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Oct 17, 2005

Pampanga Galore!

Pampanga Galore! magnify

We had an awesome team building ever!! :)

later with the detail.. got to go.. this is superb and awesome!

Oct 13, 2005

Team Building Again

Team Building again magnify

another team building in the making..

Accenture Team, Friendly Skies and Best Western are going out and will have a Team Building at Pampanga for 2 days, Oct 15 -16, 2005. I don't have money with me as of the moment and when i say no money, it's only good for a regular day.

My friends' birthday will be on Sunday and i don't know if i can come too.. i don't know if i will have enough time plus the fact that i really don't have much money.

i guess this is how everything should be..

by the way, the OTR position has been uplifted and i'm now a fully pledged trainer.

thanks everyone for all the help and inspiration - hehe :)