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Aug 12, 2008

Prairie Rose

Today we tried a very neat and small restaurant in front of our site.

They serve good burgers and fries and the one I had which was foot long chili-dog. I couldn't remember exactly what it was called - but I liked it. It was just too much for me.

Today I learned that as part of the American culture, you shouldn't wave or call the attention of your waitress. When you enter a restaurant - doesn't matter how small or big, you have to wait until they ask you to proceed to your table. You don't call their attention if you are ready to order. Apparently, it is their responsibility to come to you and take care of your dining experience.

Unfortunately, when I wanted a pepsi refill - i waived my hand - before a colleague told me its a bit rude. Gosh! Oh well, tourist lang! :p

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