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Dec 15, 2007

December = Pressure

Whoah, month of December is surely a busy month for almost everyone. Good thing I have bought almost everything for some gift giving on Christmas - saves time and effort when everyone is busy rushing to the mall, falling in line for gift wrapping and everything in between.

Never had a full sleep today but has spent quite nice few hours at the mall scouting for few things to buy. I feel so tired and ironically restless at the same time - for being sleepless and for wanting to go around the mall - i don't know with my self - hehehe, naguguluhan din ako.

Few days more and I'll be crossing out few people on my list. Konting gala na lang and ikot sa mall - I'm done na with my Christmas shopping - whew

I'm excited to see and buy the Belle De Jour Planner - hope I find time to get one - oh, soon!

I don't know if making sense with this blog - but nonetheless, i'll keep posting. :)


Dec 10, 2007

Buhay Baboy

ehehe, medyo tambay lang ngayon sa bahay - walang work eh - I'm on leave till Wednesday kaso I'm part of the Trainers who will be conducting Trainer Cert for the next 4 days that will run from Tuesday to Friday - goodluck sa leave ko po.

Buhay baboy has been my past time - ehem, medyo birthday ng Papa ko and we've been cooking a lot this past few days - wahahaha, puro nguya lang gawa sa bahay - waaaaaaaa. Pero thank you naman Lord kasi may food kami - so di bale nang tumaba - ay sorry naman - mataba na pala. hehehe.

I know I miss him but this is for the good. I have maybe been confident enough but I know everything will fall into place at the proper time. I surrender everything to him because I trust no one else.

God Speed everyone this Christmas holiday! :)

Dec 9, 2007

Papa's Golden Birthday

December 8

Grand 80's Prom Night ang theme ng Christmas Party Today - which apparently, I wasn't able to attend because it's Papa's 50th Birthday - sayang, pero ayos lang. There's nothing much to look forward to - Ninetendo Wii's and PSP lang pinamimigay samen :( I guess, we jsut have to look forward to Bamboo who rocked last night's performance. :)

Noon saturday morning - Kae and I decided to go to the Christmas Bazaar in World Trade Center to do some catch up shopping - hindi pa complete Christmas list ko but my wallet has been drained na - nyahahaha. Omg, there were a lot of stores inside World Trade - actually, para syang mixed of branded and not braned ones - aliw din magikot pero super maraming tao because it was weekend. We saw Angelu de Leon, Jodi Sta. Maria, her kid and her husband, we also saw Glady's Reyes and Sheena Ortaleza - ay di ko lam spelling - sorry naman! Kae was supposed to look for a brand but we didn't find it - hay, I'm the one who ended up shopping. Hehe, mura naman mga binili - and I got our PC a new keyboard - wawa na keyboard namen eh, ehehehe. After World Trade, we went to MOA. Had a little dine and spotted a cake for Papa. We ended up choosing a photo cake for him na may picture nila ni mama and a family photo din - hehe, saya! But since we don't have printed pictures, nagnetopia pa kami and nag paprint - effort naman! :) We scouted and bought few more toys for my pamangkins, I bought my Ninang Marks and Spencer na lotion din for Christmas. Haaaaay, marami pa sa list ko ang wala din - pano ba yan, mauubos na ang kaban - ahahahha! i think I know na what I can give to remyxx - ehehehe - yun eh kung magkikita tayo hmmmm, hehehehe - joke lang mga sis!

Grand Christmas Bazaar in World Trade Center runs from December 6 - 16, 2007
Mondays to Thursdays - 12noon to 10PM
Fridays to Sundays - 10AM to 12MN
Note: Php50.00 entrance fee for both kids and adults

On the other side of the world..

It's been 2 days, no text, no call, nothing as in. Nakakapanibago - hindi ganito dati. Sumobra nga ba ako ng confidence sa sarili? Pero come to think of it, mabuti na ang ganito. Let me borrow some thoughts - with whatever you're doing, you should know when and how to stop. You should know kung kelan tama na or kung kelan pwede pa. You should know if you need some growing up to do or if you need some time for yourself. Maraming bagay ang hindi mo nakikita or ayaw mong tignan because either you fear when you look at that direction, or you suddenly become deeply troubled kung maiisip mo ung mga bagay bagay na yun, or dahil akala mo normal yun, or dahil akala mo there's no hope and no tomorrow. We all have choices. It's a matter of what you choose that makes up your life.

Ikaw, ano pinili mo?

will blog more about this some other time... :)

Dec 6, 2007

Maroon 5: Won't Go Home Without You

Maroon 5 Music Video

I asked her to stay but she wouldn't listen
She left before I had the chance to say
The words that would mend the things that were broken
But now it's far too late, she's gone away

Every night you cry yourself to sleep
Thinking: "Why does this happen to me?
Why does every moment have to be so hard?"
Hard to believe that

It's not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won't go home without you

The taste of her breath, I'll never get over
The noises that she made kept me awake
The weight of things that remain unspoken
Built up so much it crushed us everyday

Every night you cry yourself to sleep
Thinking: "Why does this happen to me?
Why does every moment have to be so hard?"
Hard to believe that

[Won't Go Home Without You lyrics on http://www.metrolyrics.com]

It's not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won't go home without you

It's not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won't go home without you

Of all the things I felt but never really shown
Perhaps the worst is that I ever let you go
I should not ever let you go, oh oh oh

It's not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won't go home without you

It's not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won't go home without you
And I won't go home without you
And I won't go home without you
And I won't go home without you

Dec 4, 2007

2008 Starbucks Planner

Disclaimer muna: I copied lang po the picture from the Flickr site - let me promote his site muna -- i didn't ask permission, pero Thank you naren. hehe

I got my Starbucks planner na for drinking too much coffee. I'm glad to say I'm loving it - the leather is not so hard unlike the one from last year - and that was heavy too. I remember when I was boarding the plane and I had to check my bags in - whew, I had to carry my planner instead of leaving it sa bag ko for weighing because it was really a bit heavy.

Anyway, this new Starbucks 2008 planner comes with an unsharpened pencil that has its two ends flat that you can sharpen - meaning you can sharpen both ends - ay gulo ko! basta un po - walang eraser so pwede mong tasahan magkabila. It has 5 mini cards inside - For mother's day, father's day, valentines day, friendships, and I can't remember the other one. :) The green stripes you're looking at is like a garter that will keep your planner closed. Faux leather tawag nila sa leather na yan, ewan kung ano yun - hehehe.

You may get this Starbucks by visiting any of their stores nationwide. Simply buy any coffee and say you want the promo sticker if you don't have yet and they'll give you one. Every cup you buy - either hot, iced or frapuccino (blended coffee) - you'll get a sticker. You have to complete 24 stickers to avail of the 2008 Planner. 12 stickers are alloted for Special December drinks or what I call holiday drinks. They have featured drinks every time the Christmas Season comes, and again, 12 of your stickers would come from here. This year they are Peppermint Mocha, Toffee Nut Latte and Praline Mocha. The other half - which is 12 more - you can buy any drinks you want... so bili ka ng 12 na featured drinks, and 12 na anything goes na drink or beverage of your choice - and presto - may Planner ka na. But, I've been browsing in ebay and sulit.com - grabe, others are selling it for 1,400 - kung gusto mo naman, bili ka for the price of that - wala nga lang coffee na kasama. Wehehehe.

Pahabol, starting December 3 - December 7, Starbucks has a promo of "double your sticker" if you buy within the allotted time which is 12:30PM - 1:30 PM and 8:30PM to 9:30PM. To those who have stickers - double them now! Lastly, on the purchase of your 24th beverage, a donation will be given on your name to Project SparkHope. I'm planning to complete 2 more promo cards - kakayanin kaya? :)

Happy coffee-ing! :)

Dec 3, 2007

gee, Nine West!

Haha, sorry, first time ko weh - I just have to brag my shoes - I just love it. I wore this kanina sa office, and it actually feels so good sa paa - finally - mataas na shoes that I can stand even after hours. I find it nice kasi it has straps to support my tiny feet, it has soft cushion sa talampakan that you can feel the moment you start using it or even as soon as you step on it, I find it sexy because of the heels - nice talaga. Hehe, ako lang siguro nakaka-appreciate. This was taken nung binili ko sya sa Australia. Imagine, for the price of AUD29 which is roughly around 1200 lang may Nine West na ko - e dito this is around 3K - super steal talaga. :)

Nov 26, 2007

To Singles - Or To Everyone

Are "should" and "ought" Blocking Your Path to Love?

How to overcome three intentional roadblocks to love

By Kathryn Lord Updated: Nov 25, 2007

Have you heard yourself saying things like "I should be thinking about my Sweetheart 24/7 or I must not be in love" or "I should know if he (or she) is the right one for me"? Or how about "We should have... (fill in the blank: the same sense of humor, a similar background, or compatible taste in furniture)"?

I find that lots of singles have rules that guide their love life. Some rules make good sense (like only dating people who are really single and available, economically stable, and live within the law). But many rules are unrealistic, harsh, or based on romantic myths. Then these singles end up comparing their dates with their guidelines, sensible or not, and making life decisions that have enormous consequences.

