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Jan 30, 2009

Woot Woot to 2009!!

I heard something earlier from a very reputable person that they are sending off people to the US again! wohoooo!

Sadly though it's not me.. though I would love to go AGAIN, let's give chance to others. :)

This news made me think a little and this analysis really excites me. Few days back I was watching TV and this feng shui expert said that those who were born on the year of the pig are prone to 'distant travels'; meaning they can possibly travel this year. I didn't stop thinking when I heard that and kept asking myself.. hmmmmm, galera? boracay? palawan? hongkong? singapore? thailand? .... until today that US travel is being planned. But US is not distant right? .. so maybe that's the reason why it's not for me. hahahaha.
But of course, I know who's going! And I won't tell you, LOL.

Other news naman

This is the second template after I changed from my charcoal one. I used the birdie's template for a few days but it really doesn't fit my taste well. So I went back to bloggertricks and found this neat layout and thought I'd use it. Very simple in black. Also, I'm revamping my comments - I'd like to have something standard and not use all the labels in the world. So goodluck to me on that.

I am happy with the current run of my lessons. It seems that billing, and so many others are not so bad after all. Parang kelan lang start of the week. It's Friday again guys!!

Happy Weekend you all :)

Jan 26, 2009

Monday Errands...

It's another week..

another life to celebrate, challenges to face and successes to celebrate!

I've seen few people changed templates and I was a little jealous looking at my old black one (but it's not yet 1 year) and so i did scout for another one. I'm a little OC when it comes to templates and I don't just change, I always want something unique and simple... finally I stumble upon this popular and really nice art. Hope you like it!

I'm working on the rest of the details... i find the font a little small...
till next time! :)


Whew, bills to pay, banks to go to, things to do.. hay.
i also finally saw marvin today. kakapagod na maglakad sa malls nowadays ha! anyway, end of the 3-day fight.

we went to greenbelt chili's, maiba naman.

triple play

blackened fish with black beans and not-so-regular rice

wala lang, i didn't intend to take pictures of food all the time.. i just do it for blogging purposes and remembrance itself, LOL. so, sorry kung hindi quality. hehe. panakaw pa yan, i know most restaurants don't want their food to be photographed eh. hiya din ako.

Jan 24, 2009

Third Week Update!

WORK is alright. I was able to finish my third week of training smoothly. I think my kids are learning naman so that's really great right?. Got my pay too today so I'm kinda happy, with all the OT's and holiday pay. Being in the office last xmas eve and new years eve was kinda alright.. but i wouldn't trade being at home for couple of thousands when its xmas and new year time noh! but i'm satisfied with what i got.. so it's all good.

MYSELF. I am ok. My hair is growing fast and is looking messy again. I can feel the ends of my hair right at my nape... un ung alanganing haba ng buhok, na sana either mas maiksi na lang or by the shoulders na agad. Few people don't like my hair, hehe sayang daw. Sabi ko naman... it will grow back. Before you know it, its long again! Hehe, pero personally, I've been longing for a short hair naman talaga, ung magaang sa pakiramdam. Wash and wear ika nga. Funny, nabuhay na naman si pachuchai. Claudette, my co-trainer suddenly told me one time, 'mae, kamukha mo si judy ann', i don't know if she's joking... LOL. Hindi nio na po itatanong, when I was in college i cut my hair short too.. even shorter and thinner than my hair now.. and during that time me soap opera si judy ann.. so nung mga panahon na yun e pachuchai ang tawag saken. see pic inserted! :p

MY LOVE. It's chaotic. We had a fight. it's been two days he didn't text, show up or anything. Our 41st monthsary was yesterday, with no hi's or hello's.

Jan 20, 2009


Nope... it's not yet inauguration for Obama.. but real soon right?

Today was the day our site was officially inaugurated and launched to the public. The event started at 10AM and ended at 3PM with invited guests from press, private individuals, government and the President herself.

The event didn't actually end at 3PM because food was still overflowing during the night. It's eat all you can!! Gosh, I have 23 students currently and only 6 of them are girls.. so my students were really happy going back and forth to the serving table.

