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Feb 26, 2008

Every Minute Counts

my job hunt has begun. i know it'll be restless days for me but I never imagined something like this. monday was a holiday - i thought i'll have well enough sleep. i slept like 11PM last monday night and woke up tuesday 5AM. sykes requested me to be there from 8AM till 5PM. well, i said i'll be there by 10AM but my plan is to be there by 8AM. Hmmmm, i realized LRT will be a tough challenge considering that these hours are busy hours - so no. hindi ako sasabay. i was thinking exam lang naman to so i can still go back home and rest or sleep in time for my makati interview at 6:30pm. in short, nakaalis ako ng bahay ng 8am, off to exam at ortigas. nakarating ako just before 10am. 10:30 pala ung second batch ng exam - keri lang. after the exam, few minutes lang, me result na. i passed, fortunately, or rather i thought so. i was scheduled for an interview at 4:30pm. my head started spinning. may interview ako ng 6:30 sa makati, will i make it? im sweating like hell dahil sa lakad and travel so i cant go to makati wearing the same shit. i didn't want to lose any minute. at 12:30 noon, i decided to head home. i have to be back at ortigas asap. i was skipping the streets - i know. it took me 30minutes to reach edsa. sa lrt, i keep looking at my watch, i have to leave home at 2PM to be able to reach my interview on time. syet! tik tak, 1PM nasa lrt na ko. it took me another 30minutes bago makababa sa blumenttrit. i was hungry, sleepy and weak - and super sweating syet. good thing kae was home so i asked her to prepare lunch and food. i quickly ate and head for the bathroom. i had to freshen up. then i changed my clothes. this time im in long sleeves - syet, i tried to relax para hindi ako pagpawisan ng sobra. imbis na 2AM, nakaalis ako ng bahay 2:15 na. sauce ang haba ng pila sa edsa mrt. nakakaloka. pag naman nagcab ako - i won't make it on time, abutin ako ng 6PM
bago makarating sa pupuntahan ko. lakad takbo ulet. just before 4PM, nasa ortigas na ko. naloka pa ko, nagkamali ako ng sakay ng elevator. haaaaaaaaaay, baba ulet ako. hahahaha. in short, i made it on time for my 4:30PM interview, mas maaga pa ko than usual. the interview didn't even last for 20 minutes, hay naku... experience. i was tired and exhausted. wen i get to edsa, i decided to stop by muna, rest, eat and freshen up. merong paid washroom sa metropoint mall - gud thing! anyway, i had chowking lang for a meal in which naki share pa ko ng table sa iba. hataw ako sa text and all that. hay, after sitting for like 15 minutes munching for my food and all, i head down to the rest room to freshen up. after 15 more minutes, i headed to makati. i took a cab papunta sa rcbc.

the interview went very well. the moment i stepped into rcbc, wow, ganda. i feel hindi ako naiiba sa mga tao sa paligid because i was on long sleeves and business attire, hahaha. anyway. i liked talaga the ambiance of gxs. and then i realized naka laptop ung receptionist - ang taray! the manager who interviewed me was very nice. she really took time in reading my resume and evaluating my answers and all that. it was a pretty interesting conversation. after the interview she told me ill be presenting. whatever topic i find comfortable to present. fair enough i told myself. i crossed my finger and hoped for the best for the next days to come.

there are many things to thank the LORD for today

- it's my kuya's birthday. even if he's far away, he's safe and doing good. :)
- there are a lot of things that can happen to me during the day but none of it happened - thank you lord for keeping me safe.
- i could have screwed up and be late and all that or worst maligaw, but they didn't happen, thank you lord for staying with me.

so kahit puyat, pasok pa din me sa office. :)

Feb 25, 2008

Free Monday

Today has been declared a holiday. No work! Those with classes lang ang me pasok, hehehe. Time to rest. Well, kae and I had a short visit to lazaro to buy something at national bookstore and pay my bills.