I am a romance coach, but I have also been a psychotherapist for over 30 years. I learned long ago to listen carefully to the language my clients use when they talk about themselves and their lives. In particular, I'd watch for the words "should" and "ought."
What's wrong with 'should' and 'ought'

While exceedingly and commonly used, "should" and "ought" could easily be eliminated from our vocabulary. At the very least, we would all feel a lot better. Should and ought are guilt-producing words: "I should spend more time with my mother," "I really ought to lose some weight." The sayer doesn't really intend to do what he is shoulding or oughting. If so, he'd say, "I will spend more time with Mom," or "I'm going to start dieting today."

Shoulding and oughting are like giving yourself a lash on the back: You are punishing yourself with your "I should" or "I ought" statements. Your guilt is eased with your punishment, making it possible to go on with your life, while never following through with what you said you should or ought to do.

In the case of love, shoulds and oughts give us a way out when we need it, just like being picky. Looking for love is loaded with anxiety: "What if it doesn't work?" "What if I find out I don't really love her?" "What if he finds out about (you fill in the blank)?" When your anxiety screams for relief, pulling out a good old should or ought can provide your escape hatch.
Top 'shoulds' and 'oughts': Road blocks to love

Let's look at some common shoulds and oughts more closely, so that we can see the errors in thinking:

1. "I should be thinking about my Sweetheart 24/7
or I must not be in love." Odd as it may sound, some people never feel the intoxicating sensations we think of as "being in love." The ability to fall in love is on a continuum: Some people fall in and out of love very easily, some people never do. Most of us are somewhere in between. Those people who never "fall in love" are still quite capable of loving and forming relationships. If you find yourself waiting for the "in love" sensation which never comes, the "I should be thinking about my Sweetheart 24/7 or I must not be in love" could keep you permanently single.

2. "I should know if he (or she) is the right one for me
." Really? How? Of course there are better or worse choices, but assuming that your date meets your criteria of "good person" and the two of you enjoy each other, seem compatible, and don't irritate the heck out of each other, what more do you need? This "should" may be connected to your "falling in love" ability: If you are able to "fall in love," that biochemical process (it's like being drunk or high) helps surge you forward into a permanent relationship and over any questions or doubts.

3. "We should share the same ... (fill in the blank)
." Why? One of the wonderful parts about finding a life partner is all the things that he or she knows and you don't, or is and you are not. Think of what you can learn from the differences. Or what you won't have to learn because your partner already knows. Yes, some similarity is good, but why would you want someone just like you? You may be pretty terrific, but how boring would it be to be married to your carbon copy!

So pay attention to your inner thoughts about love and your dates. If "should" or "ought" crop up in your thinking, take note and challenge yourself. You may have set up a condition that is road-blocking your search for love.

P.S. If worrying about a new partner discovering some secret of yours is keeping you from pursuing love, find out how to deal with your worst in my article "Do You Have a Secret? How to Tell Your Sweetheart Your Worst." I'll send it when you subscribe to my free email newsletter at Find-A-Sweetheart.com.

Nov 25, 2007

Learn To Let Go

All from Bill Ferguson's - Master of Life (As Featured on Oprah)

Letting go is the key to flowing with life and the key to having life work.

At any moment, your life is exactly the way that it is. You are the way you are and the people in your life are exactly the way that they are. This is true whether you like it or not.

When you fight and resist the way your life is, you create a state of fear, upset and tunnel vision that destroys your effectiveness and almost always makes your situation worse.

To handle a situation, you need action, not resisting.

If you could somehow let go of your resisting, you would restore both your peace of mind and your ability to see clearly. You could then take the action you need to effectively handle this area of your life.

"Letting go" is the inner action that restores your peace of mind and allows you to see what needs to be done. It's the key to restoring your effectiveness.

The moment you let go, everything seems to change. With the fear and upset gone, you see your situation clearly. You become creative and able to discover solutions you could never have seen before.

To begin the process of letting go, let's look at the nature of fear.

Fear is created by avoiding and resisting a future event. For example, let's say that you are married and that you are resisting the possibility of your spouse leaving.

The more you resist this future event, the greater your fear. The greater your fear, the more you feel threatened and the more you hang on. This in turn pushes your spouse further and further away.

By avoiding and resisting this future possible event, you create a state of fear, upset and tunnel vision. You then act in a way that tends to bring you the very event that you are avoiding.

To have a fear lose its power, you need to do the opposite of resisting. You need to be willing for the fear to happen. You don't have to like it, just be willing.

Keep in mind that letting go is strictly a state of mind and is totally separate from your actions. Letting go is what removes the fear, upset and tunnel vision so that you can see what action you need to take.

For example, if you have a fear of losing your spouse, be willing for your spouse to leave. Do this in your heart as a state of mind, but in your actions, do everything you can to make sure it doesn’t happen.

“I love my wife and I don’t want to lose her. I’ll do everything I can to make sure she feels so loved that she would never want to leave, but if she goes, she goes.”

The moment you become willing to lose your spouse, the fear and upset lose power. The tunnel vision disappears and you become able to interact in a way that creates love and greatly increases the chances of the person staying.

Be sure and read the example at the bottom of the page.

To let go of your resistance and to restore your peace of mind, be willing for your life to be however it is and however it may become. You don't have to like it, just be willing.

You do this by granting permission. "I am willing for my spouse to leave." "I give my spouse full permission to be exactly the way he or she is." "I am willing to lose my job."

Let go of your demands and expectations for how your life should be and make peace with the way your life is. Set yourself free inside. Then take whatever action you need to have your life be great.

To make the process of letting go a little easier, there are two things you can do:

The first is trust. Trust that no matter what happens, you will be okay. Now this doesn't mean that life will turn out the way that you want it to. Life often doesn't. Trust is knowing that however life turns out, you will be fine.

When you know that you will be fine, no matter what happens, letting go becomes relatively easy. As you let go, you restore your effectiveness and life works out great. This then reinforces the trust.

When you don't trust, life becomes threatening. You fight, resist, hang on, and withdraw. You then make everything worse, which reinforces "don't trust."

Trust is actually a choice. Trust is something you create. It's a declaration. "I will be okay no matter what happens. I trust, just because I say so."

Trust is also telling the truth. You really will be fine no matter what happens. You have had difficult times before and you have made it through every one of them.

Life is only threatening when you resist. So stop resisting and trust. Trust that no matter what happens, you will be fine.

The second and most important step in the process of letting go is to be willing to feel the hurt. This is important because it's the automatic avoidance of this hurt that forces us to resist.

We think that we're resisting our circumstances but we're not. We are resisting all the feelings and emotion that are being reactivated by our circumstances.

More accurately, we are resisting a very specific hurt from the past. We are resisting the hurt of feeling not good enough, worthless, not worth loving, or some other form of being not okay.

Once you find and heal this hurt, the need to resist or hang on disappears. You can then let go and take the action you need to effectively handle your situation. Finding and healing this hurt is one of the most important things you can ever do.

This hurt is responsible for all your fear and all your upsets. It is responsible for all your self-sabotaging behavior patterns and ultimately, all of your suffering.

To learn how to heal this hurt and to be more able to flow with life, make sure you read the next two sections, Be Willing To Feel Your Hurt and Heal Your Inner Core Issues.

If you would like to heal your hurt and restore your peace of mind quickly, schedule a consulting session with Bill Ferguson or attend Bill's weekend workshop, Return To The Heart.

The Mastery Of Life Audio Course and Bill's book, Get Your Power Back, also show you how to find and heal this hurt.

Nov 23, 2007

twenty seven months

how long has it been, hmmm, twenty seven months and counting.

we hardly see each other now because of being really busy at work and all the things that are occupying our schedule for the past months - not to mention - Christmas time. But we still managed to celebrate a bit. we had a stroll in MOA and a delightful dinner in Pier One. That restaurant never fails to satisfy our palates - we had a sumptuous meal over some important chit chats and catching up. After that, we headed to starbucks for dessert and coffee - mwahahaha, yes - I do look so big now - so what! hahaha

How long do we have kaya?? hmmm, i wonder.

cheers to the past years!

Nov 12, 2007

Spice Girls Runway Reunion

photos copyrighted by Yahoo! OMG

Nov 10, 2007

JePun Pali

Have you pampered yourself lately?

I have been really wanting to have a body scrub and body massage ever since I started working and that was like - 3 years ago! At long last, haha, out of nowhere, nakapagpaganon ako - akalain mo. Here's how it goes...

My bf and I went to MOA to do the usual "date" - hehehe, we didn't shop or anything like that kasi we don't want to carry anything with us while strolling. We went to Big Apple Express Spa to try a massage with hopefully a scrub - pero wala eh. Super affordable ung massage nila that would go for 45 - 60 minutes. May discount din lahat ng peeps from TTECH. So everyone out there who's stressed and tired as I am - go kayo din - very nice kahit maliit lang ung place nila. Actually wala sa hinagap na we will be doing this today kasi hindi naman talaga kami prepared ni Marvin. But I wanted a body scrub talaga more than anything else that day - so we walked around pa. Then I remembered, meron nga palang JePun Pali sa South Side - Parking Lot ng MOA - so off we went. I find it so affordable - and in short we availed of the product, err service.

