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Jan 6, 2008

Bountiful 2008

Hello Philippines and Hello World!

Nope, this is not PBB or Pinoy Big Brother - just had a little hang up while watching. :)

Kamusta naman ang mga hindi na naguupdate ng blog di ba? Kamusta naman po ang christmas ng mga beloved bloggers of the world?

My Christmas was fine. This was the year when I get to give a lot - hehe, not in terms of money but the number of people I crossed out of my list. I'm happy because I didn't forget naman anyone who's on the list. Sabi nga nila, it's better to give than to receive. :) Nyek! babaw :) And I'm so happy with all the things I got this year, hmmmmm.. ano ano nga ba

  • A book tag from my first week monito monita
  • A Rubik's cube, err a 2x2x2 cube from the second week of monito monita
  • A beautiful big glass from my third week of monito monita
  • Anne Rice's Book VI of Vampire Chronicles from the last gift giving of monito monita
  • Book of Jodi Picoult's "Perfect Match" given by my Mommy during the Xmas Party
  • I got an antioxidant soap from Jessa
  • Anne Rice's Book V of Vampire Chronicles from John
  • I got a Dark Chocolate from Patrick which was given way too early :)
  • A pretty dolphin key chain from Ryan
  • Beautiful mug with my name on it from Myda
  • A cute 3-zipper Lesporstac purse from Dan
  • Another black purse from Mhir
  • A really H-U-G-E ballpen from Lee
  • Havaianas keychain from Misha
  • Go-Negosyo book from Kuya as my monito on our family exchange gift
  • A Thai 'sampaloc' from Dexter who went to Thailand :)
if in case I forgot someone, I'll surely post it here.. hehe.. gift giving indeed. How generous of my co-trainers even if I wasn't prepared to give gifts - medyo wala naman sila sa list ko - hahaha.

New Year was also a bang! We spent it at home the usual way we do but I had to report at the office by January 1 - work work work...

I couldn't elaborate more. I thank the LORD for my 2007 - even if I got chickenpox this age - I was able to fly domestically and internationally. I thank him for all the opportunities I have experienced this year. I pretty much know that I need to move this 2008 - where and how? I don't know yet. I wish he won't leave me the way he did for this exciting 24 years of my LIFE.

I love you honey.

To GOD be the Glory, now and forever!!