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Dec 27, 2009

2009 Goals

Roughly three days from now.. we're going to celebrate another much awaited New Year - 2010, 2+0+1+0 is 3. In numerology, number 3 is arching upwards, a very good sign.

But before I flood my blog with nonsense ideas of mine, let me recall the 2009 goals I plotted in my Belle de Jour planner. :)

My 2009 is set to make myself better physically and financially.

Goal: Read at least a book per quarter

Check! I didn't get to read a book per quarter though. I started reading towards the end of the year. When the Twilight Saga fever came, i got hooked and eventually ended up reading the entire 4 books from November to December; not to mention I read Eclipse and Breaking Dawn twice.. does that make it 6 books then? I was also able to read one Sophie Kinsella book, so that's 7 books this year? Hmm, I'd like to give credit to myself for the effort and indulgence. In a way, I can never trade reading to any other form of hobby :)

Goal: Lose Weight and maintain it

No shit but I've been really trying. When I realized that Remyxx is part of Lucky's entourage, I tried my very best to control my eating.. I'd like to think that it paid of, sorta! hehe. But I lost it again when I received the news that I'm going back to US on the day of the wedding. I guess the most important thing is that I know I still can lose weight. i will try some more and focus with it. Half-Check!

Goal: Settle financial obligations and be credit-free

Thank God this did not eat me alive. I was able to pass this test with flying colors. I now enjoy every cent of my salary. I've learned my lesson the hard way and I'm not ashamed of it. Half-Check! (still completing payments of the last one)

Goal: Ortho fix

I didn't realize this needs time. Apparently, I can't have braces yet as I have serious TMJ issues. Good news is, I have started with therapy and I'm on my 4th month now, 4 more months to go and hopefully I can have some tooth extraction and tooth fillings completely done before my braces. Can't wait. :) Check for this one!

I'm so glad I've written down my goals so I can look back and recognize that I achieved something in my existence this year.

I wonder what my goals are for 2010 and where I want to be?

Dec 26, 2009

Stones are not always Nice

Severe pain woke mama up early of December 23. My sister had to wake me up so we can bring her to the hospital. I thought it will end soon but the pain didn't go away after being in the ER for 4 good hours. The doctors then decided to admit her.

She was diagnosed with 2 stones in her urinary passage.

December 24 at 7AM, she undergone Ureteropyeloscopy with Laser Lithotripsy successfully. Another day in the hospital, few more medicines and then noon of Christmas, we eventually went home.

Thank you to all who prayed with us.

Dec 21, 2009

Christmas is Hectic

I like Christmas season.

It challenges you to be smart and practical about your schedule, expenses, priorities and daily errands; including daily attendance to church for Simbang Gabi (which I have not hoped to do any Christmas soon).

I just had 3 consecutive night outs; 18th, 19th and 20th. I guess there will be more..

This season is also the worst time to get sick, really.
So stay safe and healthy everyone.

Dec 20, 2009

Training Team Dinner at Clawdaddy's

Clawdaddy at Serendra
December 20, 2009

.. will blog about the food separately :)

Dec 19, 2009

Lucky's Wedding: Bridal Shower

happy and in love

.. still nuts despite distance and time

i'm glad we are forever...

Dec 6, 2009

Startek Xmas Party '09

Our company's xmas party was held last Saturday in Manila Ocean Park with the theme "Sinbad and the Legend of the Seven Seas".

The venue was 4 times bigger than last year. This time, everything was better - from the caterer, food, booze, presentations and all the rest. I was just concerned about the sharks and different fish there.. they probably got deaf listening to our yelling and music.

I realize I didn't have too much picture that night, so I took a mirror shot when I got the chance. I'm supposed to be a lady pirate that night.. but I think because of my accessories - I turned out to be a gypsy.

I didn't win anything - wii, psp, trip to bangkok, trip to boracay, theatre system, etc --- arghh, a wii could have been nice for this xmas. :)

.. but I guess this one's meant for me. I'm happy and contented.

Thanks for the party startek!

Dec 5, 2009

PowerBooks in the Office

Our company generously invited PowerBooks recently. Employees can buy books and have the option of salary deduction (maximum of 6 pay outs) as a payment. Even a 3k shopping divided by 6 will never hurt one's paycheck, argh, so I dwelt on it.. just a bit. :)

You probably would also figure out what I got Remyxx - hehe.. it's already packed so please don't tell me what you want this Christmas!! lol

I got my own stuff too - Twilight Saga (they didn't have the set then so I had to settle with the individual books, books by Sophie Kinsella, and The Time Traveller's Wife. I would want to spend for all I care.. but I know it wouldn't be wise, and it's nearly Christmas. I need my paycheck more than ever. :)

.. it's fun being surrounded by books (remembering my sis Rina). And I don't seriously go anywhere to shop because I get overwhelmed as soon as I start.. then the shopping goes out of hand, so a pretty controlled environment like this is great. :)

Dec 4, 2009

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Book

I dragged myself a little to finish the book. I got it Monday and completed it on a Thursday. Don't get me wrong.. it ain't that bad. It's just so long.. that's it.

  • Meyer is smart not to sacrifice the details of the story just to make the book shorter. The book is 3-part, Bella narrating, then Jacob then back to Bella.
  • i find it very detailed just like eclipse.
  • Jacob was given a decent space in this book
  • I was anticipating a more detailed bed scene.. bwahahahaha, but I guess the author wouldn't really know how to describe it.. a human and a vampire?
  • meyer was successful (to me at least) in describing how painful and uncomfortable Bella's condition was. I kept reading and reading because I don't want to imagine Edward suffering.. o sige.. and Bella too. LOL
  • Too bad this is a book.. I wanted to listen to Edward's lullaby. I hope they won't edit that in the movie, besides - Rob Pattinson sings right?

I'm not in the mood to add more.. maybe soon if it comes back to me.
I enjoyed the scenes, the wedding, the honeymoon, i can skip Bella's suffering - but that's one of the highlights here so sige, up until the baby's ordeal -- all good to me. :)

Can't wait for their movie. :)