We availed of the Massage and Scrub in Salt and Oil - it was therapeutic. The ambiance was made to set your mood to relax even just for a while. The corridors and even the reception were all lighted just enough to sooth the relaxed atmosphere that you're expecting. We had to reserve first when we went there and then had our merienda - dinner then went back. We just waited for a couple of minutes and they were set for us. :) -- sorry naman, first time!

Marvin and I stayed in an adjoining room. Our nice attendants accommodated us pretty well. We changed onto our towels and bathrobe and went to the Sauna. I couldn't imagine that sauna is that hot. It was something else I couldn't explain. I know what sauna is but I didn't expect it's more than hot - man, it's not steam or anything close - I think I was burning. :p Anyway, that sauna is supposed to make me sweat, but nope - just a bit I guess, but not exactly sweating like marvin - haha. I had to cover my face with my towel - maybe because I have done several treatments na for my face. Anyway, 15minutes lang naman sya - but really, super init!!! After that, we had a quick shower, syempre separate. Then we were brought back to the original room were we where before. I had to put on this disposable bikini under my towel :p First the whole body massage then the scrub, then we had shower. After the shower, we were given complimentary drinks. Lastly, they applied lotion. Wag nang details - hahaha, super hindi ako masyado ready to reveal my body to the attendant - ewan kung anong nakita nya sa katawan ko - nakakaloka!!

Pero happy ako. My skin was so nice after the treatment and we can do this daw at least every once a week - goodluck di ba! But definitely, we'll be back for some more!

Nov 5, 2007

KC - The New Bayo Model

KC is the new endorser of BAYO, really nice. I LOVE Bayo and I'm loving it more - shop na!
Pinay - and Proud!

Nov 4, 2007

Making a Difference...

For all of you out there who are just like me....


..... sorry, for some reason, I can't embed it on my page. Please click on the link :)

Nov 3, 2007

A Gratifying Day

Today is one of those many days where GOD ultimately shows me how blessed I am, with my work, with my everyday experiences, with my life.

Let's start of by saying THANK YOU for pulling this training through. God knows how hard it was being in Melbourne and working our assess out completing a training that doesn't even sound close to any of the familiar terms we've known. Many people thought it's a nice experience. It was actually - after all, we went to a foreign land with full expense paid - and that's simply one of a kind. This training wouldn't have been possible without the help of Mydz, Marcia and the people really helping me and assisting me always. To my kids who have been really understanding and supportive. My kids are amazing, God knows how I look so stupid every time in front of them but they didn't make me feel that way - such lovely and nice people.

Next, thank you to ever dearest Marcia for being so supportive. Our company has been running 5 phases already and from the very beginning - nothing started so smoothly. Marcia was there to support me all throughout and never reluctantly help me in running the class. Funny how God creates the path to make Whites and Browns meet in an absolutely splendid way. I don't know if I'm making sense but I just love it.

Thank you because finally my finances can be covered.. because finally - and hopefully - it's coming through.

My family for being supportive with every decision I make in my life - mistakes or not - they're there.

LORD! - Thank you for giving my kuya the job that he and my mom has been praying for. Give him strength to pull everything through.

To my honey who's always there for me for everything. I love you.

My kids, my recent trainees - if you can read this - THANK YOU for the gift of the bag. :) Hehe, I love bags y'all. :) hehehe Honestly, THANK YOU for the gift of friendship. My classes have never been the same - it's always different every time. There were times that I just cry out of frustration, there have been several times that I walk out of the room, there were times that I conduct make up classess because I have students who can't follow the lessons.... but my kids proved their different. They were light-hearted, participative, funny. They were always there in the room in complete attendance - Sherwin and James -- thanks for staying in the class even if you don't feel well. My kids are just amazing. This is the only class I have been really thankful for because I was their trainer. Magagalit siguro makakabasa nito na past student ko - but again, each of my class is different. I simply thank you because I was at my worst - I swear. Even if I have my hang-ups being a trainer, you guys were still cooperative. Even during the last minute of the test, no one failed me. If there's someone to be proud at this moment - it's me... who met people that are truly wonderful. I couldn't say anything more - thank you, thank you and thank you. I hope one way or another, we have touched each other's lives - cause you did surely touch mine. Again, thanks for the gift of friendship and learning experience. Till next time around guys. :)


Remarkable isn't it? Simple things in life are the ones that are really valuable - it's a matter of perception.


loving life,

Oct 28, 2007

Accomplished Sunday

I have few updates for this past week.

  • Today is the championship game of Site Wars - Sports fest, but we weren't able to go. Makikibalita na lang kami tomorrow.
  • Sa wakas, I got a mani-pedi, huwaw, after like combined 5weeks, it's really nice to have one, finally!
  • Tapos na ren ang dreaded lecture days ng Training. Nesting time!
  • I have started reading the book I took with me in Australia, finally, I have the time to read again.
  • Nagawa na ren ung simulator na pinapagawa ni Aly, thanks to Tofer!
  • PC just got fixed, finally!
  • Nakalinis na din ako ng kwarto. My goodness, I didn't realize I have shoes and slippers already piling up kasama ng mga makakapal na alikabok sa kwarto. ewww, hehe, pero don't worry, naglinis po ako kanina. :)
It's really nice to be back on my feet again.... Finally!

Oct 21, 2007

The Last Site Standing

We had site wars today - it was really fun!

Marvin and I decided to meet at Buendia LRT then go to Roxas office to catch the 7:30AM shuttle this morning going to Club650 Libis for the sports fest. I was a bit early but the lrt was late unexpectedly. In short, when we got to the office, the 730Am shuttle was leaving with somewhat overflowing number of people inside. After few minutes of waiting and talking, the shuttle finally arrived and we get on board nonetheless.

The sportsfest started with a bang from the Site Directors dressed as X-Men (sayang la ko picture - try ko kumuha ng advertisement email at ipopost ko kasama ng entry na to).

Pinakilala lang ung mga sites, a bit of speech from the gods and godesses and then game na!

Roxies were really good in the CheerDancing Competetion. Hope we bagged the overall site champion again.

Roxas Pride!! We should be the last site standing. :)

Oct 20, 2007

More Than The Usual Load of Work....

Saturday it is!

After leaving Melbourne last Saturday, I had to report to the office on a Sunday after that to prepare for our class on Monday. I have been experiencing jet log lately - i'm not even sure if I spelled it correctly, wehehehe.

My class' schedule is 4PM - 1AM, which means I don't go home at once. From house, I do the normal routine travel to Roxas office. From Roxas, I get picked up by our shuttle service going to TeleTech at SM Bacoor. From SM at 12MN, I get dropped off at Roxas and continue my work till 1AM - kung hanggang 1AM lang nga talaga. I wouldn't sleep after 1AM kasi I'd feel kukulangin din naman tulog ko e. I'll catch the 4:45AM shuttle going to LRT and make it at home hopefully before 6AM or a bit past 6AM. Around 12:30PM bangon ako, kain konti, prepare and then alis na. I have to be in the office at 2:30 para makaprepare pa ng konti for class then pick-up-in ulet ng shuttle to bacoor. This has been my tiring week. I have been struggling with my class a bit because this is a new training and new concept that I have only known for like 3 week - me kasama pa yung paglipad ng isip sa kawalan. ahahahay buhay.

I woke up past 3something today and I just feel so good that its Saturday today that I get to rest. Actually, our Australian friends have invited us in Shang to go gimik but I couldn't simply make it talaga. Even Bax texted me at the last minute if I can go to her place. Bax - sorry, kung alam mo lang... 'pagod and exhaustion' is an understatement of what I've been through.

Pagkagising ko, I decided to go to the derma. Salamat naman - it went well, pretty painful.

Tomorrow will be another history...

Oct 14, 2007

Back home again..

With a week of extension, I can't simply wait to go home... and finally, we're back.

Super busy I swear. I reported for work today around past 3PM and had a con call with our manager. We just needed to prep and make sure that we're ready for class tomorrow. I'll be on a 4PM to 1AM shift going from my_home-to-roxas-to-bacoor and back to roxas and back home. hay talk about travel and all that. wish ko lang talaga mobiled na ko - weeeeeeeeeee.

It's a tough and cranky day for me. Weird but I find it hard to unpack my things more than packing it in my luggage. Like I have to make sure to put the things I brought with me in their exact place, nobody will do it for me, hay kapagod. As in masakit katawan ko paggising ko pa lang and I'm still so dead tired. But Life as it is... ganito talaga.

meron akong gusto pang i-blog but i'm tired na.

break muna.

here are the the top quotes from melbourne:

1 - me talking to lyn - "ate, excuse me, kelangan kong sabihin sayo to. hindi nakakahiyang uminom sa Coles mo!"

2 - lyn talking to someone trying to make a belt fit "ate, pag di kasya wag ipilit"

3 - myda, talking to someone who's getting off a tram "nagmamadali, ambagal bagal naman. bababa din naman ako"

hahahaha, ako lang ata me alam niyan - laugh trip to!

Oct 13, 2007

Saturday Flight!

My friends and I woke up mga past 2. Painit agad ako tubig to have some light coffee and reheated my food to have some breakfast. after 15 minutes - ligo naman. I was already dressed and completed repacking my luggage when lyn knocked on the door with all her luggage. :) I was worried how heavy my bag was - so good luck sa pag check in. :)

Sinundo kame nung coaster at exactly the same time we were told - 3:55.

