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Dec 27, 2009

2009 Goals

Roughly three days from now.. we're going to celebrate another much awaited New Year - 2010, 2+0+1+0 is 3. In numerology, number 3 is arching upwards, a very good sign.

But before I flood my blog with nonsense ideas of mine, let me recall the 2009 goals I plotted in my Belle de Jour planner. :)

My 2009 is set to make myself better physically and financially.

Goal: Read at least a book per quarter

Check! I didn't get to read a book per quarter though. I started reading towards the end of the year. When the Twilight Saga fever came, i got hooked and eventually ended up reading the entire 4 books from November to December; not to mention I read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn twice.. does that make it 6 books then? I was also able to read one Sophie Kinsella book, so that's 7 books this year? Hmm, I'd like to give credit to myself for the effort and indulgence. In a way, I can never trade reading to any other form of hobby :)

Goal: Lose Weight and maintain it

No shit but I've been really trying. When I realized that Remyxx is part of Lucky's entourage, I tried my very best to control my eating.. I'd like to think that it paid of, sorta! hehe. But I lost it again when I received the news that I'm going back to US on the day of the wedding. I guess the most important thing is that I know I still can lose weight. i will try some more and focus with it. Half-Check!

Goal: Settle financial obligations and be credit-free

Thank God this did not eat me alive. I was able to pass this test with flying colors. I now enjoy every cent of my salary. I've learned my lesson the hard way and I'm not ashamed of it. Half-Check! (still completing payments of the last one)

Goal: Ortho fix

I didn't realize this needs time. Apparently, I can't have braces yet as I have serious TMJ issues. Good news is, I have started with therapy and I'm on my 4th month now, 4 more months to go and hopefully I can have some tooth extraction and tooth fillings completely done before my braces. Can't wait. :) Check for this one!

I'm so glad I've written down my goals so I can look back and recognize that I achieved something in my existence this year.

I wonder what my goals are for 2010 and where I want to be?

Dec 26, 2009

Stones are not always Nice

Severe pain woke mama up early of December 23. My sister had to wake me up so we can bring her to the hospital. I thought it will end soon but the pain didn't go away after being in the ER for 4 good hours. The doctors then decided to admit her.

She was diagnosed with 2 stones in her urinary passage.

December 24 at 7AM, she undergone Ureteropyeloscopy with Laser Lithotripsy successfully. Another day in the hospital, few more medicines and then noon of Christmas, we eventually went home.

Thank you to all who prayed with us.

Dec 21, 2009

Christmas is Hectic

I like Christmas season.

It challenges you to be smart and practical about your schedule, expenses, priorities and daily errands; including daily attendance to church for Simbang Gabi (which I have not hoped to do any Christmas soon).

I just had 3 consecutive night outs; 18th, 19th and 20th. I guess there will be more..

This season is also the worst time to get sick, really.
So stay safe and healthy everyone.

Dec 20, 2009

Training Team Dinner at Clawdaddy's

Clawdaddy at Serendra
December 20, 2009

.. will blog about the food separately :)

Dec 19, 2009

Lucky's Wedding: Bridal Shower

happy and in love

.. still nuts despite distance and time

i'm glad we are forever...

Dec 6, 2009

Startek Xmas Party '09

Our company's xmas party was held last Saturday in Manila Ocean Park with the theme "Sinbad and the Legend of the Seven Seas".

The venue was 4 times bigger than last year. This time, everything was better - from the caterer, food, booze, presentations and all the rest. I was just concerned about the sharks and different fish there.. they probably got deaf listening to our yelling and music.

I realize I didn't have too much picture that night, so I took a mirror shot when I got the chance. I'm supposed to be a lady pirate that night.. but I think because of my accessories - I turned out to be a gypsy.

I didn't win anything - wii, psp, trip to bangkok, trip to boracay, theatre system, etc --- arghh, a wii could have been nice for this xmas. :)

.. but I guess this one's meant for me. I'm happy and contented.

Thanks for the party startek!

Dec 5, 2009

PowerBooks in the Office

Our company generously invited PowerBooks recently. Employees can buy books and have the option of salary deduction (maximum of 6 pay outs) as a payment. Even a 3k shopping divided by 6 will never hurt one's paycheck, argh, so I dwelt on it.. just a bit. :)

You probably would also figure out what I got Remyxx - hehe.. it's already packed so please don't tell me what you want this Christmas!! lol

I got my own stuff too - Twilight Saga (they didn't have the set then so I had to settle with the individual books, books by Sophie Kinsella, and The Time Traveller's Wife. I would want to spend for all I care.. but I know it wouldn't be wise, and it's nearly Christmas. I need my paycheck more than ever. :)

.. it's fun being surrounded by books (remembering my sis Rina). And I don't seriously go anywhere to shop because I get overwhelmed as soon as I start.. then the shopping goes out of hand, so a pretty controlled environment like this is great. :)

Dec 4, 2009

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Book

I dragged myself a little to finish the book. I got it Monday and completed it on a Thursday. Don't get me wrong.. it ain't that bad. It's just so long.. that's it.

