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Mar 31, 2008

New Employee Orientation

This is really it, new work, new experience, new friends.

I had my new employee orientation today - and it went pretty well actually. It was just that I was in the office before 10AM and went home like 1AM the following day.

Actually the NEO ended at around 4:30 PM. Our new managers asked us to stay from 9PM till 12MN for a short meet and greet. It was fine with me actually. I know I'll be on the night shift the following day so I have no trouble of staying up late. :)

I get to meet new Tech Leads this day and get to know a bit of what I'll be supporting.

Believe me, I never felt so scared and pressured like what I'm feeling right now.

Happy Blogging!! :)

Mar 29, 2008

Earth Hour

Kamusta naman ang init sa daigdig dibah, kaya nga kami ng mahal kong kapatid e napapunta sa 7-11 para lang magpalamig. At eto ang nagagawa ng super init na hapon -

Today the Earth Hour initiative happened.


Please be aware of the difference you can make.

Mar 28, 2008


so to my readers, hehe, kung meron man, im currently having difficulty updating my blog because i don't have PC at home since our CPU is down.

i write my updates on my beloved planner and then update my online blog if i go out and do internet.

i'll catch up again some other time.

Mar 27, 2008

Les Misérables

aahhhhhhhhh, just like i predicted - oh well, maybe just for today.

i thought, since i applied for a terminal leave, i'll be home alone all week , doing nothing but REST. but nope, blame the heat, the beach planning and blame mama for wanting another washing machine that's why my sister and I had to go out everyday - hahaha. :) joke lang :p

anyway, today is a bit nice because i stayed home. ahhhhhh, just like i wanted it. i was able to enjoy this movie from HBO -Les Miserables. i must admit, i've never read the book yet but i remember, when i was in college, i borrowed the book from the library. it was written by victor hugo, a white thick one. the movie was nice, not so old but the setting is. i thought - if i've read the book, it'll even be more nice.

Les Miserables is a 1998 movie:

A sweeping epic of love, honor and obsession played out against the tumultuous backdrop of early 19th century France. Starring: Uma Thurman, Geoffrey Rush, Liam Neeson" Set in the tumultuous backdrop of early 19th century France, this epic story tells the tale of Jean Valjean, whose theft of a loaf of bread condemns him to an unjust prison sentence. Leading a life on the run, Valjean falls in love with the beautiful Fantine and devotes himself to caring for Fantine and her daughter, Cosette. All the while, Valjean is hunted by Javert, a policeman whose lifelong search for Valjean has turned into an obsession. When Cosette's lover, Marius, faces death in the bloody 1832 revolution, Valjean rescues him, forcing a final, decisive confrontation with Javert.(HBO ASIA).
i'm happy to have seen the movie. :)

i hope to finish reading:

- memoirs of a geisha (i've read its PDF version but i know i wasn't able to finish it because i can't remember the ending)

- book 6 of Vampire Chronicles (haaaay, can't really sit down and continue reading. i find the plot a bit boring compared to book 5, i know - hehe, sorry. maybe its just me and not really the book - after all)

Mar 26, 2008

i heard laiya??

laiya is where our/my family spent the 'hot' summer last year. apparently, i was in cebu last year so i didn't get to be with them while they were savoring white sand and clear waters of laiya resort in san juan batangas. hmmmm, today, i heard mama and kae talking about going to laiya again for another summer escapade. :)

and because of that, it was a good excuse to go and check out summer finds at malls. :) hehe, and because i don't wear swimsuits and things like that, i tried looking for some other fab finds. but it was simply hot outside, kae and i couldn't continue our window shopping without a drink on hand, even if its' centralized airconditioned inside malls. whew. okay, at the end of the day, i got myself a shorts from maui and sons (class A) from tutuban of course :), a spongebob shorts for marvin which he really wanted.

on the other side of the story, mama wants to have a new washing machine because the old one that we have has been running for close to ten years - hahhaha, it needs replacement na. :) so we bought one and a new stand fan for me.

haaaaaaaay, the day ended with tired feet. had to sleep, rest and apply ointment to my legs.
gudnyt! :)

Mar 25, 2008

can you feel the heat?

gosh, global warming should be taken seriously, i feel like manila is already in 35 something degrees - super init.

anyway, this is a good excuse to go out and start malling :wink: hehe. window shopping and all. so kae and i headed to san lazaro - the closest mall to us ever. we just went there to have some refreshements, hehe at magpalamig.

oh, i paid my bills today too - parang dumaan lang sa kamay - tapos wala na. :p

Mar 24, 2008

P. E. at grepa

since this is the first day at work again for most people after the holy days - i predicted makati will be full of traffic and so busy today. hehe, nevertheless,i decided to complete my 'new' work requirements today. i'm required to submit this form to a specific bank in makati for payroll account enrollment and to have a pre-hire physical examination in one of their affiliated medical center - and so i decided to go today. apparently, marvin also decided to leave teletech for hopefully "GREENER" pastures. he also scheduled this day for a job hunt. in short, nagkita kami sa makati. the physical examanation was a bit ok. the nurses and doctors there treated everyone fairly and courteously - and FAST ha. they have nice and awesome service. after my physical exam affair, i met marvin for a lunch. i was there merely for support. :)
when the day was over and I was back home, i was happy to realize that all my requirements are now all good - i'm super complete.

super super god bless and good luck on your job hunt hon.

