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Aug 3, 2008

new workplace, new bossings, new country!

tomorrow, august 4 - i'll be joining a new company. same work, different place, different people, different ALL!

part of it is another dream coming true! -- i'll be going to the US soon! Not just that, let me tell you where i'm going...

from manila - stay overnight at LA - another trip to denver - then to wyoming
from wyoming - to denver - then LA - then GUAM - then manila

i'll be reaching 4 states for this trip! just lovely. but how can i be happy? hope to resolve my issues soon.


will i be in hiatus for my blogging? we'll see. stay tuned.


i'm selling my alicia keys tickets, if it doesn't get sold - i'll watch it anyway - no choice. let me know if you want. it's here

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