  • Meyer is smart not to sacrifice the details of the story just to make the book shorter. The book is 3-part, Bella narrating, then Jacob then back to Bella.
  • i find it very detailed just like eclipse.
  • Jacob was given a decent space in this book
  • I was anticipating a more detailed bed scene.. bwahahahaha, but I guess the author wouldn't really know how to describe it.. a human and a vampire?
  • meyer was successful (to me at least) in describing how painful and uncomfortable Bella's condition was. I kept reading and reading because I don't want to imagine Edward suffering.. o sige.. and Bella too. LOL
  • Too bad this is a book.. I wanted to listen to Edward's lullaby. I hope they won't edit that in the movie, besides - Rob Pattinson sings right?

I'm not in the mood to add more.. maybe soon if it comes back to me.
I enjoyed the scenes, the wedding, the honeymoon, i can skip Bella's suffering - but that's one of the highlights here so sige, up until the baby's ordeal -- all good to me. :)

Can't wait for their movie. :)

Nov 28, 2009

Twilight Saga: Eclipse Book

Thursday Evening, Power Books was in the office. Contrary to what I had in mind - that they will only sell books that were pre-ordered, turned out there were many books to choose from and that you can buy right there and then.

After I've seen New Moon, I'm sure I want to read the rest of the books. And so I asked for my sis' opinion if I can read Eclipse without reading the first two. I bought the book as soon as she said yes... and I'm happy it turned out well.

For roughly 2 days I finished it. If I'm to sum up the hours I think it's about a day and a half. I was ecstatic to begin and to continue the story in my head. I wasn't this excited when Twilight came out. I wanted to try and read though but I saw the movie first then I heard so many people say it's a little boring. So I got discouraged. I'm not a wide reader and I'm afraid to read something that won't turn out ok.

I'd say the book was moving -- of Jacob's, Edward's and Bella's love story. It was also light to read and I find myself grinning and chuckling from time to time. I have better understanding now why Bella acted differently the way she did from both previous movies. I also can't judge Edward's and Bella's love story. I get it now, the story is about Edward and Bella per se - other vampires and wolves are just bonuses so I shouldn't ask for more throwing, fighting, etc -- although it's not so bad to add, right? :wink:

I don't know if I'm team Jacob still, maybe I'm like Bella - torn.

When I finished, I reread few chapters back; 15 and 20 to be exact. There were also 'sweet' scenes there that I love.. oh Edward! lol

I'm looking forward to see the movie.
  • Let's see if it will have as much holding, smack's and kissing as the book
  • Bed scenes though can be improved.. really
  • I love the sleep over with the Cullens; the night Edward proposed - very very cute
  • the tent scene was silly - I have to reread that Chapter, not yet included in my fave chapters
  • tent scene continued - if my bf is edward - he'll die of jealousy that very instant
  • it got me to a point when I just said... 'why Bella?' - she's human, what can she do. Feeling would always be feelings
  • the love making attempts (plural) - i'm buying fourth book so I'd know how it happened, hahaha :grin:
  • Bella cried more than once in this book, I wanna see if the actress is capable of doing so
  • Jacob's hair in this book has grown, I wonder if they will adapt this
  • I love Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene in real life). I don't know if she looks better with long hair, but she's sexy and cute. I love her features, I love her character.
  • Edward in this book is undeniably sexy, romantic, perfect and beautiful. hay :p
This truly fits the teenage 'kilig' love but I hope they carefully make the movie and think of other viewers too. I believe it's due June 30, 2010.

.. sorry if your 'sick' of my twilight entries. wehehehe.

Nov 24, 2009

Twilight Alert: Spoilers Ahead

I can't contain my Jacob fever after we've seen the movie. I feel i'll go insane any moment now.. at the same time.. i feel so baduy talking about it over and over.

Monday night, several minuted after I arrived at the office.. we all (my officemates) got talking about New Moon (the movie). Turned out we're all crazy about Jacob.. at least about his abs for that matter, hehe. My manager joined the conversation minutes later and she said she read all the books long before it became a movie, so we asked her to share details. It doesn't really matter if it is going to affect my perception and imagination of the next story - I just want to hear it. She said the 4th book is nice, with a good twist - it will eventually reveal the marriage, the pregnancy, more of Jacob, of Edward, wedding, honeymoon, baby and all.

Wee, it didn't really spoil the fun. I even feel like I want to read the books for more juicy details.

... if you're reading/have read the book.. this entry is not really a spoiler then. :)

Nov 23, 2009

Efren Peñaflorida named CNN 2009 Hero of the Year

courtesy of CNN.com

CAVITE CITY, Philippines (CNN) -- At 16, Rhandolf Fajardo reflects on his former life as a gang member.

Efren Peñaflorida's Dynamic Teen Company offers Filipino youth an alternative to gangs through education.