2008 Christmas we only had the head of the pig (LOL, or maybe I didn't see the body because it was chopped already), 2009 New Year, we had one roasted pig... Today ladies and gentlemen.. we had 4 freaking goood roasted pig... yummy! pati ako na hindi mahilig sa litson e nasarapan. :)

this was really gooooooooooooood

Jan 17, 2009

Burger Avenue and Others!

We have just completed second week of training.

It was fun, it sometimes goes out of hand (especially the noisy-ness) but everything was just ok. I'll be preparing for third week this weekend and see what third week will bring us.

Nga pala, I saw Naps (my former college classmate) last Friday Morning. I was standing at the intersection of Buendia and Makati Ave waiting for the stoplight to go red so I can ride a jeep. And when it hit red I started walking from where I was. Tapos pagkasakay ko sa jeep, I saw him on the same spot where I was standing, he was waiting for the pedestrian signal to go green. We shared a few good memories back in college so I thought of talking to him, but ... not meant to be I guess. :p It's nice to see him again though.


Marvin and I tried Burger Avenue at G/F A-Venue Mall, Makati Avenue corner gen Luna St. Marvin was curious about the "Ridiculous Challenge" that they were offering. Ridiculuous Challenge is, you have to finish their Ridiculous Burger in 5 minutes, everything swallowed, and your burger is free! Ridiculous Burger is Php255.00 with 3 grilled patties, oatmeal bun, chees, tomato, and lettuce.

So we made our order and waited. I didn't try it ladies and gentlemen because I am no fan of burgers whatsoever. I just like Wendy's burger, that's the only burger I can finish. Anyway, so when he was called with his order being ready, the supervisor was very kind enough to run him again of the rules, just eat and swallow everything not including the wrapper and he wins! There was also one official timer that sits at the cashier.

When the burger was given, he opened it and started touching it. Hmmmmm, what was he thinking? Marvin is a little weak when it comes to hot items, so I thought, oh-no... yes, the burger is freshly cooked and its really hot. But still, I cheered for him :p I wasn't doing anything (not even capturing a video or photo.. bad momma!) I was there in front of him cheering him to eat and drink and eat some more... but it striked 5 minutes already and he has the other cheek of the bun and some patty in his mouth left. He didn't get his Php255.00 back but it was worth the try. :)

Burger Avenue also delivers, I think they are open on Weekends until 3AM and 1AM on Weekdays. They have a very small dining area.. actually a very small place that is - but it won't hinder you from trying their stuff. And oh - they have a wall and photo book full of pictures who tried their challenge and won. So if you win, you get to be posted on the wall and in their photobook. :)

Go ahead and try it!

Jan 14, 2009

Manila, Manila

amazing how Manila could get this cold despite the information about Global Warming.. and that the world is getting hotter and hotter. I'm not sure about what you, but personally I think this January is colder than last year - correct me if I'm wrong though.

I always work night shift, and I would normally leave the office when the clock strikes 6AM, because 7AM onwards will be a little warmer, plus the sun would start to rise, after some time it will then be humid and real hot. But I like the weather this past week, I step out of the office at 8AM.. sometimes even with a jacket on... and it doesn't bother me.. I don't feel sweaty at all.

Nice nice happy weather!

.... drawback for me though, I have to endure the cold water at night,, ayoko maligo ng pinainit na tubig.. makes me lazy.. i feel sick when i do it. :p

Jan 13, 2009

So which Training 'Style' again to Use?

i'm super beyond my supposedly 'awake' after hours of shift. it's almost 11am already and I just got home.. why? wala lang.. hahahaha.

i don't know, suddenly when I do things, I can't finish anything at one time. Earlier in the office I wanted to start something at the same time doing something else - so in the end, I can't finish anything! Driving me nuts, and that's the reason why I'm still awake right now... can't focus!

Because my lessons are in my head. It's like haunting me.. it's like telling me, Mae, what will you be discussing tonight? Krista will be there.. what if you mess up? what if you don't know the questions and you totally embarass yourself?

We're almost in the middle of our Product Class and its getting tougher and tougher. Earlier they did plans, airtime charges, rates, roaming, long distance............. and i totally forgot the exact meaning....!!! later or maybe Wednesday, i will be talking about rerating, prorating, arrears, advance, BILL man... BILL!! I am a technical person...well I'd like to say I'm technical - in terms of troubleshooting DSL, connectivity and a little about PC.. waaaaaaaah, so me discussing BILL? ewan ko lang noh. ano ba tong pinasok ko. This might be the first time in history that I will embarrass myself in front of a lot of people and this might not be the first after all, pero wag naman di ba. So what should I do? hmmm...