After 20 minutes, because we had to stop for one more hotel to pick up another travelers, we were at the airport. Funny, it wasn't as crowded as the last time. Anyway, I was worried because my hand carry was 10 kilos and my luggage is about 30. Eto na naman ako - hahaha. In short, nag check in kami as a group, we exceeded 13 kilos and multiplying that with 24 - I believe we have to pay like A$300 dollars. Naawa naman ata ung supervisor, he waived the rest and made us pay 6kilos lang. I don't have to ditch anything in my bag so I hurriedly paid the 144Dollars na excess baggage. I'm thankful naman kasi we don't have to pay anything like of that amount. Thank you thank you talaga dun sa lalake na un - na sya ding nagpahirap samen the first trip. hay life talaga.

It was a smooth ride, hindi sya kasing exhausting nung first trip - ewan ko ba. few people lang and nandun sa waiting area and basta - it was all positive considering all girls kami na walang magawa kundi magkwentuhan. I have another book pala with me na kinekwento ko sa kanila na di ko gusto ung umpisa dahil sa sobrang dami ng characters at the beginning na I can't remember the names.

We are supposed to board the plane mga 6:45 - but nonetheless, nakalipad naman ung plane exactly 7:25 which is na dapat na time ng paglipad - so on time paren kami. An hour and 5 minutes later, we're in Sydney airport na. It was not so smooth landing and all that, feeling ko nagmamadali ung plane- hahaha.

So standby lang kame sa sydney, after mga 20-30 minutes, here we go again. Ewan ko ba, it wasn't as tiring talaga as before, nakatulog ako sa plane, di ako nainip, everthing was going well. We landed past 5Pm - and take note - wala pa ung mga sundo ko. hahaha take note naman of PAL being on time and my sundo being late. I bought my things with me muna sa Figaro and had some coffee - mga 15-20minutes later here comes Marvin and 3-5 minutes later, here comes Mama and the gang kasama si kae and kuya and my cousins. Off we went sa duty free.

The night ended early, mga 10PM. sumama lang ung mga pinsan ko dito and Marvin to have dinner. Tapos un, pasalubong giving at tulugan na.

Super bulagta ako sa bed.

Oct 12, 2007

Our Last Friday Here..


crazy day! hahahaha. since I got my money so late, I had to do some serious shopping and it has to happen fast. Buti na lang half day lang kami today sa work. Mga 11PM, naka alis na kami papuntang Burwood to get some havaianas. Sa sobrang sikat nung tindahan, naguwi ako ng more than 10 pairs - of course, hindi naman saken lahat. I got my sister ung gusto niyang one finger na slippers and a matching pairs for me and marvin. After that, I had to buy some shirts for the people here. I got remyxx pala small bags - sensya na mga sis, talagang low budget and no money - :) I got tights palal from Giordano na susuutin ko pabalik ng pinas - hehe. kelangan presentable kahit la pera - paksyet talaga. We went to what they call Victoria Market to buy some pasalubong and to roam around naren. I scouted a Levis factory outlet pero di na ko bumili - hehe. Back to swanston st. - I bought a black trolley bag as a handcarry for tomorrow.

My girlfriends that I'm with are really nice - myda and lyn. At the end of the day - we had some chats and kumakain kami ng dinner altogether na kahit iba iba kami ng room.

The day ended with me finishing the book I'm reading and watching Lord of the Rings at the same time. Multitasking comes naturally na siguro. :) I slept around past 12. come to think of it, susunduin kami ng coaster ng mga 3:55 - so goodluck sa preparation and all that. Pero good na ren na natulog ako ng late, I won't be able to sleep ng maayos knowing how excited I was.

Uuwi na kameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Oct 2, 2007

Mom's Birthday Today :)

Late ako nakatulog kagabi kasi nagstudy po ako eh. Andito kasi palagi ung manager na nagtratrain samen so parang kelangan prepared kami with some lesson plan and how we're supposed to train the modules and trainings that they are teaching us. So ayun, mega read ako last night. Sobrang hirap ako gumising ng 6AM or 6:30 ata yon. Tapos nagcoffee lang ako tska tinapay na may strawberry jam. Paguwi kahapon dumaan ako ng 7eleven, bumili ako ng 2 dollar na bread and 3 dollar na strawberry jam. tapos meron kaming microwave sa kwarto, meron din kaming bread toaster, plates, and all that. ung ref namen medyo maliit lang pero ok naman. kagabi - dinner ko is meatloaf and rice. nakakaluto na kami ng kanin via microwave. bumili kami ng 2 dollar na malaking microwavable na baunan and un ginagamit namen para magluto. tapos ung sobrang kanin binaon ko for today. kanin and corned beef naman ulam ko kanina during lunch.

The day is pretty ok naman. hindi mashadong malamig sa labas. so carry lang. napagod ako kagabi kasi naglaba ako, at maglalaba na naman ako later.

i miss you na po. sobra.
want to go back na :)

Oct 1, 2007

Second Week - Monday

It's been a hell last Saturday. Anyway, I had a good sleep last Friday and I woke up past 10 na ata ng Saturday ng umaga. tapos ayun, dahil AFL grand finals, lahat ng tao eh papunta sa Telstra Stadium wearing blue and white stripes. Kaya nung kumain kami ng Brunch nung Sunday, halos walang tao sa daan. Lahat ng tao sa AFL pa. Grabe, with all the spirits high and their support to AFL - di ako makapaniwala kung anong nagagawa ng sport na to sa kanila. Like I think there were numerous events or even concert before the big day began - and people are really there patriotically supporting every event - kaloka.

Wala naman akong ginawa ng araw na yun kundi manood ng TV at magrelax sa hotel. La namang pera. Last Sunday, ayun nagising ako ng 9 na ata tapos nag prepare para lumipat ng hotel - yes, talk about moving!

In short, magkasama na kami ni Myda sa hotel and the rest puro solo. Ayos naman lahat, sagana sa tipid. hindi ko pa nakikita sa online account ko ung account number na ninominate ko sa BPI para makapag bank transfer ako at mabayaran ko na yung utang ko. mukhang pareho nating kelangan ng pera.

Latest news, Finally, October 13 na kami uuwi - inaayos na ung flight and all that. We will be staying sa Grand Chancellor Hotel for the rest of the days. Nagkagulo gulo na ung mga booking and all that, pero un na... sa Grand Chancellor daw kami until the rest of the days.

Sinisipon paren ako, and medyo masama pakiramdam.

goodluck talaga with all the challenges i have - ahay!

Sep 28, 2007

Friday Na!

Survived One Week!!

I pretty much had a good sleep. I woke up 6AM and prepared my breakfast. I had rice and vienna sausage na binaon ko from Manila. I also prepared coffee with lots of milk on it. Tapos ko kumain, nagpahinga lang then naligo na ko. After taking a bath, inayos ko na sarili ko so I can keep my toiletries into my luggage dahil lilipat nga kami ng hotel. Exactly 8AM, we check out of Grand Hotel Enterprise. It was 16 degrees outside but it was really pretty much freezing because its raining here - as in. And as in, malamig pa ren. May sipon pa ren ako pero di na ko nilalamig.

We rode a cab - nasa 9 dollars mahigit ung bill namen. Nakapag check in naman kami agad. The room was available so the receptionist just handed over our key. We have 2 queen size bed on each room. It was pretty big - business suite ang tawag. malaki sya compared before but since it was a hotel, wala syang microwave or anything. so un lang. pero sunday afternoon, we're checking out again. and head to grand chancellor hotel.

after this training, baka mag depot lang kami. :)
bargain stuff!

Sep 27, 2007

Have Been Sick Lately

.. day 4
September 27, 2007

Medyo maaga ko nagising today and on time naman. Hindi ako puyat pero hirap akong bumangon. Mainit pakiramdam ko tapos singa ko ng singa. Paggising ko po eh nagtimpla lang me ng coffee. Bumili pala ko milk kahapon, 1L lang tapos AUD1 mahigit lang naman. Ayun, nilagyan ko ng milk ung coffee ko. tapos ininit ko ung sandwich na tira ko last day - yeah yeah, super tipid. Maybe the fucking reason why i'm getting sick is because wala akong resistensya - hahaha, parang awa nio na. bigay nio na CA namen. :p

Naglunch kami ni myds sa Nando's malapit dito, hindi kumain si lyn nd misha, so di sila kasama. hindi kami nagmeeting nung lunch, instead 1PM kami pinabalik for the meeting. ayos naman ung food, 3small pieces lang na pork barbecue, tapos fries. ok naman sya. after lunch we had a meeting with the manager and all of the australian trainers. Confirmed - we're staying here a week more. Instead of us going home on the 6th, we're going home a week after that which is 13 We just have to fix our bookings, flights and all that.

Tapos after the meeting, we headed to the classroom ulet to finish training.

After the class, we will be heading to the Enterprise Hotel in Spencer street para ipaalam sa hotel na magchecheck in kami tomorrow morning. We will be transferring hotel because it's AFl grand finals. As in, everyone's going to Melbourne to watch the finals - and not only that, they booked and had hotel reservations kaya super madaming tao this weekend. ata that's the same reason why we'll be tranferring hotel - ahahaay. and regular check out dito is 11AM, tapos check in eh 2PM. so it means di kami pede mag check in sa Enterprise ng 2PM dahil nasa trabaho pa kami nun. Pero di din namn magandang dalhin bagahe namen dito sa office - nakakahiya. So early morning tomorrow mga 7AM, magchecheck out na kami dito sa Grand Chancellor Hotel then derecho sa enterprise hotel then derecho sa work.