Efren Peñaflorida's Dynamic Teen Company offers Filipino youth an alternative to gangs through education.

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"My gang mates were the most influential thing in my life," says Fajardo, who joined a gang when he was in sixth grade. "We were pressured to join."

He's not alone. In the Philippines, teenage membership in urban gangs has surged to an estimated 130,000 in the past 10 years, according to the Preda Foundation, a local human rights charity.

"I thought I'd get stuck in that situation and that my life would never improve," recalls Fajardo. "I would probably be in jail right now, most likely a drug addict -- if I hadn't met Efren."

Efren Peñaflorida, 28, also was bullied by gangsin high school. Today, he offers Filipino youth an alternative to gang membership through education. Vote now for the CNN Hero of the Year

"Gang members are groomed in the slums as early as 9 years old," says Peñaflorida. "They are all victims of poverty."

For the past 12 years, Peñaflorida and his team of teen volunteers have taught basic reading and writing to children living on the streets. Their main tool: A pushcart classroom.

Stocked with books, pens, tables and chairs, his Dynamic Teen Company recreates a school setting in unconventional locations such as the cemetery and municipal trash dump.

Peñaflorida knows firsthand the adversity faced by these children. Born into a poor family, he lived in a shanty near the city dump site. But he says he refused to allow his circumstances to define his future.

"Instead of being discouraged, I promised myself that I would pursue education," he recalls. "I will strive hard; I will do my best."

In high school, Peñaflorida faced a new set of challenges. Gang activity was rampant; they terrorized the student body, vandalized the school and inducted members by forcing them to rape young girls, he says.

"I felt the social discrimination. I was afraid to walk down the street."

Peñaflorida remembers standing up to a gang leader, refusing to join his gang. That confrontation proved fateful. At 16, he and his friends "got the idea to divert teenagers like us to be productive," he says.

He created the Dynamic Teen Company to offer his classmates an outlet to lift up themselves and their community. For Peñaflorida, that meant returning to the slums of his childhood to give kids the education he felt they deserved.

"They need education to be successful in life. It's just giving them what others gave to me," he says.

Today, children ranging from ages 2 to 14 flock to the pushcart every Saturday to learn reading, writing, arithmetic and English from Peñaflorida and his trained teen volunteers.

"Our volunteers serve as an inspiration to other children," he says.

The group also runs a hygiene clinic, where children can get a bath and learn how to brush their teeth.

Since 1997, an estimated 10,000 members have helped teach more than 1,500 children living in the slums. The organization supports its efforts by making and selling crafts and collecting items to recycle.

Through his group, Peñaflorida has successfully mentored former gang members, addicts and dropouts, seeing potential where others see problems.

"Before, I really didn't care for my life," says Michael Advincula, who started doing drugs when he was 7. "But then Efren patiently dug me from where I was buried. It was Efren who pushed me to get my life together."

Today, Advincula is a senior in high school and one of the group's volunteers.

Peñaflorida hopes to expand the pushcart to other areas, giving more children the chance to learn and stay out of gangs.

"I always tell my volunteers that you are the change that you dream and I am the change that I dream. And collectively we are the change that this world needs to be."

His passion is so noble and very inspiring.

Congratulations to you Efren. May you continuously find your inspiration to make this change. The LORD will repay you ten thousand folds.. even more.

Let this be another wake up call - there is hope. It's in you.

Nov 22, 2009

Downtime at Pier One

after watching movie.

i love spending quality time enjoying great company, food, booze and music.

.. but I ain't drinking again. LOL. whew.
My limitations have decreased.. I'm down to nothing now... I'm not capable of drinking anymore. hahaha.

Nov 21, 2009

Twilight Saga: The New Moon

I watched New Moon yesterday.
I thought it was really 'bitin'. Maybe I was not convinced that the story ended just like that.

Anyway, I'm not a pro in giving reviews - so I won't. But here's my insights and questions:
  • I'm not convinced of Bella's acting. She's way better when the scene requires running, shouting, getting angry, etc. When it's a normal conversation or a heart to heart talk, i feel like her acting is way off and as a 'manonood', I can't connect to her feelings. LOL. I'm not the director, maybe that's how she was instructed.
  • Victoria's appearance was so abrupt. I was looking for more action between Bella, the Wolves, or the Cullens. When the tension started to rise because Bella was unprotected... she then disappeared. One of the vampires said Victoria is planning to kill Bella slowly. That would have been a good twist. Victoria capturing Bella or at least an encounter with her, and a fight scene between her and the Cullens and the Wolves... interesting scene!! But nah... and don't mind me. I'm just looking for more flying, jumping, throwing... more action so the LOVE story can sell.
I got this info somewhere:
Not much is known about the time Edward was away from Bella. He spent most of his time tracking Victoria, a vampire who helped James hunt Bella during the first book.

This task led Edward to Texas and eventually to South America but Edward never found Victoria.