Mar 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

i had to go to the office today to fix some stuff, i don't like kasi that everyone will be there looking at me when i start to bring my things home - this is in relation to my job movement. anyway, so super saturday - i slept all day long. :p then early morning last sunday - i went to the office. i have to buy this proactiv that i've been using for a while - so i went to mall of asia first before office. well - actually everything went smoothly considering i was all alone strolling, but i just went to watsons talaga to buy - hehe. ok - so i spent closely about 4K that day - at watsons alone! i'll blog more about proactiv when i get continuous amazing results. :)

after watsons, i'm supposed to grab something to eat but i couldn't really tell what my stomach wants. suddenly i saw SUBWAY. hehe, babaw noh. when i saw my co-trainer with subway on his table, i can't help myself - i want one din. so i walked straight to subway with smiles on my face and whoah, satisfied to the max. when i was walking towards the office, kahit mabigat ung dala ko - all smiles pa ren ako. Subway is one of the few that I really like. haaaaaaaaaaay. Sorry - since, I'm only in an internet shop, I'll post the picture soon. :)
happy easter!

sorry ha - ako talaga e follower ng subway - i can live eating subway everyday! haha - parang si sir reggie - hahaha.

P.S. -sis, sorry naman, DOWN and PC eh, kaya late post.

Mar 19, 2008

Of Course!

of course, who can forget the ever famous You Think You Can Dance - Australia. I super love this show. When I was there last September, the dancers were all good as in - I always look forward to the show and the dancers. hehehe.

TEN is one of the channels that I really liked. :)

Yun lang, fast update lang. :)

It's Wednesday today - two more days and I'll be on terminal leave na - which means - REST. capital R-E-S-T !!

Mar 17, 2008


nope - this is not the californication song. when i was in australia, there a few tv shows i got hooked to. one of which is the regular AM news - which we always have to watch because of the weather segment so we would know what to wear for the day, hahaha. sometimes it could get as windy or even rainy. other tv shows i like - are you smarter than a fifth grader, the mint and californication. this is a mature tv show categorized as dramedy featuring david duchovny of x-files.

i wish this gets aired in the philippines too :)




Mar 16, 2008

marvin's birthday celebration

i have work this saturday but i was off yesterday (friday). i woke up mga 1AM today - as in and then never had sleep na, haaaaaaaaaaay. kaloka na talaga sleep pattern ko. anyway, i have to meet up with marvin since nagpapasama sya sa greenhills dahil me bibilhin daw sya. have to bring all my things with me para diretso na ko ng office kahit mga 7PM pa shift ko. we met mga 10am - and headed to a resto to eat. originally he wanted chinese food - haaay, sa isip isip ko - na naman. it wasnt even preplanned - nakita ko lang ung italianni's and i have never dined there before - so ayun, end result - napakain kami. hahaha. i was verrrrrrry satisfied. happy birthday ulet hon.

mga 1am - off to office na ko. i thought makakatulog pa ko before my shift - sus, ung mga to-do ko natapos na ng mga past 6PM - so puyat ang lola mo. but i'm satisfied, all my 'to-print' have been completed. :)

Mar 12, 2008

it's official

my release paper has been signed. hahaha - parang preso. but its more of a 'resignation paper'.

the rest will be blogged soon.

Mar 8, 2008

wats with this sunday?

Sunday. I woke up with a text from Rina about Lucky - hmmmn, not so good.

It's just time to wake up and go to mass. I hurriedly went down from bed, ate and took a bath. We caught the 6Pm mass then headed to SM for some stuff that I have to buy as I'm preparing my requirements for my new job. i got an 8gig flash disk for less than 1500 - hahaha - cdr king's the best - lavit! i'm hoping the company gives me a lappy - hahaha, as most of the staff in the company has - it'll be nice to have one too :wink: considering i've been looking for one for some time now. :)

kung nababasa mo to - i hope everything's well. please balitaan mo naman ako./ kami. i'll catch up with you if i have spare time na - sorry, dami ko na utang na meeting with the rest of the remyxx. but you're in my prayers - love yah.