Hindi naman mahirap work, kaso bago talaga sya - mobile, exciting.

antok na antok na po ko. super antok na ko dito sa training. uwian na, marami kaming lalakarin ngayon so goodluck samen.

Sep 26, 2007

First Day of the Real Training

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Breakfast ko kaninang umaga was meatloaf tska blue skies na dala ko. ok naman, surviving kahit alang pera. hay life! it's our first day of formal training today. it's all about MOBILE plans, mobile stuff. interesting pero naninibago pa ren kasi di ko naman to alam eh. i miss everyone and marvin. nung lunch nag ham and cheese lang ako na bread na nakabalot sa uhmm lam mo un ung mukhang indian na tinapay? ung flat tapos ni roll - tapos may HAM, may carrots, may cabbage, tska may cheeses - sarap! Binigyan na rin kaming access card dito, so carry ng magpaikot ikot sa building. Teletech is on the ground floor, 9th floor and 10th floor. Dito kami nagtratraining sa ground floor, ung office nung mgr at OPS floor e sa 9th tapos OPS ulet sa 10th floor. Mamyang gabi, ill have delata ulet, tapos ung mga 2 or 3 dollar lang na imamicorwave na kanin. sarap! :D

may hush hush na balita na mukhang mageextend kami dito hanggang October 10 imbis na October 6.

currently, sinisipon ako, ewan ko kung bakit, di naman ako mashado nagmamalamig na inumin.

Sep 25, 2007

Day 2 @ Work

Day 2 @ work

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Grabe, I woke up 6:30AM. Ewan ba parang masarap matulog sa ilalim ng mga blankets. Kaya hayun, halos nagmamadali ako pagbangon ko. Paggising ko kanina sabay ligo tapos bihis. e hindi ako sanay ng walang mainit sa sikmura ko, kaya kahit medyo eksaktong 8 na kami naka alis ng bahay, i made sure na nakain ko ung natabi kong food kahapon. harhar - super tipid in fairness!

after breakfast, we all headed na for work. lakad na naman as usual, kakahingal in super fairness. the weather this morning is a-ok. malamig pero hindi windy or hindi sobrang lamig - masarap sya> pero di ko tinikman ha, hehe. di naman kami na late sa pagpasok sa work, parang kami pa nga unang unang dumating dito sa training eh.

tapos un, pinagcheck lang kami ng email for about 45 minutes or less than that tapos pinag buddy up na kami for 2++ hours. grabe ung ka-buddy ko but she's nice naman, very accomodating kaso un nga, me prob lang akong konti sa kanya, hehehe. bad ko ba? tapos after nun dito na kami sa training room, wait lang namen kung anong instructions samen na gagawin namen pa.

We're finishing early today. Yahu!! makakalibot na muna kami sa streets ng Melbourne. :)

Sep 24, 2007

First Day of Work @ Melbourne

We're at 628 QBE Building, Bourke St. Melbourne.

Nagising ako this day before 5:30AM, mga 5:20australian time, tapos nagwashroom - tapos nakatulog ulet. I had breakfast tska ung soup na dala nung isang cotrainer ko. then un, all set na kami for training. It took us 30 minutes to walk from the hotel to the teletech site. Pagdating dito sa training, ok naman. wala pang formal start so getting to know you lang from the other trainers and from Tash ung Training Manager dito. Meeting meeting kami, assessing kung ano ung pagaaralan within the next days pero proper training will be wednesday pa. So bukas, papasok pa ren kami pero hindi pa training. Tomorrow daw aayusin ung mga logins namen kung anong kelangan namen and all that - so papasok pa ren kami.


I actually wanted to go back to Manila na, ayoko na ng ganitong hassle, parang ayoko na umulit. Alang pera, di maganda accomodation, nung nasa plane nga ako parang gusto kong tumalon sa labas, ayoko na pumunta dito. La lang, nakakapagod na. Akala ng iba, masaya pumunta ng ibang bansa. Masaya kung ung expectations mo is set na ganito lang ang meron, na eto ang meron, na ganitong time magche check in. Lam mo un, 2PM pa, we landed 6AM - imagine, di man lang nila naiisip na ano gagawin namen, san kami pupunta, e kung solo si myda or solo ako or anything... pano di ba kung merong mangyari samen. hay. masaya kung me pera, masaya kung maganda ung kwarto mo. Hotel na hotel ung samen eh, hindi tulad nung residential suite na tinirhan namen before. hay hon. ang hirap maging trainer, ang hirap ng ganitong buhay. ung pera na hawak ko titipirin ko na lang, wish ko lang matipid ko sya talaga.

I love you hon.
Happy 25th monthsary!!!

Sep 23, 2007

After 8 hours of being on Plane

Sunday, September 23, 2007

We landed as early as 6AM and had regular checks here and there - grabe strict ng airport dito. After landing, we headed to get our bags. Before the bags immigration check muna. Na hold na naman ako sa immigration as expected. Actually lahat kami nahold, because the middle initial or middle name being not written in our VISA. Sabi nga ni Lyn, ung embassy naman ng OZ ang nagproprocess nun, bakit di pa nila lagyan. Anyway, it take us about 30 minutes or more para magantayan kaming lahat. When we're all done, we got our bags na. After that baggage checking naman. We need to declare whatever goods, foods, native stuff we have with us so they have to make kalkal of all the goods we have inside our bags. Hindi naman nila cinonfiscate ung mga dala namin, pinatuloy naman kami. So we're good. Finally nasa arrival na kami. Our driver was waiting for us that time. Sumakay kami sa parang coaster na inarkila ng hotel. Tapos un, hinatid kami sa Grand Chancellor Hotel. It was windy that morning, so it was fucking freezing. :) Punta kami sa reception - pero 2PM pa daw nagpapacheck-in so therefore we left our things lang tapos napagkaisahan na magbreakfast muna. Pero grabe naman, hinihingan kami ng hotel ng credit card or 100AUD for each room. Two rooms naka reserve samen so we have to raise 200AUD para pang deposit sa room na ibabalik daw once we check in at walang nawala sa room - parang collateral. Since wala kaming 100AUD or 200 to be exact, I gave my citibank credit card. Sabi frozen naman ung 200AUD na un until we check out. Sabi ko nga wala na kong credit sa credit card ko so kahit kaskasin nila un ng kaskasin tatalbog din un - so no worries at all with the card! :D It's all good naman. Collateral lang talaga un. Tapos un, umalis muna kami at iniwan namen gamit namen sa hotel. Haay, eto na ung adventure ng buhay ko sa Melbourne.
After leaving our things wala naman mashadong tao sa kalye so lakad lakad lang kami. Nagbreakfast kami sa hungry jacks - 4++AUD - medyo mahal pero sinobrahan ko na breakfast ko para di ako magutom masyado. My manager has a friend here na tinotour kami parati when we're here.. may Christian Service sya dito and was inviting us to come over kung kaya daw namen. Etong isa kong kasama lang naman may contact, so in short, napagkaisahan na since wala naman kaming mapuntahan, gora lang kami. So un, punta kami dun sa Caroline Springs chorva at hinanap namen ung christian service na un. pagpunta namen, puro mga pilipino - pero di naman lahat, nakaktuwa sila - kaso super borlog na talaga ko as in super pagod na pagod. Ung nagpunta kami sa ALIVE ALIVE, sorry but that's how easy it is to describe. pero ayos lang naman, it was intimate. di naman sya masyadong matagal. nakinig lang kami ng service sandali, kumanta tapos tinapos na ren namin ung service. after that, pinagcoffee naman kami. halo halo mga andun, me puti me black, pilipino at kana. me mga bata din. kapag weekend kasi late nagbubukas mga stores so dun na lang talaga namin naisipan pumunta. after that, pinag coffee kami nila, nagchika chika lang ng mga stories nila about staying here, and all. konting picture picture tapos tinreat na naman kami nung friend nung manager namen, this time for lunch naman. parang ang labas eh pumunta kami dun para magpalibre - hahaha. dahil wala kaming mga pera! wihihihi. tapos hinatid pa kami sa papunta sa hotel pabalik, wihihihi, kelangan namen kumapit sa patalim, wihihi. After we were dropped off, naka widraw ako ng money good for one week.
After checking in, we found out twin beds pala ung mga rooms, so myda decided to join misha then kaming dalawa ni lyn sa kwarto. I was so stressed and so sleepy, rested lang and watching TV while waiting for lyn to complete her bath. after nun naligo na ko, and nagpahinga. Wala kaming kahit ano sa room, meron kaming twin bed, a small ref na puno ng drinks, few chicha na patikim lang pero lahat un me bayad so hndi namen pwedeng galawin Ang tanging complimentary sa room eh kape na walang MILK, as in walang creamer na kasama. Walang microwave, walang plato, walang kutsra tinidor. Kaya etong si myda and lyn, pumunta sa baba (reception) to request - buti naman pinagbigyan kami so ayun, nakakuha kami ng microwave, plates and fork and knife - alang kutsara -- lahat nasa kwarto nila myda. At ayun po, nakatulog na ko - di na nagising.