I didn't notice that in the film. He was tracking Victoria pala. I have issues with the way they talk. LOL.
  • The "Volturi" encounter was different and cool; including the yellow car - was that Ferrari?
  • Jacob is pure HOTNESS. Silly, I feel like I'm still in College. But poor him, he couldn't have Bella.
  • Yeah, ending the movie with the marrying part is two thumbs up.

Nov 20, 2009

Traveler's Wallet

I recently purchased a traveler's wallet that will act as my ultimate travel organizer.

Normally when I have my passport, boarding pass, and so many other receipts and papers.. I don't know what to do. I had to keep all of them for reporting purposes. I always end up stuffing them all inside my sling bag and when it's time to get them.. I had to get it all and look one by one.

For quite some time now, I've been really wanting to have a chic and fashionable traveler's wallet. But I couldn't find any here.. or maybe I've not searched enough.

Anyway, I made a reasonable purchase at SM, men's accessories lately. I thought this is exactly what I need. I was asking if they have in white, green, glittery perhaps, or red... but to no avail.

Nevertheless, I bought it. I'm contented.

the front side of the wallet has slot for the boarding pass or tickets
my travel will be so convenient now.
no more folding and placing tickets/boarding pass in between the pages of my passport

once open, the wallet has many other slots - for cards,
id's, receipts, passport, and pen!

when i was inspecting it.. i pulled a paper. interesting


Nov 16, 2009

Weekend Update!

Mga samu't sari:
  1. Yesterday we've seen another victorious battle of Manny Pacquiao over the Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto. I don't know why but I was hooked in finding a live streaming over the internet, which fortunately I came across with. The internet wasn't that good but I saw at least some happenings round per round.
  2. Two more weeks and it's our Xmas party na. I wonder when the 13th month pay is going to be. Yes, we still don't have it.
  3. I'm happy to find today a passport/ID's/tickets/boarding pass organizer that I have been wanting to buy. Uhmmm, I want a more feminine organizer though but I guess this one will work for now. I'm OC pagdating sa pagoorganize ng mga bagay bagay and I can't trust myself to carry a ladies bag when traveling. Trust me. Either it's a sling bag that's around me every time, or a big bag that I can't miss. Makakalimutin kasi ako. And I'm not giving myself any reason to forget anything, oh lord, not when I'm traveling. Why am I talking about traveling here? hehehe. No serious details yet.
  4. Had a good time today with the boyfriend. We had Pho Hoa during lunch. Please follow the rest of my entry here.

Happy Monday! :)

Nov 12, 2009

Sinbad: The Legend of the Seven Seas

.. is our theme this Christmas Party. Last year it was 'The Untouchables".

You might have noticed that dressing up and joining theme days is one of my advocacies. I feel so connected with the company and with everybody else when I participate.. and I guess I have influenced the rest because they are now joining too. Love it!

The team decided we will spend a little for this special day.. not too much though because after all, we will just use it for one day, unless of course you want to be a pirate everyday. And so yes, our chosen concept is pirates - sexy pirates for us!

I don't know if I should say 'unfortunately' but I'm responsible for buying the fabrics and the patahi. Good thing I'm on leave today and tomorrow. I can go early in Divi and look for the one's we need. I have my fingers crossed as early as now hoping that everything goes smoothly for us.

We have also decided to choose our own sexy pirate costumes but the colors would remain as black and gold.
I know I won't be able to make this pic come alive, for one I don't have that figure, second I don't have that boobs and third .. even that long hair, aghh. But I'm getting crazy every time I see this pic. I'm thinking of having hair extensions. I have also started scouting for that vertical striped leggings, and I can't stop thinking how to totally achieve this pirate 'goddess' look. ah. the quickest find is the boots if you have moolah to spend, the rest - tailor made. This is getting so stressful.

.. but, I want to look OK on December 5. So, I will open my other options and make sure I'm confident whatever I'll be wearing.

.. I just love theme days!

Nov 10, 2009

Belle de Jour 2010

My favorite planner is still here with their latest power planner. They are accepting orders now so grab your copies quick! If you're willing to wait, you may get the planner in selected National Bookstores and Power Books nationwide for around Php500 or less. I have this planner since 2008 so I can say the price is totally worth it.

Belle de Jour 2010 Power Planner is the ultimate planner for women who wants to lead the IT Girl lifestyle. With the Belle de Jour (IT Girl) Power Planner, you have all the time management-based tools, pages, lists to help you manage your priorities.

To guide you to living out a fabulous year, you have a power planner complete with affirmations, articles on beauty, time management, health, beauty, travel, career tips and more! Of course, for the inner shopaholic and fashionista in all of us, discount coupons from various lifestyle brands to allow you to live the Belle de Jour lifestyle. For all women, who dared to achieve, reach beyond her limit, and most of all, does it with style, Belle de Jour is dedicated to you. In these pages, you will find your soul sisters as you live the life of your dreams.