I scouted a sale white maldita blouse, hehe. pasara na nga mall, di tuloy ako nakasukat ng pants. mukhang maganda pa naman fit ng pants nila. anyway, enough of the gastos - hay buhay. I slept at 2am last sunday, and woke up at 5am, whoah. i don't know what's happening with my sleep time - grabacious talaga pag di makatulog, hirap. i have to meet up marvin early this morning because he's heading to lipa again for another 2 weeks of stay. he usually goes home every weekend but decided not to know. rather, he goes home every after 2 weeks or twice a month.

we had a short breakfast at jollibee then headed to the bus station. around 11am i'm home. i slept around 1:30 and asked kae to wake me up at 4am so i can sleep tonight. she woke me up naman on time and it was raining.

i have an exam tomorrow with sykes. hehe. yeps, job hunting. kelangan ng magmigrate. i wonder if rina gets to read my blog. i definitely didn't tell her para at least pag di ako pumasa sa interview or exam, di naman ako nakakahiya, db sis. hahahhaha :p i'm thinking of reporting to sykes early morning because i still have a makati interview at 6:30pm. sige ihataw ang job hunting. after this i don't know if i'll go to work straight or i'll go home pa to rest. we'll see na lang. i've been rehearsing na nga eh, hehe. for the interview itself. kaya lang naloloka ako. hindi paren nawawala ung pagkatense ko everytime, even if there's nothing to be nervous about. i'm always like this. i shake and looks really pale when i'm being interviewed - hahaha. ganito na talaga ata ako eh. please wish me luck. i need another job badly and asap.

Feb 23, 2008

Another Reason To Celebrate

It's our 30th monthsary today - the 23rd.

Just like the normal way we do it - we celebrated via malling and dining galore. The more accessible mall, the better. But MOA had been the usual place and glorietta is a bit out of the way pag uwian na. The next best thing? Robinson's Manila! They renovated their place and had been accessible since late last year. More stores are yet to open but you can see the BIG difference now. para silang Glorietta, err Greenbelt but newer and better.

Ayun, we ended up dining at Friday's. At syempre, dahil first time ko na naman, picture picture. :)

more pictures at my multiply site :)

Feb 22, 2008


adjective. pwede ding noun. katangian ng taong isang tao na ninanamnam ang sakit. kahit nasasaktan, sige pa ren ng sige.

please don't take it too seriously. iba siguro ang context ko ng pagiging masokista ko; or so I'd like to call my self. hahaha.

from the past shopping trips of me and my sister, hataw sa puyat kung hataw. nakow. there was this friday morning na naka VL ako. so morning ng friday, kelangan ko pumunta ng robinsons manila to caim my hsbc card. and because 7AM ang labas ko, i have to wait sa office for few hours bago pumunta ng mall. dahil naka leave ako, i didn't mind staying up late. then my sister texted me, wala din daw syang pasok but she's already in school - to cut it short, nagkita kami sa rob. after makuha ung sinadya ko; naglunch kami ng sister ko. then nagikot kami sa buong mall to scout for different laptops - as in we're seriously looking everywhere - here and there para maghanap ng mga OK. ayun - lakad dito lakad don. ako pa naman ung taong galit sa puyat. di bale na kong magutom paminsan minsan pero pag inaantok ako - patulugin mo ko. uhmm, wa epek ung antok. nagkukulitan lang kami and we continuously walk. sabi ako ng sabi ng pagod na pagod na ko sa kakalakad pero ikot pa ren kami ng ikot. after rob, nag SM san lazaro kami - to continuously roam and look around. parang kahit alam ko nang pagod na ko and ayaw ko ng maggala - sige pa ren ng sige. huwaw. at syempre, dahil masokista nga - aguy, hobby ko na ata. nagpasama naman sya recently sa MOA. abah - 2hours na atang naghahanap ng mabibili - in short naging 4 hours lang ang tulog ko. at kahit ayaw ko ng magikot ng magikot - nakuha ko pang bumili ng blouse sa sale - bwahahaha.

la lang.
happy shopping, shopaholics.

Feb 21, 2008

Spice Girls 12-date Farewell Tour

Sporty, Posh, Ginger, Baby and Scary Spice joined together to perform once again on stage for their dear fans.

The 12 shows were spread across 11 countries which started in Victoria's new hometown - LA - last December and came to a close in Buenos Aires.

These pictures were taken from OMG - Yahoo!

The Spice Girls perform to a sold-out crowd at Madison Square Garden. Their farewell tour is being cut short so the girls can focus on their families. Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, and Geri Halliwell all have young children to care for.

