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Aug 30, 2008

... to La Quinta

it wasn't an easy travel - we were all exhausted at the end of the day. or should i say, we were exhausted even the day after.

Saturday, August 29, 9AM (Wyoming time)

we checked out of the lovely Holiday Inn. we were in a hurry to finish all the thank you cards seset and johann bought. after loading all our luggage into our new rental car, we were all set. we went to Enterprise first to surrender our old rental car and then to Startek. we bid goodbye's and see you soon's to everyone we knew. i personally hate goodbye's, so even if i can roam around and shake hands; i decided not to. i just waved to jay jay and brenda and shook hands with john - the site director.

before we head to Greeley, CO to drop off Broz, we stopped by at Outlets at Loveland (CO) to shop some more. In between shopping, we had KFC for our lunch. They have so many selections (I think) compared to our KFC.

After strolling and some more shopping.. we finally reached Fairfield Hotel in Greeley where Broz will be staying for another week. Before driving out of Greeley, we stopped at Dollar Tree to buy things we would still need and McDonalds drive-though to have dinner. While eating, Johann's driving. I'm thinking close to 11PM, we reached La Quinta Inn near Denver International Ariport. After unloading our luggage unto our respective rooms, we drove to Wal-Mart to buy packing tapes, boxes, water, etc.

3AM - I called Marvin.

what a day. I called it a night,,

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