- belledejourpowerplanner.com

here's a pic of the cover, (copyright is given to the owner of the pic)

Nov 5, 2009

Kapamilya Christmas 2009 Station ID

ABS-CBN recently launched their official station ID this Christmas season entitled "Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko". "BRO" like brother, is the term popularized in the soap opera 'May Bukas Pa' pertaining to Jesus.

.. the station ID is truly moving with a heartfelt message.

Actually, hindi lang siguro si BRO ang pinasasalamatan dito. "Salamat sa liwanag mo, muling magkakakulay ang Pasko" - lahat siguro ng tumulong, one way or another made a difference and showed light to the others nitong recent crisis ng Pinas. Oo ikaw.. kaya mabuhay ka. Salamat sa'yo.

Above anything else with no doubt, YOU LORD is the center of Christmas.

Star ng Pasko
Performed by: ABS-CBN Artists

Kung kailan pinakamadilim
Ang mga tala ay mas nagniningning
Gaano man kakapal ang ulap
Sa likod nito ay may liwanag

Ang liwanag na ito
Nasa ‘ting lahat
Mas sinag ang bawat pusong bukas
Sa init ng mga yakap
Maghihilom ang lahat ng sugat

Ang nagsindi nitong ilaw
Walang iba kundi ikaw
Salamat sa liwanag mo
Muling magkakakulay ang pasko
Salamat sa liwanag mo
Muling magkakakulay ang pasko

Tayo ang ilaw sa madilim na daan
Pagkakapit bisig ngayon higpitan
Dumaan man sa malakas na alon
Lahat tayo’s makakaahon

Ang liwanag na ito
Nasa ‘ting lahat
Mas sinag ang bawat pusong bukas
Sa init ng mga yakap
Maghihilom ang lahat ng sugat

Ang nagsindi nitong ilaw
Walang iba kundi ikaw
Salamat sa liwanag mo
Muling magkakakulay ang pasko
Salamat sa liwanag mo
Muling magkakakulay ang pasko

Kikislap ang pag-asa
Kahit kanino man
Dahil ikaw Bro, dahil ikaw Bro
Dahil ikaw Bro
Ang star ng pasko

Salamat sa liwanag mo
Muling magkakakulay ang pasko
Salamat sa liwanag mo
Muling magkakakulay ang pasko

Ang nagsindi nitong ilaw
Walang iba kundi ikaw
Salamat sa liwanag mo
Muling magkakakulay ang pasko

Ang nagsindi nitong ilaw
Walang iba kundi ikaw
Salamat sa liwanag mo
Muling magkakakulay ang pasko

Ang nagsindi nitong ilaw
Walang iba kundi ikaw
Salamat sa liwanag mo
Muling magkakakulay ang pasko

Dahil ikaw Bro, dahil ikaw Bro
Dahil ikaw Bro
Ang star ng pasko!

Merry Christmas everybody.

Nov 3, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana): Missing Stories 2

In pa rin ang mga spooky stories this season.. tutal November pa din naman e.

How true??

Remember how SM Sta. Mesa suddenly got flooded? I heard someone said, me news blackout din daw na nangyari sa SM Sta. Mesa.

If you're familiar with the structure of SM Sta. Mesa grocery, pababa ung papunta ng grocery - parang basement. Kung merong unang babahain.. ung grocery yun. Allegedly, there were several number of people who died daw that day. Nung tumaas ung tubig.. nakuryente ung mga tao. Ang sabi pa.. there were even two american's there na naggrogrocery, husband and wife. Again allegedly, SM daw paid 1M sa lahat ng families ng nasawi para wala ng maiskandalo at para hindi na din maTV pa ung nangyari.

But come to think of it, how can they discreetly hide the bodies of 10-20-30-or God knows how many... people? Parang hindi makatotohanan ung balita na to. Kung sarado ang supermarket ngayon, and they're hiring workforce.. baka nga totoo.

I've never been to Centerpoint ulet e. AND I won't dare to go to back!

Oct 31, 2009


Yeah, i'm a big fat LOSER. :p

  1. my shift starts at 12mn and ends 9am; clock now freaking shows 2:55 and counting and i'm still at the office. i should really thank myself for squeezing in some downtime, facebook time eh?
  2. it's weekend people and i should be celebrating because i don't have class anymore but see.. i'm stuck in the office trying to catch up with all my deliverables - and after 6 grueling hours, i'm not yet done
  3. no permanent solution yet for my online hiatus
  4. and oh.. i went to Calayan the other week and i was offered 26k treatment every month.. haha, was it really really worth it? i paid 500 for consultation, lemme think about the 26k/month payment! i don't wonder why actors/actresses can afford it
  5. i have so many to blog during the past few days but i have not had the downtime to do so

... i need sleep. that's all.

Love you Lord.

Stay safe and dry everyone!

Oct 28, 2009

Trainer Recognition

I live to Train, I guess that's my real destiny.. Far from office work I've imagined doing when I was young.. I don't have regrets. I love what I'm doing.

