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Aug 2, 2008


and i continue to fall my friends...

i don't blame anyone. i blame myself. i can't help but cry out while thinking of solutions to all my problems. i experienced something i am so scared to happen. yet, i didn't do anything in case it eventually happens. i was caught off guard, i made decisions and options i shouldn't have done before. and now, i'm suffering.

this experience is truly humbling. i went to people i know which i wouldn't even do even in my dreams. but i have to do it, else chaos - just chaos. i don't have any pride left, but i'm still true, i am still the same me.

it's a hard lesson i learned. i have not recovered yet. i'm not stable yet. but i want to get back to the groove soon before all is too late.

sorry to all the people i disturbed and i asked help from. thank you for even listening to me and entertaining me. help doesn't have to involve what i was asking for. pray for me. thank you for trusting me.


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