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May 31, 2010

Jejemon and Love??

This wasn't an easy week.

Sometimes, in your perfectly loved world - something will happen eventually turning events to something you wouldn't like. Similarly, Marvin and I weren't in good terms. We had the coldest week ever.

This morning, I saw something in the fridge and opened it:

When I asked him, he said it should have said "You know how much I love you", I told him I guess it won't fit.
And the JEJEJE??? huh.

I don't jejemon. gosh. But I appreciated the cake. Thanks love.

May 30, 2010

Startek Summer Outing 2010

Startek annually hold summer outings in different locations as a treat to all its hardworking employees.. Last year, I can't remember where they went because our team was in Ohio - enjoying the weather. :)

This year, I was compelled to join. My manager signed me up. Signing up and not going means you have to pay in return - so there's no other way but to show up. And I don't want to waste 1500 even I can pay - hehe. So I decided it wouldn't hurt to watch the people swim, enjoy the program and say hello's to my former students who I left in Makati (as you well know, I'm in our Ortigas branch now).

And again, I didn't have any intentions to swim; blame the monthly visit. But in the middle of the program, rain eventually poured, soaking everybody. It would be silly if we run and hide - this is a swimming outing after all.

Our outing was held in Fontana Hot Spring and Leisure Park in Pampanga. I'm having a hard time reading from their site, so feel free to educate yourself - http://fontanaleisureparks.com

The Training Team

Hakkai and Me

the rain!

no plans of swimming
** we used an underwater camera. apparently, the lens gets foggy when they are not totally dipped in water. **

This is the last summer outing this year.
Rainy Season is here.

May 28, 2010

Santacruzan 2010

I've always wanted to wear ala-Imelda Marco's sleeves - but have not been able to. I thought I could during last year's Linggo ng Wika.. instead we wore a very simple skirt and kimona.

I remembered one of our US Visitor's even asked me to have a photo with him (nagmukha tuloy akong mascot). hehe.

Anyway, for our Santacruzan - since we don't know how to make paper flowers well, we decided, we'll make human flowers to escort Red Queen and MadHatter in Alice and Wonderland.
We actually won. But we decided to give up the 4k price because it wouldn't look really good that Support (we) won the event as we almost organized it. Not the entire team though but our beloved Manager. Even if the scores were a landslide to our advantage, we had to just give it up. We promised not to hold an event anymore if we're joining. hehe. :)

Congrats Team!!

May 26, 2010

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1

entitled, The Lightning Thief.

I have a new book. :)

See, I'm not really a reader but I can get hooked when the material itself interests me. I mostly take someone's word (based on their 'reading' credibility and interest) on whether or not I'll get the book they have recommended. I'm done with Book 1 of the Mortal Instruments and thought to get Book 2 this week. However, I had second thoughts if this collection will be worth my money and time - I've read bad comments about it.. Maybe delaying it wouldn't hurt. It's not like Book 1 ended on a cliff-hanging note. And so when I was in the bookstore, I checked out Percy Jackson and the Olympians as recommended by my Manager. I remember seeing the trailer of this movie and I thought to watch it. If I see the movie as ok, I thought maybe the book will be even better.

I am hooked - very adventurous and totally animated. Now I probably would get all 7 Books of Harry Potter this December. At least if I can relate to this book, I'm thinking HP wouldn't be that nosebleed after all.

.. Couldn't wait to get my hands on Books 2-4!

May 22, 2010

Banchetto in Ortigas

Street Food is very popular in the Philippines. Pagkain para sa masa. That's why we all grew up looking and eating kwek kweks, isaw, paa, betamax amongst so many others. Along the business streets of Makati and Ortigas - you certainly can find street food too.

I didn't know such place exists so when Marvin and I knew where it's located, we went ahead and tried it. Banchetto is located in Ortigas along Emerald Avenue. It's open every weekend (I think) every Friday evening to Saturday 11AM.

I got shy while taking pics so I don't have much
The place offers almost all kinds of food - mongolian, grilled, breakfast, soup to sweets and desserts plus a whole lot more

Here's what we ate this morning:

Monster Burger that looks truly inviting

nachos from 'Mexicanto'

Seafood Rice Mix in Teriyaki Sauce

Frankfurter with Tofu

Expect that the prices are a little more than your regular carenderia. After all, they're open during odd hours.

So.. see you here.

