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Sep 1, 2008

Manila Here We Come

After having dinner, I rushed to the nearest restroom to freshen up.

After which, marathon na naman papuntang waiting area where we get to board. Hay, finally talaga. I didn't forget to buy water and chocolates to aid me in this long trip.

Fifteen minutes before 10PM which is supposed to be our boarding time sa plane, someone announced that we aren't stopping at GUAM anymore, and that instead of 10PM, our boarding time will be 11na. Ay, mega text naman ang majority of the Filipinos na kasama namen. Ako for one texted my family kasi they will be picking me up from the Airport. Hehe, sabi ni Seset they shouldn't be doing that on a last minute basis. Anyway, ok na din kasi straight ang byahe, no need to refuel - which might mean - magaang kami or konti lang passengers.

Akalain mo, when we were inside the plane na - andami ngang bakanteng seats. Hehe, ung iba na walang katabi eh humiga sa mga 4 seater na upuan - good for them. ako? keber kahit nakaupo na natutulog - i'm happy.

ayun, we endured 13hours flight from LAX to Manila.

3:45, the plane landed. It was almost 5AM when I got out of the airport and met Mama and Kuya. :)

welcome back to Manila!

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