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Mar 15, 2007


Yep,Marvin got promoted!
Lui called Marvin and said he's supposed to be reporting na sa as a TL nung first pa ng March. We researched where the disconnect was but thought it wouldn't really matter now since it was about 13 days na since he was expected. This day was a rush of signing papers and talking to people para magpaalam, especially his OIC; to process papers etc.
here's his farewall letter to all people he loves :)

In our course of finding our dream
The dream of fulfilling ‘what I want to be’
Sometimes it becomes inevitable
That you’ll be leaving some people,
people that has been your friend and mentor.

Enemy who became your friend,
Friend who became your enemy
And friends who became good friends.

To my Roxas Friends, TLs, team mates,
My triskelion family,
My mentors and enemy
And those who simple became subscribers
of my text messages— :)
Thank you for sharing your smiles
Thank you for all the learning opportunities I have experienced

Now that finally the sun shone brightly down south (LIPA)
Ill be leaving Roxas to continue my learning journey.
To my team leaders and mentors –
I’ll carry on what I have learned and you all will be proud of me.

I’ll miss you guys and thank you very much.

Mar 14, 2007

Marvin's Birthday

Happy Happy Birthday Honey. I know you're happy. I know you're dreams are within your reach. Continously be brave and don't stop believing HIM. I'll always be here. Enjoy you're leave. :p iloveyou.