Feb 19, 2008

VL's Galore

I was off last week for two day, pumasok ng monday, thursday and friday. Same thing this week. :)
Happy and satisfied.

I've been updating lang my multiply, jobstreet and friendster - hehehe. :)

Holla everyone! :)

Feb 14, 2008


To all the lovers of the world, happy valentines!
after all, we're all lovers right?

To all my loved ones, happy hearts. To my crazy loving boyfriend - happy hearts honey.

Feb 13, 2008

Four Years and Growing?

I was a fresh graduate when I first met TeleTech. Well, actually, we have not yet marched and graduation ceremony is yet to come but I was able to join the company nonetheless. I wasn't into Call Centers before, nor into BPO. All I know is that I wanted a job and I wanted it in a respectable company. I wouldn't really want to apply in TeleTech, but all my friends are applying - remyxx that is and so I joined. Luckily - I passed and got a position.

I joined one of the pioneering account - it was for a Technical Support representative. Wow, who knew I could speak English - haha, I don't - still don't. :)

My technical year was a bit nice - well there were challenges of course but some of the people surrounding me made it easy for me to perform my job everyday. I had a good team and a very support Team Leader. I also joined a newly formed/created LOB way back catering to Networking jobs. After about a year and one month of taking in calls - I got promoted.

I'd like to tell you the story how I bagged the job. As I have mentioned, my TL was really very supportive and he knew all along that I want to get promoted. It was my day off I remember - around the month of June. My TL texted me "gusto mo ba mag-apply as a Trainer?, punta ka dito bukas" - back then, I was afraid. I'm not in a relationship yet and so I felt I had no one to get strength from. I've been even hearing thoughts that if you apply as a Trainer, you need to 'present' your teaching skills in front of a class. With all the hesitations, I applied. It was the last days of the weekday I think - hmm, can't really remember - but there. I was interviewed by the Supervisor. It wasn't as hard but this supervisor is really taking down notes and everything. After major questions and all, he asked me to present the next day. It was a girl who interviewed me after. I was skeptical to get the position. I kept telling my TL that I didn't get it. I rehearsed for the topic I'll be presenting and because it was all about the technical home networking thing, I knew all about it even with eyes closed.

After the presentation, she interviewed me again and made me realized the things a Trainer will be doing. I want to back off right there and then and I wanted to tell her that NO I really didn't want to job (of course after hearing the things she said :p) but nonetheless, I listened to her and made myself prepared for the judgment day. She asked me for a coffee in Starbucks. I said I would gladly join her. She then told me that I got the position and all that - and welcomed me to the department - all I remember was - it was a Saturday and come Monday, I'll be reporting to the Training team.

My first class was a baptism of fire. I had an am-boy student who speaks English more than I "can". He always looks at me as if he's very dismayed of my capabilities. I never had formal training. All I know was that, I was fresh from the floor and asked to train. Good Lord, he made me pull it through. The succeeding classes were lighter but there was an instance where I had to walk out of the room - yes the word is "walk-out". I cried and everyone saw me. I cried out of frustration. I was doing the best I can but these kids can't see it. I cried on top of my lungs while my co-trainers were looking at me. I felt the ups and downs. Oh yeah - I learned!

After all the learning, everytime I'll do a class, I keep on getting something. hehe - from trophy, to cards, to bags, to pillow, to wallets and everything the class would give me - I keep all of them and used them. I love being a Trainer. I just love the experience and the learning.

2007 was the year of the bang.
I caught chicken pox - shit! I was absent for a month - walang sick leave pa - 2 days pa lang ata. But though I wasn't back yet, I was offered to fly to Cebu - all expense paid - to train a new hire. Win Win situation -- I get to fly domestic - first flight ever in my entire life, I get to experience a different life, I get paid, I get to go to Cebu, the company on the other hand will have assistance with the new site they are putting up, they will have resources to be able to pull through the site launch - WIN WIN situation. Next, I get to fly INTERNATIONAL - twice! yeps, another WIN WIN situation!!

Now, its 2008 - I'm tired and exhausted of the things I've done for the company. I just can't think of how I can still grow. I know there is still lot to learn but I don't see it now. I feel like I'm at the end of the rope - Is it time to fly? Is it time to migrate?