Sep 22, 2007

My Second Overseas Experience

Really, Shit happens.

Saturday, September 22
Normal stuff lang naman ung sa airport. Hindi naman ako masyado nakatulog. Nasa apatan kami. Sa dulo isang lalake na Vietnamese katabi nung isang kasama ko na si Lyn, katabi ko naman lalaki din na Australyano (siguro). sa harap ko si Misha, sa harap ni Lyn si Myda. Katabi ni Myda girl, katabi sa kabila, guy naman. Ung lalake sa tabi ko hindi man lang tumayo the entire trip, for 6 fucking hours hindi ako makaihi man lang. a**hole talaga, paksyet sya kung sino man sya. Nagttxt ako nung pagpasok ko ng airplane so ung katabi ko super react naman na I don't care about the "no cellphone signs" daw or whatsoever. Nabwiset talaga ko kaya di ko sya pinansin the entire trip, ni hindi ko nililingon ung ungas kong katabi. Buti nga ok naman sya at hindi naglelean pag natutulog or whatsoever. kaso lang the entire trip tulog sya, gumigising lang pag kakain. Ampucha, nakaihi lang ako nung tumayo si lyn at umihi at tumayo ung katabi nya - after 6hrs un - huhu. next time, promise, we're checking in as early as possible na para walang hassle sa mga bwiset na mga katabi. huhu.

Be Gone for 2 Weeks

I know, I'll be blogless again.

It's past 1PM, I'm already packed, ready to go. I just have to take a bath later and dress up for another long trip.

I'll be with PAL again, my trip is 8PM and supposed to land in Australia at 8AM (their time). I'll be joining another workshop training and I'm supposed to train it here in our Bacoor Site. Badly, I needed some money - pero super short talaga ko. Salary last time wasn't enough, haaaaaaaaaay, I'm not yet blown and freaked out but sooner or later, I will be.

Come to think of it, last time na umalis ako about a month ago I have my period then, and it was also raining that time, same same now - it's raining outside.

I'll post again if I have time. :)

Bye for now.

Sep 21, 2007

Freaky Friday

The news is in, we're heading to AUstralia again tomorrow. Haaaaaaaaay, I don't know if I'll be happy or what or whatever. I don't have money, we have nothing. Our pocket money is still being processed so goodluck na lang sa mga credit cards and advance chorveees. Haaaaaaaay.

I'm alone with the class supporting whatever they need so medyo super busy ako, take note - di pa ko nakakapagpaload ng needed amount.

Super goodluck talaga sa mga super things na kelangan kong gawin at magawa. Naman! hirap ng life!

Sep 20, 2007

Another Darling!

Sorry for posting too much about KC. I really like watching it, hehe.
Here's a teaser of her ABS CBN documentary to be aired on Sunday - too bad I won't be here in Manila. Anyway, I'll be able to watch it naman siguro from You Tube, di nga lang real time.

Yeah! Enjoy!

Sep 19, 2007

KC Meets Korina

I missed watching this interview. Kc is such a superstar talaga.

Sep 15, 2007

Remyxx Get Together

After about more than a year, REMYXX finally has set aside some time to see each other; or at least for me, rina, hazel and ivy!

pasalubong giving - it should be, but we couldn't stop talking from the start till end of the night!

we decided to meet in Glorietta last night. Rina was there with her brother and shopped for few goodies while waiting for us. Hazel arrived before me then Ivy. Both of the girls (hazel and rina) with rina's brother are huddling in McDo when I got there. We exhanged stories while waiting for Ivy. after about ordering an ice cream (by rina :) ), ivy finally arrived. Jologs na kung jologs but there were picture taking and so many laughing out loud. It has been really a long time. After some time, we headed to greenbelt to make tambay. That's when we hand over our pasalubong. Rina gave ivy a shimmering lavander lotion from Victorias Secret and a kikay bag. Hazel got a Victoria Secret Perfume and an Aeria super see-through underwear in blue green color. I got another Victoria Secret shimmering lotion and a matching Aeria super see-through underwear with Bax but in old rose color. -- Thanks for all the pasalubong sis!

After a while I gave my girlfriends the boomerang I bought from Australia. I know it's not even personalized but I've been to Australia for only 2 weeks, no really time to shop that much - sorry girls. I'll make bawi na lang.

We went back to the mall to grab some snack sine Rina has been craving for a palabok. Kwentuhan and kainan it is!

The rest - missing in action... paramdam na lang mga girls.

The night ended when Marvin picked me up from Glorietta to have a late night dinner. I made paalam to go ahead and I'll make sure to see them again.

Love you all remyxx! :)

PS. I was able to watch Entourage later that --- morning :)
nice episode. :)

Sep 12, 2007

Fully Loaded

Here I am blogging about nonsense.

I've been really busy -- errr, tamad lang siguro so I can't find time to do things I need to do. As in, when I say I need more than 24 hours per day to do things I need to do - I mean it!

Australia trip has been moved instead of this weekend, I believe we're flying on 22nd.

I have not contacted remyxx yet regarding my approval on Friday, pero di pa nila naseset, ok na ko dun. hehe.

I'm sleepy, tired, exhausted and bloated, hahahaha!

Sep 9, 2007


I Can't think of any title eh, hehe, sorry.

Work Check: Overloaded.
Nakakainis, di ko paren napopost ung first time happenings ko sa Australia. I have so many pictures to copy and burn. I have so many things to blog but can't really do it coz I don't have time. I have pending simulator due at the end of the month but since I'm flying again this Saturday, I can't really find time to do it. Waaaaaaaaah, pwede ba more than 24 hours na lang umikot and mundo so I can finish my tasks?

Relationship Check: Rocky
Uhmmm, here's the time of the year when everything just falls off.

Money Check: Still same shit.
No money, manahimik ka Mae! :) hehe. I need a digicam soon before I fly again to Australia para naman I can take pictures on my own, hehe - I'm so poor. harhar, so magtipid - nah, la sa vocabulary ko eh, haaaaaaaaaay. :)

Body Check: As heavy as I could get, hahaha!
Just had facial yesterday, finally after like so many months! My goodness gracious! Kasi naman hataw sa overpricing mga facial centres ngayon, pag naman sa derma walang ka-care care. Wish ko lang mag OK OK na ung mukha ko noh, for life na ata akong ganito.

Blog Check: Coping!
Hindi ko na ata ma-bloblog ung Australian trip ko, baka ung next trip na lang. :)

Rina will be home today at 11PM. :) Wish you're doing fine above the clouds, haha. :)

Sep 5, 2007

Hot News!

Officially, I'm going back to Australia... again - for two weeks.

Haay, hindi ko pa na-uupdate BLOG ko, lalarga na naman ako. talaga naman!
Thank you Lord, haha! I really enjoyed my stay there kahit na hindi ko pa sya nabloblog ng maayos. Pasensya na talaga. I've been training and really burdened with so many things sa work.

Remyxx, naman, kunin nio pasalubong nio saken no - haha! kundi ibebenta ko to, wehehehe. I'm really happy that I can go back to Melbourne. Haay, sana this time di na maubos sa pasalubong ung pera ko. Can't really blog much. I just want to share the good news.

PS - I'm having a hard time getting all my Melbourne pics all together. Dahil nga wala akong digicam - yes, i know I'm poor - nakikishot lang ako sa mga kachorva ko - hahaha! Our PC has been going crazy this past few days - so nahihirapan ako magtransfer.

Nga pala, cguro excited ng umuwi ung isa jan - Sis, don't forget the pasalubong. haha! Ako muntik na magbayad ng 500AUD sa airport dahil sa excess baggage. Haaaay. Lesson learned. So never again!

Details of my autralian travel will have to be postponed for the meantime. :)

So many things to do, so little time! :)


Sep 3, 2007

Fresh from Australia!!!

Yes! Yes! I'm back after two weeks of being away without my blog - paksyet kasi, ala akong laptop noh, di katulad ng iba jan - haha, nakakablog in a roaming mode!

Anyway, my blog has been put to sleep because I have to fly to Australia for a Training/ Workshop there. Whew, it was an experience worth remembering and every second of it was soooooooo worth it.

We, together with 3 co-trainers, flew last Saturday, August 18 to Melbourne, Australia. It was a direct flight so no hassles really of going down the plane and all that. Our company's travel agency booked us for the 9PM flight. We landed on Melbourne on August 19, 8AM (Australian Time). Actually, it was an 8hour trip but Melbourne time is advanced by 2hours.

Two weeks lang ako dun pero I really enjoyed every minute I spent there. Parang I felt na kaya ko at gusto kong mabuhay dun. I never had an experience of a COLD WEATHER. As in naman, there were times na doble doble jackets ko sa sobrang lamig. Meron pang time na 15 degrees Celsius and temperature nila na windy pa - whoah, as in malamig - nice nice nice. Ang pinaka gusto ko eh ung time na pag umaga or anytime during the day, pag humihinga ka eh may usok na lumalabas sa bibig moh, haha - kala ko sa movies lang un eh.

Naka ikot din ako sa city ng Melbourne although sa suburb talaga kami nagstay for two weeks. I didn't get to see much but I saw the Melbourne Aquarium and Pixar. I was able to shop goods din for my family and my extended family. haaaaaaaaaaaay.