Sorry - when everything's settled, I promise to visit you at your new place - shees, how exciting :)


Pengeng Sleep

Grabe - hindi paren normal tulog ko and all. When my job hunt started and the interview/ exam schedules began, I've been having the worst sleep pattern of all. 5 hour to 4 hour sleep every day - I can take it but my eyes can't - black eyebags kung eyebags.

Anyway, I reported for work today because I was off last Wednesday. Not tiring at all considering walang pressure pag weekend shift. Pero nakakapagod kasi umalis ako last wednesday for my final interview so technically wala akong pahinga and still irregular ang sleep ko.

Can't stop thinking of my new job - hehehe.

Mar 7, 2008

Dum Spiro, Spero

and yes i hope, hoping and will still continue to hope as long as i live :)
my prayers and hard work resulted in success. finally, i signed the job offer that GXS has given me. it wasn't the same amount as i was asking but it was fair enough considering the OT pay, the reimbusible benefits i am provided with, the bonuses, perks and all - not to mention that i am the first ever local trainer of the company.

it was Friday around 8PM when i want back, for the fourth time!, at RCBC. went straight to 36th floor and prayed for the best while expecting worst. I was automatically greeted by ms. ever friendly carol and laid down the job offer. Right at the moment when she mentioned the salary - I've made up my mind - i'm signing. When she mentioned the other perks and benefits, it made me more interested though i had to read the contract all throughout. i kept texting mama, kuya and marvin na i'm signing na pero walang signal that time - so un, i kept the good news all to myself. hindi ako naexcite and all - kasi di ko naman lam difference ng perks nila although i can tell from the amount that its even triple from what i'm getting now. hanggang nung matapos ung signing - parang malamya pa ren ako - maybe lack of sleep. hahahaa!

after the contract signing, i immediately called marvin and texted mama. hay - head to work after.

the only thought that's running in my head - i am contented. i am thankful. i am still blessed. :)

i'm currently polishing my requirements para complete ang transition. i'm excited, happy, contented, anxious-nervous with all that's in store for me.

Best of Luck!

Mar 6, 2008

what now?

okay - my PC clock says 12:45AM and im supposed to be sleeping but instead.. here i am, blogging away. i couldn't help myself. maybe i blogged about my job hunt so much that it ended up na nausog, hay talaga.

i just got home about 2 hours ago, came from a night interview. it was all well and good. according to the manager who interviewed me, my facilitation and presentation skills were impressive. So setting of expectations, objectives, short and long terms goals kung makukuha ako for the job.

i am so into this company and into this position that i think my skills overall will definitely grow more. i am positive that this experience will mean positive achievement and more remarking accomplishment in my career. the only drawback, they find the salary that i'm asking a bit too high. uhmmm, eto na nga ba dilemma ko from a BPO company transferring to another random company other than Call Center. The decision of movement happened because of growth in career and monetary benefits that may come with it. The way i see this prospect job - it'll be a hell of a challenge, and yet hindi ka compensated well enough? Mali pa nga ata term ko because their benefits package daw is good, it's the basic na medyo hindi abot sa expectations. hindi naman ako naghahangad "pa" hahaha ng 3-digit salary --- sabi nga nila, "if much is given, much is expected" -- parang in this case, this is what is given but much is expected. but i so like the job - feeling ko super magiging hard work talaga to that will test my skills, aptitude, abilities, my potential to overcome 'any' challenges that may arise. pero parang hard work lang, pano ung pay off for a job well done?

hehehe - assuming naman ako. di pa naman binibigay saken ung trabaho. and wala pang job offer, but in case they negotiate with me, ano gagawin ko. i want to take the job and i want to have my asking salary - di nga yon mashadong mataas eh. :(

Lord, just clear my head with all the questions - i just want to see where you want me to be so i can go there. sorry for asking so much. pag future na talaga pinaguusapan, i don't want to jump at once.

hindi na tayo bumabata - i had to step up and work harder to become better in all aspects. bless me please.

Mar 5, 2008

random lang

bago pa magrestart ulet tong pc na gamit ko dahil saksakan na ata ng virus kaya restart ng restart magisa - gusto ko lang pong magupdate. what have i been doing na nga ba sa buhay ko mula nang magumpisa ang 2008?