I need to put up a good fight. hay. I can do this. I just need to know how to explain it clearly without so much flavor and complications. I need to do it in my own lingo right? so everybody will understand. at least I can do it in style kahit na mali - hahaha.

I just wish nobody from my current class reads this.. I bet walang nakakaalam.. kasi kung meron, nakow! talo na ko sa credibility. harhar!

OK... so I'm done, siguro makakatulog na ko nito. just venting out. :p

and my hair is still... ewwww :p

Jan 11, 2009

First Week of First Class

so how's everyone doing so far? me?... I just survived my first week of teaching this new program/ account I'm into. I don't know how I'm doing, I don't know how I'm able to survive everyday.. but I did and will hopefully continue to do so, dahil 8 WEEKS ang training!!

I don't have any updates, just want to tell you I'm alright.

I want to THANK the LORD everyday for always being gracious to me and my family. Thank you LORD for the blessings, because my students are tame, polite and cooperative :p, because my old and old old students/friends remain to be there, thank you for the everyday blessings and safety... couldn't stop myself for appreciating everyday and this might continue on and on, so let me cut myself here...


You all have a good week ahead!

Let us all count our blessings, not what we don't have.

Love you all. God is Good, All the Time.

.... p.s.
I have a new hair cut, and yep.. its soooooooooo fucking short.. hahaha. but I like it this short, its just that the one who did my hair doesn't know how to cut hair appropriately, or maybe just my hair.. grrrrrrrrrr, will visit another salon this weekend. pagtyatyagaan ko muna to... hahahaha, so lahat ng makakakita saken, you have to bear with me na lang, nayahahaha.

Jan 4, 2009

The year that was....

Here's my shout out to year 2008

I felt I need a separate page to highlight my experiences last 08... so here it goes

  1. i left my comfort zone - teletech, to find a place where i can grow and find myself again. i felt so stagnant and that my growth has stopped, ive been doing things over and over and over - the only ones making me stay are the people... i need something bigger, brighter and new.
  2. i joined an IT company which made me ITIL certified, ayos!
  3. i met kim, ed, ness... additional friends.
  4. and then i resigned again and transferred to a rising call center company
  5. for the first time, i met Ed Mallari - the famous director of teletech before
  6. i get to meet new people again... very long list... from our managers, my previous and current students who for not so long, became my friends
  7. my hotel and airport experiences here and abroad!! :p
  8. my wyoming and denver trips..
.. weird how i can get to summarize all that happened to me in just 8 items :p

thank you LORD because...
  1. i still have a job that provides food for my family
  2. i learned my lessons. and i now know where my 2009 is going.
  3. i met a lot of friends/ acquaintances along the way, who fortunately still remembers me.
  4. i get to fly out of the country for free. the experiences and everything,
  5. i am safe all the time
  6. i am surrounded by people who aren't selfish in teaching me life's lessons.
  7. i have friends - inside and outside the company
  8. i met a lot of new friends - pinoy at kano!
  9. marvin and i are still together
  10. my family are still here, healthy and alive
There maybe still a long list... so for everything else... THANK YOU!

** sorry, my post was going nowhere, hehe... **

Jan 1, 2009

My New Year 2009

How did you spend your New Year?? me? I get to again celebrate at the office...

I was a little sad this time because its my first time to be away from home at new year's eve. But how can I complain? all my students are there, some managers are there, our support group from the US are there (who are truly thousands of miles away from home!).. all I can do is to make the most out of it really. And I'm satisfied to be jumping up and down when it turned 12, making noise with my little torotot all throughout the time we were down at the parking lot, and lighting some.. errr a lot of sparklers.

This is what I was doing before 12 mn
I get to co-facilitate our first Train the Trainer Session with trainers, QA, TL's and OM as participants

our munting salo-salo aside from company food catering
Krista was able to bring 12 round fruits and everyone else brought something round too

And this toy was my best accessory during the midnight!