Nagkanda loko loko din kami ng mga kasama ko sa airport! grabe talagang experience itoh.

Anyway, lam ko sis, ikaw lang ang fan ng blog ko - haha, but kung sakaling meron pang iba - I'll make sure to update my blog with the things that happened to me in Australia! I'm excited to share it sana excited din kayo magbasa.

Sis, uuwi ka na! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Aug 18, 2007

What A Day!

With all the things I've been thinking and the shopping I've been doing - blogging seems to be put on rest! --- so sorry!

Last Thursday, Marvin and I agreed to meet up before the mall opens so we can start our marathon shopping. Since we're both on leave last Friday, we decided to waste our time malling.

I didn't realize my cell batt had one bar na lang, and so it went dead. Instead of meeting before 10PM, past 11Pm na ata kami nagkita. It was terribly raining! - I swear! malalaki ung rains and baha talaga... Marvin and I were in shorts and slippers. :) Hindi ako pwede magshorts kasi I have post varicella scars :( so 3/4's na lang. Rob Manila is on 3-day sale! Kita mo nga naman. ahahaha. I'm happy cause I have money to spend kahit not much. Just bought new stuff to bring to Australia that I can also use here. I just realized I totally need some office wears - new ones - hihihi.

I got home past 8PM and started fitting the things I bought and started packing. As I write this, ENTOURAGE is currently showing in HBO. I'm hurrying to finish so I can watch too.

It's 12:24AM na (Saturday morning) and I'm still here blogging. :) I have to things pa to do later so I have to ciao for now!

.............. to AUSSIE, here I come...................... :)

Gulo ng entry ko - sensya na, windang pa ko - dami ko pa kelangan gawin and yet so little time!

Aug 16, 2007

Finally.. we're to aboard

Hay, After all these hopeful prayers and wishful thinking - the Australian trip is to push through.
Flight is on the 18th, a day earlier than expected at 8PM Manila via PAL.

I'm so busy packing, thinking of clothes to wear and to buy cause their temperature ranges from 7.2 C to 17 C -- have to think wisely of clothes I have to buy that I can wear here in manila too.

I need a wardrobe revamp!.. and I need it asap! :)

Aug 13, 2007

Monday: Ultimately Injured

Because of the newly purchased shoes that I didn't get to rehearse in wearing, I ended up with 3 blisters on each foot. Yup, I wasted 14 band aids for it, hay buhay. I walked from MOA southwing to North wing then to TeleTech - that's why I got paltos.

At the end of the shift, 1AM - I had to call for rescue. I was picked up by big bro with SLIPPERS! so I can go home and rest. hehehe

I felt bad!

Anyway, I got the Cash Advance Check already but no tickets or Visa yet...

Aug 11, 2007

Quality Time


I was on leave Friday shift so I didn't get to meet marvin on a Saturday morning when he arrived back from Lipa. Fortunately though, we agreed to meet after lunch. We initially planned to watch a movie since we haven't really seen one for quite some time.

Come after lunch, we didn't see a movie because most of the films showing now... napanood na niya - from a pirated DVD. haaaaaaaaaaaaay

We ended up walking lang sa mall, not to mention my first dine at Bacolod Inasal. I scouted a cheap SHUBIZZ shoes, haha - another good buy.

I was home mga 10PM na. There.
Wala pa ring VISA, I'm starting to doubt na. Will the Australian trip be cancelled?

And The Shopaholic Strikes Back!

... because it's sweldo day and I need a slight change in wardrobe, I dragged Kae right after school and begun our shopping spree. Ngek, I remember one time when I shopped about 10K in one day - hihi, nope.. that didn't happen because I looked for items that are severely and ultimately cheap but good buys.

I fairly need another pair of pants, polos for office, office shoes and some blazer. In less than 6K, I got 2 pieces of Bench Slacks, 3 blouses bought from ForMe and Surplus, 2 warmers bought from ForMe, a classic black coat bought from Surplus, and a fashionable Celine shoes in P499.00 - that's what I call super steal! Imagine, I didn't buy more than 700 today. My blouses before were Maldita, Plains and Prints and their regular prices are 700up - so I'm happy that I didn't get to spend much now but I did buy the things I need.

Maybe couple of pants more, another shoes and a designer bag will really make me contented for the next quarter - haha.

To my BF who doesn't get to read this every time, anniversary is near na - I hope you buy me nalang uhmmmm - another havaianas (metallic), a huge office bag, my dream Nine West stilettos or kahit Sale ng Celine! :), another Marissa Levis pants

Hmmmmmn, because of this, it made me wanted to post my wishlist(mga pwede makuha over short period of time), ano nga ba
  • another pair of havaianas
  • another pair of Happy Feet
  • collection of converse Chucks
  • People are People shoes
  • a Nine West pump or stiletto
  • Maldita bag and or Trench Coat/ Regular Coat
  • good fitting slacks
  • levis marissa jeans
  • loafers!
  • digicam - 8 or 10 MP, gusto ko canon or Sony :)
  • Dell Laptop, Inspiron E1505, or any Eseries ng Inspiron, the high-end, the better
  • pwede rin MacBook :)
  • I don't know what cellphone I want - hmmmm, nothing in particular at the moment - hehe
Malapit na pasko! Mamili na lang kayo jan ha!? :)

Aug 9, 2007

It's Captivating.. Amazing

It's Adobe Captivate!

I'm not sure how long this application has been available in the market but it was previously called Macromedia Captivate before Macro and Adobe merged. I tried to research on this product because I saw from Accenture's job posting that one qualification of the specific job I'm reading should be particular with this tool. Indeed, this baby is one powerful tool that masters interactive simulation and walk throughs without the knowledge of programming and extensive flash. I really really liked it because I've been with D/X/HTML for long and I've been wanting to study flash but I just always turn it down cause I find it really complex. I don't have the luxury of time to study it and go in depth about it - not yet. But with captivate, it makes your project really easy by doing the job for you. I sat down for about 15 minutes and viola! - a simulation right at your very own eye. Almost all of the features I would want to have in a specific sim is here. :)

I'm excited to finish my newest project for the team after my OS Vista which not to mention ended with a whopping 45MB file. Hopefully with a compress version of an SWF File, I can have a simulator in a smaller scale.

I'm using a TRIAL version, sana makakita ko ng crack! hihihihi.

Nice Adobe! Thanks!

Aug 8, 2007

More than Answered (Extreme Weather Worldwide!)

kung ano man nangyayari saten ngayon is more than an answered prayer.

It started pouring drizzles last Sunday, it'll rain but it'll stop so medyo may mainit pareng factor tuwing afternoon. Local News even reported that this kind of rain is not enough to raise the waters sa dam for 5million people's consumption.

Church has been appealing to everyone to pray for rain. Kasi naman, 2 months hindi umulan sa Pilipinas which were considered to be 'tag-ulan' months. Super answered prayer ng simbahan, umulan nga.

Come Monday, eto na si bagyo na hindi ko alam kung ano pangalan. Ayos lang, medyo ok pa naman ung ulan - normal lang, magaan na ambon kahit walang tigil. According to PAGASA, it would not hit the Philippines, habagat lang kung aakyat sya diretso ng Japan. PagAsa said sana storm takes Taiwan path na lang para tamaan tayo ng bagyo.

Tuesday until now Wednesday, di pa tumitigil ang malakas na ulan na may hangin. Kaninang umuwi ako ng 7AM in the morning, nilusong ko ung flats ko sa tubig with more than 8inches na baha, saya di ba? Currently, as I write this naglilimas si Kae sa kusina namen sa likod ng tumataas ng tubig.

Sana lang wag umabot sa extent na people's lives would be affected badly. Baka paghinto naman ng ulan ipagdasal naten.

Here's what I have from Yahoo!

Early 2007 saw record-breaking extreme weather: U.N.

GENEVA (Reuters) - The world experienced a series of record-breaking weather events in early 2007, from flooding in Asia to heatwaves in Europe and snowfall in South Africa, the United Nations weather agency said on Tuesday.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said global land surface temperatures in January and April were likely the warmest since records began in 1880, at more than 1 degree Celsius higher than average for those months.

There have also been severe monsoon floods across South Asia, abnormally heavy rains in northern Europe, China, Sudan, Mozambique and Uruguay, extreme heatwaves in southeastern Europe and Russia, and unusual snowfall in South Africa and South America this year, the WMO said.

"The start of the year 2007 was a very active period in terms of extreme weather events," Omar Baddour of the agency's World Climate Program told journalists in Geneva.

While most scientists believe extreme weather events will be more frequent as heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions cause global temperatures to rise, Baddour said it was impossible to say with certainty what the second half of 2007 will bring.

"It is very difficult to make projections for the rest of the year," he said.


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a U.N. umbrella group of hundreds of experts, has noted an increasing trend in extreme weather events over the past 50 years and said irregular patterns are likely to intensify.

South Asia's worst monsoon flooding in recent memory has affected 30 million people in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, destroying croplands, livestock and property and raising fears of a health crisis in the densely-populated region.

Heavy rains also doused southern China in June, with nearly 14 million people affected by floods and landslides that killed 120 people, the WMO said.