My passion is to teach, and there's no greater achievement a trainer can get than seeing her class graduate and perform in Operations successfully. Anything beyond that is just a bonus.

Recently, I got a bonus. My scorecard (I'd like to think) soared high because of my very good students so I was recognized as one of the top trainers for Third Quarter of 2009.

I got a Certificate, Php3,000 worth of GCs and a training/ leadership book (which is pending pa).

Thank you Lord for the bonus! :D

Oct 18, 2009

My New Number


I know i posted here that I lost my phone last August, here is my new number - 0915.894.6962

ms. liet, i have not forgotten your pasalubong.. i still have it. please text me. :)

Oct 12, 2009

National Bookstore: Balik Aral Program

Philippines have not fully covered yet.. have not recovered at all actually. Much help is still needed.

I've been extending my best efforts in participating and helping those who were mostly affected by the typhoon. I have not rendered my services, but I helped in what I call.. my own little way.

Actually, I'm a Laking National kid - the loyalty program of National Bookstore, and I recently learned that they started a program to help typhoon-damaged schools by providing school supplies. Their program is called "Balik Aral" aimed to provide clean and ample school supplies to our students who badly need 'dry' materials. You can buy school supplies especially packed by National Bookstore for only Php25.00, leave it in their drop boxes and they will be the one to distribute it to different schools in the metro and nearby provinces.

I did my part, hopefully you won't forget to help our students.

Oct 5, 2009

Starbucks Barista for a Day

Startek is celebrating its Customer Service Week from October 5 - October 9, 2009.

And what a way to celebrate it by going on theme days again. :) For the entire week, everyone is encouraged to follow the themes.

Monday - face of customer service
Tuesday - power dress up
Wednesday - color of your account
Thursday - anything with a tie
Friday - cap or hat

For today, 'Face of Customer Service' theme means you can wear anything that exhibits customer service - receptionist, flight attendant, waiters, and many more.

Our group decided to be a Starbucks Barista.

Am I successful? pede na ba?

Oct 4, 2009

One Week Off

I was out of the blogosphere for one week because our damn monitor died - again?!? Anyway, I don't know when I can blog again.

From Sept 25 up to Oct 2, those are all backtracks. My best efforts to catch up with everything that happened for the past week; not to mention updates because of Typhoon Ondoy.

Stay Safe and Dry everybody.
God Bless Us All.

Oct 2, 2009

Happy 49th Birthday Mama

We found a reason to celebrate despite the present conditions of Metro Manila. Mama just turned 49 today. We got her a gold/tan havaianas HIGH that she wanted - although it was already late when she said.. wag na lang.

We just had a small dinner at home with the rest of the fam.

Pizza and Pasta dinner with more than enough cakes.

4seasons from Yellow Cab

White Forest from Red Ribbon

Special Hizon Cake from my cousins
This looks very simple but it tastes real good
Will blog about them some other time

Love you Ma!

Sep 29, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana): Missing Stories

I heard two alleged stories still relating to Ondoy:

Jollibee in Bulacan
They said during the typhoon and when rain was heavily falling; everyone inside a Jollibee in Bulacan were all electrecuted. They said this happened when the water (flood) suddenly rose.

They said there's a news blackout about 90 or 900 prisoners in Metro Manila who died because of the typhoon. Come to think of it.. I don't think we have prison cells with second floor?? so what happened to them? any idea?

hmmmm, how true are these stories?

Sep 28, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana): Help Brigade

My mom was sobbing and crying hard. She feels for everybody who were affected by the recent typhoon. She said she can't watch the TV anymore - bad news everytime; of dead people, of missing ones, no food, no water, no house.

I have nothing but praises to everyone who helped and will be helping our kapwa Pinoys. Nakakagulat at nakakatuwang isipin, marami pala ang kayang magbigay - big and small companies and business establishments, students, regular workers, foreigners, even our kababayans in far east and west. Saludo ako. Our company has also put up 'Operation Ondoy' and is soliciting donations.

ABS-CBN started with Sagip Kapamilya since yesterday, 7-11 is also accepting donations, Gawad Kalinga, GMA 7, Unicef, Red Cross, AFP, and maybe many many others.

With everyone's help.. makakabangon din tayo.

residents waiting for relief goods

photo courtesy of boston.com - REUTERS

Sep 27, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana): Deep Deep Waters of Metro Manila

Sunday afternoon when our electricity went back, we immediately turned on the television for news. We then realized that Metro Manila, particularly Marikina, Pasig, Rizal, QC, and Taguig were severely damaged by Ondoy.

Pag-Asa said that the amount of rainfall we had is equivalent for that of a month. That's the biggest factor why hundreds and hundreds died and thousands of families are now homeless. My family are still blessed. My prayers go out to everyone.

pictures courtesy of boston.com

Ondoy hit Manila

This is how we spent our Saturday.