May 20, 2010

The Stone Cold Truth

Here's what I'm busy reading about:

I'm a WWE follower so it's nice and different to read something like a biography and how Steve Austin came to the world of wrestling.

I love watching this man in the ring. Behind the fingers, the beers he's drinking in the ring, the cursing... I never thought that he's a family loving man... I say he deserves to marry a Filipina. :)

May 13, 2010

City Of Bones

I have a new book - recently acquired this week. And I'm done reading it. Sigh. Next time I'll tell myself to finish it in 15 days so I can get another one when it's salary time. I'll end up purchasing out of my budget.

Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare is three-part book. City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass are the first, second and third book respectively. The books will introduce you to an interesting different world. The world of shadowhunters, demons, downworlders, night children and warlocks that are all present in the world we live in.

Half-way through, I felt that the book is for kids. I wonder if this is how Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings were written. But of course, I haven't read those so I wouldn't really know. I read from a review too that Clare borrowed lines from Harry Potter books. Again I wouldn't know.
I would still like to continue up to the last book to see why the third book was a disappointment. Hehe, even if it might mean wasting money.

More books, more fun. :)

May 12, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mom's Day to all the INAY's out there. Wala nang dadakila pa sa isang pagiging ina. mabuhay po kayo.

Love you Mama.

Here in the office, simple cupcakes we're given to all the moms.
syempre, meron ako - hahaha..

May 11, 2010

Tokyo Cafe in MOA

I think I have a new favorite restaurant. Tokyo Cafe in MOA exudes simplicity. I had a good time on both days that I was there. The first time Marvin and I tried it out, we don't have our camera with us so I made a mental note that we have to come back here to take photos.

I am in love with their pasta selections, pizza and coffee mixes.

Please read here more.

May 10, 2010

Philippine Election 2010

Today marks another milestone in the Philippine History. Our traditional pen and paper was replaced by an official list with all the candidates' names. The manual counting was replaced or you could also say 'will be' by a machine that promises to count the votes more efficiently and make this experience a better one for all.

I didn't know I had to re-register until the deadline was almost near, so in short... I failed. Sorry, I am not voting this year. I know, a shame - my vote will probably make a difference.



God Bless the Philippines

May 9, 2010

The Time Traveler's Wife

I initially wanted to watch this story in the big screen; the title itself is very interesting; Until my manager said the book is really good. So instead of heading to the cinema when the movie was released - I pushed myself to get this book last Christmas; this is one of the many books I purchased last December.

I have nothing but good words for this art. It was a page turner for me when I started; although a little dragging in some scenes. Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading it. The story itself was one of a kind - romantic, silly and true. I cried while reading the last 4 chapters; it was when Henry feels he's dying, Clare reading the letter and Henry seeing Clare when she's 82.

Love is love, defied by age & physical presence, time is nothing.

May 7, 2010

Today I became a Chef

Today marks the end of our Product Training.
My class gave me a memento with their personal words of gratitude and a bouquet. Sweet, thanks.

We had a theme day to celebrate Labor's Day (May 7) and it happened during our last day. The class thought of a reunion - so we all dressed up as we want to be, and then pretend that this is a reunion of high school students. It all ended up pretty well - actually, we were declared as the winner. :)

if you can remember, i was dressed like a Barista last year
today I wanted to be someone else :)
a CHEF nonetheless!!

here are my students este co-chefs, dressed as we should be :)

May 4, 2010

I am 27!

My surprise cake from my peers

the overwhelming monstrous pizza.. almost as big as our table
secretly requested by Marvin to be delivered to me in the office

Should I be happy?

Hell Yes! I am on my way to working my ass off to achieve all my dreams. hang on tight everybody. :)

Thank you to all who remembered my day.. you know who you all are.

May 1, 2010

Resort World Manila

Since last year, I've been hearing this hotel's name - not because of their luxurious and grand lodging services and not that I doubt that they can offer it; but because of the cheap buffet they offer. Today, my former team mates and I headed to Newport, Pasay to try and feast on their buffet services.

The 88++ peso buffet is offered in their 'Mercado' restaurant. You have to be a member before you can indulge and membership is free. If you want to avail, just bring a national ID (voter's, passport, postal, etc) and fill up their simple form. They'll take your picture and after a minute, viola! your ID is ready. Head to the restaurant and enjoy! We did! :)

Resort World Manila
Newport Boulevard, Newport City
Pasay City, Philippines
+632 836 6318