  • ayun, narealize naren ng lola mo - who is ako - na wala ng patutunguhan ang karera ko sa opisinang kinamulatan ko na ng maraming bagay. napagtanto ko na hindi dahil nakaalis ako ng bansa dahil sa kanila e kailangan ko ng ipagpasalamat 'yon. ngek! maraming nakapagpa decide sa aken to finally move on and find a hopefully better opportunities.
  • nakakaloka ang 24/7. nakow, aminin na naten, imaginin mong mapagresign nila ang almost 80 people in teletech because they are offering bigger and better salaries and working opportunities. nako, kung pera pera din lang, wala ang teletech nyan. kung opportunities din lang, malakas ang politics at kung hindi ka lalaban, walang mangyayari sa pangarap mong karera ng buhay.
  • and so yes, i have been doing my job hunt. san ako nag-apply? san pa - sa jobstreet. ang first ever kong interview? hahaha, sa fuller life. pero dahil kelangan ko ng rehearsal and practice, aba syempre sinunggaban ko ung opportunity for exam and interview but i withdrew my application. sa malayong kyembular daw ako ipapadala eh, tuguegarao ata or sa aurora or sa timbuktu ba yun??!! e kaya nga ko aalis sa teletech, dahil ang opportunities nasa probinsya na - provincial pay pa. isasacrifice mo na ung family mo here in manila, pati pay rate mo isusunod sa probinsya - di na po. masaya ko sa manila kahit trainer ulet, at least dito lang sa tabi tabi. :)
  • sumunod na nagpa-interview saken is sykes sa ortigas, pero lam ko makati office ung position eh. trainer who will be conducting leadership trainings sa mga support - like tl's, qa's and other support and non agent position. hmmm, malamang sa oo - hindi ako kukunin. kasi naman, ala ako experience sa leadership trainings. merong isa - nag certify lang ako ng mga trainers, pero isa pa lang. un, nakapasa naman ng exam and i had two interviews din... but i don't know kung na-shortlist pa ko dun sa mga nashortlist na. pero keri lang, feeling ko hindi ako papasa sa criteria eh, di ko na din inaantay tawag nila. :)
  • lastly, isang IT company sa rcbc. eto talagang napa-wow ako sa company. few things pa lang naman nalalaman ko, pero mukhang ok. i had an initial interview na with the manager and a presentation sa isang kano. later ng gabi, meron akong final interview with another manager. syempre gusto kong makuha ung position, kasi parang nasa dulo na ko, tapos di ko makukuha. pero 50-50 ako. :( kasi ung kalaban ko sa position is a professor and has a masters degree. pag nagkataon, lahat ng efforts ko in will fly away. nakakapanghinayang in case i won't get it. but i have to be strong. job hunt nga eh, mas maraming pangit na mangyayari kesa sa maganda. ung magandang result will just happen once - and that will be your job. ung job offer na susunggaban mo talaga. :)
  • i changed my multiply layout ulet. pero kahit hiniram ko ung tagline ng BAYO na "Pinay and Proud" and "Proud to be Pinay" at kahit hindi na yan ang tagline ng multiply ko --- Pinay ang Proud pa din ako - hahaha. :)
  • I'm scouting for an XML template na to change this current blogspot template of mine. hirap pala magedit ng XML ah, in fairness. so hanap and super research pa din ako.
  • segway ulet, at kahit super job hunt ako, at dahil mahusay pa din akong empleyado, i'm currently running different projects with our company kahit gustong gusto ko na umalis. wala talaga silang masasabi sa performance ko nian ha. loyal pa din ako kahit ayoko na.
  • Si kuya, nasa Bacolod pa din. Pero alam ko two weeks from now uuwi na sya. :)
  • Ayan, ayan ang mga happenings sa buhay ko mula nung Enero.

    I just thank GOD for the many reasons to be thankful for - my health, my family, my friends, marvin, the everyday blessings, to GOD for his being merciful, patient and understanding despite my shortcomings.

    I couldn't GLORIFY you LORD more than my whole being. I offer you every goodness I have in my heart. Thank you for the LIFE.

    Mar 1, 2008

    Leap Year This 2008 :)

    today is my presentation day. i am very very very nervous. considering nagahol ako sa pagbuo ng iprepresent ko. i was told that i might have 5 people in my panel today, so goodluck saken. armed with nothing but prayers, i went straight to makati. i came a bit earlier pa nga than expected. i'm for 7PM but i was there ar about 6PM - always early! (nice habit) anyway, carol from the recruitment team was very nice to accomodate me and show me around. finger print naman ang main door entrance nila, nakakaloka talaga. i was really dead impressed with the simplicity and sleekness of the office. all positions except for agent support staff are on laptops -
    nice! anyway, i liked to think that I did well on the presentation - pero i'm not sure of course. the american who interviewed me and watched my presentation was very nice. it was about 8:30 nung matapos ako. tatawagan na lang daw ako either i got the job or not.

    at kahit puyat, sige, pasok pa ren.

    i thank the lord because i pulled everything through with grace. thank you thank you

    thank you. :)