I work in a call center, so my normal sleep is always in the morning. Every end of the week I would always stay up late as much as I can, sleep for 12 to 14 hrs straight and then jut wake up the next day. Arriving from work around 7:30AM, I slept by 9AM.

I don't know how I was awaken but by 3PM I was awake -- ah! I remembered, it was brownout. It was also raining as expected, but what truly caught me was the flood inside the house. Bahang baha na. I was so shocked because we don't get this much. For the years we've been living here, we only get up to our ankle, and that also means it's probably waist deep (even more) already on the main street. My siblings who were still relaxed convinced me to get up from bed to help lift our things.
Here are some random photos I took:

It was probably one of the most disgusting, uncomfortable, inconvenient experience one has to go through - not including the cleaning!
But I didn't know that the rest of Metro Manila experienced worst than we did.

Sep 25, 2009

Blackberry Javelin & Rai Rai Ken

I got a new toy today.

For a while, I've been using my father's phone and number and I haven't felt the need to change until this month.

I totally wanted samsung SGH-i780. I started with a nokia, then motorola, then ericsson - which was my last phone and so I thought samsung is nice to be my next one. But according to the site which I'm supposed to get it from, phased out na daw. Hayz. I like this because it's a smartphone - has gprs, wifi, touchscreen with a qwerty keyboard.

I researched a bit and soon enough I concluded with blackberry 8900/ Blackberry Bavelin. Hmmm, I'm not totally satisfied - if I only knew. Hehe. Anyway, I don't have money to spare again and change - let's see next year. :)

After I got my phone, Marvin and I dined in Rai Rai Ken - SM Megamall. Please follow my post here - reyanefoodhaven.blogspot.com

Ciao! :D

Sep 24, 2009

Ginataang Papaya with Shrimp

I had a blast eating dinner last night - not only that I was able to watch Teleserye's while eating, Papa cooked something delightfully satisfying.

Read more here - http://reyanefoodhaven.blogspot.com

Thanks to my sis for making me a contributor on her food site.
Lovely! :D

Sep 20, 2009

Mayweather vs. Marquez '09

featured in YAHOO SPORTS

Mayweather pummels Marquez in ring return
By GREG BEACHAM, AP Sports Writer

LAS VEGAS (AP)—Floyd Mayweather Jr. returned to the ring with another emphatic victory.

Maybe next time he’ll pick on somebody his own size.

Mayweather overpowered the smaller, lighter Juan Manuel Marquez for an unanimous decision Saturday night, maintaining his perfect record in his return from retirement and a 21-month ring absence.

Mayweather knocked down Marquez in the second round and then peppered him with countless damaging shots to remain unbeaten (40-0, 25 KOs).

“Marquez is tough as nails,” Mayweather said. “He’s a great little man. He was really hard to fight, and he kept taking some unbelievable shots.”

Marquez (50-5-1) was a 130-pounder just 18 months ago, but the Mexican champion moved up two weight classes to be Mayweather’s hand-picked comeback opponent at the MGM Grand Garden. At Friday’s weigh-in, he was four pounds lighter than Mayweather, who paid a $600,000 penalty for missing the bout weight of 144 pounds.

The size disparity was painfully obvious from the opening bell, but Marquez stayed on his feet for 12 one-sided rounds.

Mayweather had an astonishing edge in punch stats, landing 290 of his 493 blows (59 percent) while allowing just 12 percent of Marquez’s 583 punches to land. Mayweather landed more jabs in each round than Marquez landed total punches, and just 16 percent of Marquez’s power shots even got to Mayweather.

Mayweather often appeared to be toying with Marquez, who’s generally considered among the world’s top handful of fighters. Just 18 months ago, Marquez lost a narrow decision to Manny Pacquiao—another mighty mite who’s likely Mayweather’s top choice for his next bout.

Pacquiao accepted a similarly mismatched challenge last year when he demolished Oscar De La Hoya, but the Golden Boy acknowledges his skills have diminished—and Mayweather clearly is still at the top of his game.

Mayweather was too heavy and too speedy for his undersized Mexican opponent in his first fight since stopping Ricky Hatton in December 2007. He then took a lengthy break from the sport that’s dominated his life since he was a toddler, but returned for another eight-figure payday that should end any IRS troubles while setting up another megafight.

“I’ve been off for two years, so I felt like it took me a couple of rounds to really know I was back in the ring again,” Mayweather said. “I know I’ll get better.”

Mayweather had a hefty advantage in this one, weighing in at 146 pounds Friday. He refused to re-weigh himself Saturday night, so the true size of his advantage might never be known. Fighters often gain several pounds between the weigh-in and their bouts.

But his size advantage was obvious from the opening bell, when it became clear Marquez would struggle just to get close enough to throw good combinations.

“He surprised me with the first knockdown,” Marquez said. “He hurt me in that round, but not any other time. I don’t want to make any excuses, but the weight was the problem. He’s too fast.”