Lord, please help. I need it now badly.


Feb 9, 2008

Yes, for Real!!

Guess what -

Thanks for the SL Conversion rate, I got a new toy before the valentines! How is wish its a dell inspiron, vostro or XPS or better a MAC! but nope, not yet - I have to save and create a fund for that still. :)

I got myself a new SE P1i. Well, maybe for you its nothing but this baby won me talaga and it took me this SL conversion pa para lang makabili ng phone, sorry naman - isang kahig isang tuka lang. wahahaha.

Weight: 124g
Display Type: TFT Touchscreen, 256K colors
Size: 240x320 pixels, 2.6 inches
: QWERTY keyboard and Handwriting Recognition
Card Slot : Memory Stick Duo
with GPRS, HSCSD, 3G, WLAN, Bluetooth, IR, USB
OS : Symbian OS V9.1, UIQ 3.0
Colors : Silver Black
Camera : 3.15MP, with auto focus, video, flash, secondary video call camera

meet my 8-hour old Sony Ericsson P1i:

haaaaaay, sana makabili din ng laptop. although I doubt it will happen soon - I'm hopeful. :)

on a little side note:

I have been reading leadership books for a while because I'm having difficulty learning this from the office. Sad but true. So I have to look at other learning options. Sabi nila, experience is the best teacher, what if you don't get to experience that yet - hindi mo pa ba pwedeng matutunan? Sa libro muna ko. I don't want to expound on my office struggles but I think I have to now - I guess it's time. Will blog more about this soon. :)

I'm sleepy and tired - roaming at greenhills, but happy!

Love you hon!

Feb 8, 2008

Toys for the Big Girls!

Ay nakow! For the past weeks, I have been browsing the net, educating myself of how it is to shop for a laptop. I heard Rina one time, err - saw when we were chatting - she wants a laptop too. Eversince this PC of ours died last January, I couldn't help myself but think if its really time to buy something portable.

I've made my research and boy oh boy, I've learned a lot... from Core Duo is different from Core 2 Duo, and what FSB is, chipsets, L2 cache(s) size and so many more, as in! - hindi lang basta RAM, HDD and value ng processor ang tinitingnan. Medyo nung naglibot ako sa market - anlaki ng price difference ng Core Duo laptops sa Core 2 Duo na - imagine, magkatunog lang or halos kala mo pareho lang - magkaiba pala. So sa mga buyers, do your own research - wag maging impulsive. It doesn't hurt to resort to helpful websites. Empower your minds - :) Always remember, a laptop is not an investment where you can gain money (maybe one way or another), but its more of an EXPENSE, so if you're shedding money - better be worth it. Here's a very helpful link that can help you with some information. COOLTOYZPH.COM

And wala talagang papalit sa pagkahumaling ko sa DELL laptops - huwaaaaa. Lord, penge pera! :)


meet my first love among the rest - INSPIRON

This lovely toy comes in different colors. For me, Inspiron is a better and thinner package compared to Latitude. Sophisticated and elegant in its own sense. Made with the end user in mind for Home and Home Office use. It comes in High Definition 15" to 17". You may love the package but fall in love some more by checking its specs from Dell. Fall in love with her too. Inspiron@DELL

meet the stunning and inspiring DELL XPS

this notebook is more than just your gaming notebook. this is fast, quiet and proficient. load up all applications that you can think of and this baby wouldn't even blink to show you that its slowing down. it's a mean machine in a sleek, light and attractive form. it has been produced in batches >> good, red, better and best :p. Don't just take my post for it, visit dell. XPS@DELL

business? meet DELL VOSTRO

Vostro is made for the business-y type. For better performance, longer battery life, stronger wireless, intel centrino duo processor techonology - all because dell is thinking of you. For executives and the like, who likes black in plain and performance.. read on. Vostro@DELL

OMG, don't forget the ever reliable MACBOOK!

this baby will literally make you love her. a lot of people have been wed to their macbooks, don't ask me - google it :p


I have been really thinking as to what phone I can change my current Motorola to. I have searched and finally landed on Sony Ericsson. I've never been an Ericsson user but I loved their P910i before, long before this gadget was born.

