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Aug 25, 2008

weekend at estes park, colorado

saturday morning around 8AM, the entire team headed to denver. We met the Laramie Site Director at a specific highway then we convoyed until we get to a mall where he can park his car (so we can just use one - our white expedition).

10 or 10:30 - we reached Broadway Inn where we get to stay for the night. it was a long drive. i'm now getting used to long drives - wyoming and denver is just HIGHWA YS for me. After checking in we went downtown to have some lunch, picture taking and souvenir shopping.

a glimpse of our room
actually first we did was ride the air trams. from downtown, this cable car brought us up to the nearest mountain. it was soooooooooooo cool. from this mountain you can see the entire downtown, highways, mountains and other tourist destinations like the haunted hotel. we fed the squirrels and chipmunks too. it was just lovely. hehe. upo kami sa bato and call them and they would just come over and grab our peanuts -aliw talaga! :)

got tired, we had lunch at grub steak where I had wrangler and soup.

we then visited the stores along the street. there were variety of stores out there, clothes, food, antiques, etc. We couldn't resist this ice cream store. we had ice cream, i love my blueberry cheesecake and snickers. after some comfort walks, we headed back to our hotel and rest. 10 minutes after, we went horse back riding. the smell was just awful - but the horses were so tamed. i had a great time.

my blueberry cheesecake and snickers flavored ice cream

we get to have dinner at the end of the horseback trail, steak and beans. it was 5:30 then.after dinner, horseback riding again.

after the sombrero ranch, we had go-karts. it was my freaking first time and I had a really good time. gas and break - wohooooooooo.

after go karts, we went putt-putt golf. that's what they call it :p my first time too. whew, we were very tired. we ended the golf around 8:30PM and we won. :) it rained half way through the game so we had to stop; maybe 5 or so minutes. then we called it a day.


we checked out by 9AM, had a buffet breakfast somewhere in downtown where i feasted over bacon, bacon and some more bacons, sausage, roasted beef, fruit and juices. GOSH! this sunday breakfast is soooooo worth it. we then drove to the rocky mountains national park. its not a zoo, nothing's really there except for the wonderful sceneries surrounding the mountains we're climbing. uber sa ganda! at the very top of the mountain, 12,000ft in elevation, we found trailridge

we went back to where we left our car, at k-mart then we headed to outlet shops where i got my kenneth cole wallet and nine west bag. i spotted a RL bag which i saw from Kim before (but I want the big one), but I hesitated - magsasale na e - labor day sale. :p for our dinner this day, we had black-eyes peas where I had Chicken Fried Steak (menu says real angus beef, but its name is chicken, i dont' understand but i think it was indeed beef)

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