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Dec 25, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone!

This is what I scribbled in my Starbucks Planner

Christmas was nice.

Everyone was sending Xmas SMS quotes.
For me, I'm wishing and hoping that this xmas might just be great.
When the clock strikes 12 @ d office, in one-unified team, everyone greeted each other “Merry Christmas”

Thoughtful. Tiring. Exhausting. Lonely

Food today was ordinarily fine. This Xmas is not ‘yet’ the best so far
And though I’m in the office, I’m happy I’m with someone I love and someone who loves me.
Of course, Xmas would never be the merry after all w/o them

Dec 24, 2006

Claasses Galore

Naman, talk about classes... back to back to back to back.

Batch 1
December 17 - Day 1 of 2 Day Select Migration Classes
Decemeber 18 - Day 2 of 2 Day Select Migration Classes

Batch 2
December 23 - Day 1 of 2 Day Select Migration Classes
Decemeber 24 - Day 2 of 2 Day Select Migration Classes
Gosh, I'm at the office and it's already 24th day of the month, and we're talking about Christmas Month ah! grabeh na itoh...
I still have pending gifts for the following
Cassey, Nicole, Nessie, James

Dec 17, 2006

TeleTech Grand Christmas Party

.. of Roxas, Nova and Cainta.

Grabe Xmas Party kanina.

But before the party....
With a rented car, Marvin and I went to Laguna to scout for cheap Nike shoes.
It was so tiring. Right after our shift ended, we headed to Mamplasan, Laguna. The traffic going there was not so bad but my oh my, medyo hindi namin alam ung way - both first time. Good thing di naman kami naligaw kasi medyo marunong kaming magbasa ng signs!

At the Mamplasan store, Marvin bought a nice yellow shirt and shoes for his father as a Christmas present. Nakasale ung mga shoes so mura talaga. After several walking around spotting good shoes, we drove back home. We didn’t make a right turn on one of the many crosses so we ended up taking the Tagaytay way. Hay talaga.. Maling mali, haha. We spent more than 3 hours on the road just to get home.

After dropping me off sa bahay, I quickly slept – there’s still a Christmas party waiting for us tonight! Good Luck naman.

Xmas Party - Marikina Sports Complex (12/16/06)
Dahil nakatulog ulet si Marvin after I rang his phone and made him wake up, haaaaaay 10PM na ata kami nakarating sa Marikina, medyo nahirapan pa kami hanapin ung Sports Complex na itetch.
The party has started, medyo wala na sa katinuan ung iba - open bar kasi - so beer galore... everywhere!! The party itself was ok. From 1-5, 5 being the highest, 4 ang rate ko ahahahaha – 4 for the effort.

Yoko na magkwento baka ano pa masabi ko
Kayo na ang magsabi kung bakit 4, sino ba umattend jan?