Judge Burt Clements gave every round to Mayweather, 120-107. Dave Moretti threw the eighth round to Marquez for a 119-108 total, while William Lerch gave two rounds to Marquez, 118-109. The Associated Press had a whitewash, 120-107.

Mayweather abruptly knocked down Marquez midway through the second round when Marquez walked into a left hook, but Mayweather largely stuck to his jab, leaned back in his familiar defensive posture and picked apart another opponent.

Marquez had a bloody nose by the bout’s midway point, and Mayweather landed several hard shots late in the sixth. Whenever Marquez appeared to land a combination, Mayweather invariably backed away with a grin.

“When I hit him, he laughed, but I knew he felt my punches,” Marquez said. “We tried to work the speed, but the difference was the weight.”

Marquez added a brave defeat to a career noted for its disappointments as much as its triumphs. Marquez still seethes over his 0-1-1 record in two fights against Pacquiao, and he followed Pacquiao’s path up in weight in search of bigger bouts, which he got in recent wins over Joel Casamayor and Juan Diaz.

Mayweather chose Marquez for his return bout after flirting with Pacquiao, who will fight Miguel Cotto in the same arena less than two months from now. Marquez’s size disadvantage immediately raised eyebrows, but the veteran champion embraced the chance for his biggest payday and the chance to take down the unbeaten Mayweather.

A Mayweather-Pacquiao fight would be the biggest in the sport, but a more natural opponent also wants a piece of Money. Sugar Shane Mosley called out Mayweather in the ring immediately after the fight, with Golden Boy representatives forced to separate the two.

The lukewarm public response to the bout underlined industry concerns Mayweather can’t sell a pay-per-view on his own. The Grand Garden wasn’t sold out just a few days before the fight, and large swaths of empty seats greeted the undercard fighters, though they were mostly filled before Mayweather entered the ring.

I call it a mismatched fight. I'm not an analyst so I'm not really sure but that's what I saw. Mayweather was just toying Marquez all throughout the fight and grins every time he receives a punch. There was even a round where he wasn't punching at all and was just inviting Marquez to punch him. Nonetheless, the crowd cheered for the 'underdog' (Marquez) to show support amidst the reality that it's next to impossible to beat Mayweather. Well, Marquez earned cold cash when Mayweather was penalized for not meeting the required weight. $600,000 to be exact? - not bad eh?

Cheers to Marquez who stood on his feet for 12-rounds and congrats to Mayweather.
Next... Will Pacquiao fight Mayweather?

*i picked the picture above because Marquez just landed quite a few punches so that picture is rare, LOL*

Sep 17, 2009

Bizu Patisserie

Having a sweet tooth, I can't really resist temptations like this. I heart looking at (and eating!) mouthwatering creations and wonderfully crafted cakes, pastries, ice creams, and the likes.

I passed by Bizu Patisserie & Cafe recently and I can't help but try their yummy cakes.

I tried their Roca or Rocha - sorry forgot the name. Their version of mousse in dark chocolate. It was a little sweet for a dark chocolate but totally addicting. :)

Sep 16, 2009

The Sandwich Guy

I never liked burgers. Ewan ko lang kung me natikman na kong masarap, I can't really remember. But, I love sandwiches - Subway type. I first tried Subway when I was in Australia and I liked the freshness of the vegetables, ung umaapaw na filling with multiple selection of sauces. Althought I'm a bit disappointed on how we do Subway here in Manila - I feel like mas fresh vegetables nila and mas maluwag sila sa ingredients - dito saten tipid to the max.

Anyway, Marvin recently introduced me to TSG - The Sandwich Guy.

Unlike Subway, TSG uses loaf breads to make their sandwiches. They heat their loaves in a sandwich maker while preparing their generous filling. You can access their full menu here:


Their HBLT - Ham, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato is one of their best sellers. For Php70, hindi ka tipid sa palaman.. siksik talaga, just like Subway! I have only tried their HBLT and Italian Style which fortunately I really liked. Italian Style sandwich has spicy pepperoni, ham and cheese. They have sides too - potato, pasta, salad and fruit baskets. I went crazy over Chili Con Carne Baked Potato - spicy ground beef in tomato sauce over potato slices.. yum! yum!

Try it! They deliver too!
They're open 24 hours - only Weekdays, except holidays.


Sep 15, 2009

Honey Bath and Body Luxury Collection

I was blessed with a beautiful surprise today. I hope nobody thinks that this is a requirement. My recent class handed me a big white Rustan's paper bag with this heavy box inside.

the box, beautifully wrapped in Red paper with mocha, gold and red ribbons
I kept the card and posted it

sorry, overwhelmed
what was inside??

A Creme Brulee Scented Honey Bath & Body
Luxury Collection

in Classic POOH Collection!

The package contains Body Scrub, Shower Gel, Lotion, Bath Crystals and a towel. I hope the class is not telling me that I stink, right?! haha.

But to (all of) you who went out of your way to get me something - Maraming Salamat!!