meet SE P1i

this baby won me :) I don't think I would love anything else at this point - not a nokia, not another motorola... but the latest smart phones of SE. The only downside - keyboard. :) Another QWERTY keyboard, we'll see. :)


haaaaaaaaaaay, so far yan pa lang naman ang pantasya ko sa daigdig ng teknolohiya. huwaw - magkalappy lang ako ng inspiron - shet na malagkit. sana din mabili ko yang phone na yan - pero keri lang kung hindi pa - ehehhe, para bumaba pa presyo. :)

Feb 7, 2008


Uhmmm, I guess great minds think alike - well, actually katulad ng post ng sister ko sa kanyang blog - changes.. wehehehe

  • I have updated my multiply site na po - please visit for more pictures of my and latest happenings of my life. I kinda like the template although I want it more life and color pa than that - I'm pretty happy with it for now. I thank Larees pala - wehehe, hindi nia lam but I viewed her profile in friendster and saw her multiply address. From her multiply, I saw the maker of her template - kaya I looked for something that can cater to my mood - nice site Larees - thanks! :)
  • I have updated my friendster page - la lang. just messing around.
  • I am completely trying to update this blog of mine - back from the dead - kung gano katagal - i dunno.
  • I'm cleaning up na ren my YAHOO inbox
time to do something aside from just bumming around, wahahahaha.

Kong Hei Fat Choi Everyone!


2008, 1996, 1984, 1972, 1960, 1948

Rats are perfectionists. They communicate extremely well, are quick-witted, level headed and always alert. They choose their friends carefully and dote on children. Rats are great strategists and make good politicians, but most importantly, their intuition enables them to suss out the enemy quite early in the game. Rats are shrewd and know how to amass wealth. They’ll gladly spend on their loved ones while outsiders will find them miserly. Their adaptability and clever manoeuvring will see them thumbing their nose at even the tightest spot. But they can be quick-tempered and overly critical, making them edgy, nervous and a downright nag with things don’t go their way. They have an opportunistic trait that will see them wheeling and dealing in exploiting situations for self-benefit.

Famous people born in the Year Of The Rat:
Antonio Banderas, Antonio Moreno, Ben Affleck, Bobby Avila, Burt Reynolds, Cameron Diaz, Carlos Delgado, Churchill, Colin Firth,Doris Day, Englebert Humperdinck, Fernando Valenzuela, Hector Elizondo, Hugh Grant, Juanes, Jude Law, Julianne Moore, Justina Machado, Kathy Bates, Kenny Loggins, Marlon Brando, Mozart, Pedro Armendáriz, President George Washington, Ron Moody, Samuel J Jackson, Sean Penn, Shakespeare, Timothy Hutton, Truman Capote, Ursula Andress, and Xavier Cugat

The Chinese zodiac signs are determined by the lunar year in which you were born. The Chinese believe the animal ruling one's birth year has a profound influence on personality, and destiny.
The saying is: "This animal hides in your heart."

Feb 6, 2008

Monday Downers

Hay, i caught the virus again.

Sick and wasn't able to report for work last night - but I was in last Monday. Hirap pa ring magkasakit, lahat sa katawan ko masakit. Buti na lang ako lang me sakit, hindi sila mama, papa, kuya or si kae. Mas ok na din to. Feeling better now actually-

Hmmmmm, I've been busy researching, reading and browsing - hehehe.

Enjoy life. :)

Feb 3, 2008

Back Temporarily..


Just updating my blog from its long lost sleep. DSL was up the whole time but the PC was down since uhmmm - let me check, whoah, I couldn't even remember anymore. It was the time when Kuya had to go to Bacolod - sya namang pagtigil ng CPU to work. Has been really considering buying a laptop soon. Or would this be a good move? I'm still weighing things - hehe, kahit simpleng laptop would make a big difference over finances, its usability and all that. Let's see what will happen. I know Rina bought na ren or maybe is still planning to. Hopefully she gets something from US - at least first rate and lots of choices there.

Hay, a lot of things happened eversince 2008 began and I don't want to start updating now - hehehe, not yet. I'm in constant change lately, hoping for the best of the best for this year. It's about time to realize the dreams and "WORK" and "MOVE" to achieve, at least if not everything - partly.

I'm just around, and still here to whoever drops by here in my blog to check for my updates - thanks! :)