England and Wales this year had their wettest May and June since records began in 1766, resulting in extensive flooding and more than $6 billion in damage, as well as at least nine deaths. Germany swung from its driest April since country-wide observations started in 1901 to its wettest May on record.

Mozambique suffered its worst floods in six years in February, followed by a tropical cyclone the same month, and flooding of the Nile River in June caused damage in Sudan.

Uruguay had its worst flooding since 1959 in May.

Huge swell waves swamped some 68 islands in the Maldives in May, resulting in severe damage, and the Arabian Sea had its first documented cyclone in June, touching Oman and Iran.

Temperature records were broken in southeastern Europe in June and July, and in western and central Russia in May. In many European countries, April was the warmest ever recorded.

Argentina and Chile saw unusually cold winter temperatures in July while South Africa had its first significant snowfall since 1981 in June.

The WMO and its 188 member states are working to set up an early warning system for extreme weather events. The agency is also seeking to improve monitoring of the impacts of climate change, particularly in poorer countries which are expected to bear the brunt of floods, droughts and storms.

Grabe na ito, we need to continuously pray for everyone's safety.

Aug 7, 2007

Thank You!

Just a simple and a big THANK YOU Lord, for always being there and for everything.

Yours Always,

Aug 6, 2007

Just Guide Me Please..


O creator past all telling,
you have appointed from the treasures of your wisdom
the hierarchies of angels,
disposing them in wondrous order
above the bright heavens,
and have so beautifully set out all parts of the universe.

You we call the true fount of wisdom
and the noble origin of all things.
Be pleased to shed
on the darkness of mind in which I was born,
The twofold beam of your light
and warmth to dispel my ignorance and sin.

You make eloquent the tongues of children.
Then instruct my speech
and touch my lips with graciousness.
Make me keen to understand, quick to learn,
able to remember;
make me delicate to interpret and ready to speak.

Guide my going in and going forward,
lead home my going forth.
You are true God and true man,
and live for ever and ever.

--St Thomas Aquinas, 1225-74

Aug 5, 2007

Be Green!

The Greenhouse Effect

The atmosphere has a natural supply of "greenhouse gases." They capture heat and keep the surface of the Earth warm enough for us to live on. Without the greenhouse effect, the planet would be an uninhabitable, frozen wasteland.

Before the Industrial Revolution, the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere was in a rough balance with what could be stored on Earth.

Natural emissions of heat-trapping gases matched what could be absorbed in natural sinks. For example, plants take in CO2 when they grow in spring and summer, and release it back to the atmosphere when they decay and die in fall and winter.

Too Much Greenhouse Effect

Industry took off in the mid-1700s, and people started emitting large amounts of greenhouse gases. Fossil fuels were burned more and more to run our cars, trucks, factories, planes and power plants, adding to the natural supply of greenhouse gases.

The gases -- which can stay in the atmosphere for at least fifty years and up to centuries -- are building up beyond the Earth's capacity to remove them and, in effect, creating an extra-thick heat blanket around the Earth.

The result is that the globe has heated up by about one degree Fahrenheit over the past century -- and it has heated up more intensely over the past two decades.

If one degree doesn't sound like a lot, consider this: the difference in global average temperatures between modern times and the last ice age -- when much of Canada and the northern U.S. were covered with thick ice sheets -- was only about 9 degrees Fahrenheit.

So in fact one degree is very significant -- especially since the unnatural warming will continue as long as we keep putting extra greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Yahoo! Green

Aug 4, 2007

Entourage is Back!

Yes they're back with brand new episodes. I super love this series from HBO. Catch them too.


HBO presents Entourage, the hit comedy series executive produced by Mark Wahlberg that takes a look at the day-to-day life of Vincent (Vince) Chase, a hot young actor in modern-day Hollywood, and his entourage. He's brought with him from their hometown in Queens, NY: manager Eric, half-brother Drama, and friend Turtle. The series draws on the experiences of industry insiders to illustrate both the heady excesses of today's celebrity lifestyle, as well as the difficulty of finding love and success in the fast track of show biz. Now that the boys are getting used to the perks of stardom, Eric, along with superagent Ari, keep Vince's star rising while making sound decisions for a long-lasting career in a world of fleeting fame.

Adrian Grenier ("Drive Me Crazy," "Hart's War") stars as Vince. Kevin Connolly ("Antwone Fisher," "John Q") plays Eric, Vince's closest confidant who's learning the rules of the business as he tries to help Vince make the right choices and keep his trajectory aimed high. Kevin Dillon ("The Doors," "Platoon") plays Vince's half-brother Drama, whose own acting aspirations have been eclipsed by Vince's success. Jerry Ferrara ("Grounded for Life," "Leap of Faith") plays Turtle, the house manager, who's always up for a good time. Jeremy Piven ("Old School," "The Larry Sanders Show") plays Ari, Vince's aggressive, high-powered agent, who clashes with Eric over his client's decisions.

Also appearing in ENTOURAGE are Debi Mazar ("Goodfellas," "The Tuxedo") as Vince's publicist Shauna and Rex Lee as Lloyd, Ari Gold's much-maligned assistant.

Aug 3, 2007

Here's to REMYXX

to my two other best buddies from REMYXX who are celebrating their birthday, mga mare - MALIGAYANG KAARAWAN senyo.

Hindi ko naman nalimutan, etong pesteng PLDT, down ang phone namen at swerte lang kung may internet. So ung mga post ko eh naka queue. :)

Enjoy your birthday and more to come!

Aug 1, 2007

Hey you August!

It's the time of the month! August na, whoah! next month, September na, syet naman. :) May credit card debts pa ren ako, i'm doing same shit paren, same old same old :)

Anyway, there's really nothing to say much. Para sa sis kong may sakit, get well soon ok.

I'm bored and have nothing to do. Super hot here in Manila during noon, grabe as in. Can't wait to go to Australia and experience Winter.

Till next tym po.

Jul 29, 2007

Picture Update!

Roxas Pride Awards
June 10, 2007
Jaipur, Fort

Here are the pictures that were scanned from our official Site Publication, AUX6.

First picture - official cover of our Aux6

Second picture - Support Team Awardees.

Third picture - my trophy (I took a picture of it at home, kasi medyo pangarap ko ata ito. hehe)

Cricket Magazine
TeleTech's Official Publication

First picture - graduates of SDP held in Lipa. Marvin was part of it that's why I scanned it. :)
Second picture - I scanned it because of Jessa naman, hehe. Nice noh? I really think she's photogenic.

Indulge!.. more on my flickr!

Jul 28, 2007

And the News Finally Came

I honestly did not think that I'll be able to fly out of the country this early considering there has been so many hirings, classes around our account lately. Yes I filed for a passport only because I wanted to; so that if in time there'll be another opportunity - I can grab it na - but never did it cross my mind that they'll be sending trainers again since we have 4 trainers there still undergoing training. From my sups word, it's not gonna be a long training. It'll be as short as one week and then back again to the country to train. Talk about "fast". Natatawa tuloy ako. Maglalaro lang siguro ako sa one week, or paglapag na paglapag ng airplane eh gogora na kami sa lamyerda - you'll never know when you're coming back. :)

So Monday, requirments for VISA will have to be submitted na. I'll post updates as soon as I know them na, okei. :)

Hindi naman ako mashado excited, nakakatuwa lang. :p

Jul 27, 2007

Sari Sari

Today marks the beginning of my battle against me being 63 kilos in weight that is not proportion to my height. I have fought before and lost, fought back and was too weak try it again until trying to fight and breaking the promise becomes a habit. I thought everything was just fine because someone loves me for who I am. I thought I'll never going to realize that 'face value' counts and being physically OK matters. Then of course reality slaps me - it hit me hard. I don't know what else is there for me - but I know God will help me. I don't dare question the days I'm sad or feeling lonely or depressed because I don't dare question him during the days I'm happy. But I suddenly feel alone, desperate and weak - but I won't question him. Fight mayang! I can do this.

On Entertainment

Beyonce stumbles during Orlando show

07/26/2007 10:36 AM, AP

Beyonce Knowles made a dramatic misstep when she fell face-first down a flight of stairs during a concert. Ever the stage professional, she got right up and continued her performance as if nothing had happened.

The 25-year-old singer — flipping her hair dramatically and wearing a long red trench coat and high heels — was performing her song "Ring the Alarm" during a concert Tuesday in Orlando, Fla., when she tripped and stumbled down several stairs.

Knowles quickly regained her footing, reclaimed her microphone and went on with the show.

A spokeswoman for the singer didn't immediately return a phone call from The Associated Press on Thursday.

Amateur videos of the tumble had nearly 900,000 hits on the YouTube.com Web site Thursday morning. Posting of the videos began Wednesday.

My Favorite Celebrity Couples!

... actually minus Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, I've been a fan of Jada and Will Smith being husband and wife and of course posh couple Victoria and David Beckham. Hindi mo na itatanong, super friendship ang magasawang Katie and Tom with Jada and Will. Si Victoria naman and David is a good friend of Tom and Katie, so I think super friendship silang tatlo. Pero Smith and Beckham couples talaga ko. :)

No Reservations
starring Catherine Zeta-Jones. I want to watch a Love Story Movie again and fall in love...
I think it's not really that nice compared to HP and all, but once in a while it'll be nice to see a refreshing movie.