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Aug 8, 2008

to Los Angeles CA and my Overnight at LAX

August 8, 2008.

I am aboard PAL while writing this on my notebook. I left Manila at 10PM. I felt a bit sad and lonely - flying alone. There are many things that worry me so much but I just have to do this - I gotto do it. 747 is huge, as in really huge. There are around 10 people in a row and there are 95 rows man! Can you do the math? are we 10K in this plane? We had a long turbulence earlier - scary. but it was funny for me - hehe, because I liked it. I got two pictures to accompany this post but I can't save it here. darn! ------------------

I find it weird but I want to take note of everyday happenings in this foreign land. But i got confused. I left Manila august 8 and I arrived here at US august 8 too... hence, two entries in one day!
Here's my first encounter of US. Ok, I left Manila August 8; after 13 hours of being on the plane - I finally arrived here in the US and its still August 8 - la lang. Harhar, I don't know what to say!! It's 8:3o when the plane touched the ground and there was sunlight still!! I didn't know that 8:30 PM is supposed to be bright pa noh - hahahaha.

I made it to US!

Just to let you know that I am indeed at LA! :)

Here I am waiting in line in US customs when I saw Fannie Serrano

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