well, i'm not hypocrite not wanting a family of my own - it's just that if ever.. i'll be ready by then and i know where i would go. so much being serious. enough na.

i was watching meteor garden before i went to work today. and it feels so good watching my favorite korean series again - aside from Nonstop. i dunno what's with metoer garden that makes me feel so 'gaga' and feel like watching them over and over. i even have a compilation of season 2 - hahaha. i'm really crazy huh?! nakakatuwa sila. iba yung twist. iba yung story - unlike the typical filipino romantic series. at the end.. love prevailed. ang sarap makakita ng kakaibang love story. ako kaya? magiging maganda kaya ang history ng love life ko? when will it start? hahaha. hope.

i'm waiting for 24 - the series. lapit na.
happy birthday sis! - more happiness, blessings for your career, and good health for everyone. love yah!

May 8, 2005

mother's day

it's not queueing here at work - and it feels so good.. and its my lunch though at 12:50 in the morning - hahaha.. that's why i'm just sneaking out few minutes of my time so i can log here and update my blog.. hmmmn, i guess walang nakakaalam nitong blog ko na 'to - kasi wala lang.. existing merely for personal viewing - :) oks pa din.

haaay, ang hirap gumawa ng sariling site.. currently, no one can access my video gallery through other links. i have not expecting so big files at hindi nagkasya sa memory ng flash drive ko. too bad i have to do everything tomorrow.. anyways, video gallery is still accessible through the home page via 1asphost. ang hirap talaga maghanap ng host ng website mo that can give unlimited bandwidth - huh.

malapit na birthday ng sis ko.. :), i'm backing out with the may 14 plan eh.. hehehe.. la ko pera..
update kita uli mamya ha.. lapit na ko login eh..

May 6, 2005


it was my birthday two days ago and it was really upsetting when everything seems to be good then i was issued a file note for my QA. i got 93 as my score but i was issued a file not because they caught me speaking in vernacular while transferring the call to another department. worst, it's my second file note already. and what makes my heart really feel sad is the fact that a lot of agents do it. i just feel so sad that time. haaay, i cried that day, not because of the file not - but it was part though.. but probably because of mixed emotions - hehehe. :)

next problem - my host for my site - well, i got 2 hosts and 100mb host of mine just offers 1G of bandwidth monthly - that's the reason why after exceeding the bandwidth, my site will only be accessible 12 hours after. stupid me! i never saw that before.. i only knew the megs it offers - whew?! but i have to find another host. i wonder if i can go back to 95mb.com. i had the problem with it before - it's not accepting my file names.. that's the reason why i had to redo m y whole site after i'm done.. then i decided to stick with 1asphost.com. still full of problems.. huh.. kainis naman. anyways, sorry to the few people who had been accessing the site - ;) - it's gonna be down most of the time and i guess i'L just have to change my host soon before y'all begins to access 'regularly' my site. if anyone has recommendations - i'L be very happy to hear it.

until then, more hardwork still!i personally wanna thank mhean for the appreciation of my website.. she's the only one who emailed me regarding the site.. hehehe.. really thanks gurL.. i only have one day off this week and i'm gonna modify my site.. haaay - no rest to..

May 3, 2005

my big day

i'm not sure yet if i'm going to use this skin for the next few days coz roxana hasn't replied to my email yet.. asking for her permission about the picture i got from her website. Well, i just wanna inform her that i will pull out my skin if she rejects it though. :) and i'm proud i did my own skin.. kahit simple.. oks lang sakin. :)
today is may 03, 2005 - just one day before my birthday - i'm so happy! Actually, 4 hours from now would be my birthday.. yey, but i'm getting kinda old. but still i'm happy, i'm with my friends sharing my day.. :)
this month is a great start, my shift changed from 1:45 to 8PM, and that is so good knowing the fact that my sked is more covered with night diff. second kick off from the night - no calls !!, feels so good. What a 45minute idle time, hope this happens all the time. 3rd good thing about the night - new pods.. new PC's - harhar.. no spyware! browsing is more faster and reliable that your Internet Explorer will not collapse before you. fourth good thing - people here are good and nice, even though i'm not with all my team mates - it's cool with me.
i wonder what's in-store for me this may.. it should be my month right.. so i hope everything goes well with me. i have lots of plans and no money - hahaha so it's gonna be 'tipid tipid' time NA talaga, haaay.. how i wish! fiesta na pala samin - third week of the month, and it's gonna be mothers day too - colorful naman ng MAY. I just launched my official website too - check it here. i have been doing this for the past 3 months and it's really pain in the ass knowing my line of work. i only have 2 days of free time and mostly i need it to sleep coz GOD knows its my form of luxury. also, the fact that i don't have internet at home makes me really 'gaga' to finish everything asap. but then i had this trouble when i was looking at my host - damn! it's not accepting my file names - huh - d' heck. so i had to redo everything for the sake of this host.. in the end.. i stick with www.1asphost.com, having 2 different accounts - yey!! La lang.. it's not even pretty nor techy.. but for me.. my site is special.. i have everything there.. everything i wanted! check out my video gallery - i really love it. it doesn't have all the songs yet coz i'm still trying to do some stuff plus i don't have lyrics for all of them. haaaay.. it's gonna be a lot of patience again. one thing is fure sure.. i love what i'm doing and i love being busy.
happy bday to me!

May 2, 2005

still pending

i'm still waiting for the approval of my skin
and if everything goes well..
you'll see my posting friends!