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Aug 15, 2008

Alas; Thai Cuisine

us and our ehem.... many to mention

At last, Training Certification is done! I did pretty bad with my last presentation compared with my first one. Oh, well. What can I do? not enough time to prep.

We had lunch at Sweet Melissa's - Vegetarian Restaurant. I had Pizza Pita.

Today we had a blast of dinner at Anong's Thai Restaurant - it was so relieving to finally eat in a non-american restaurant. LOL.
I shouldn't be whining - im in the US - what do I expect.

Crab Rangon was nice. Stir Fried beef in garlic sauce is wonderful. Sour soup with mushroom is just heaven - and the Fried Rice - nothing can compare to other american restaurant that offer fried rice. This one is really rice.

Their Thai Iced Tea was a bit weird. I drink milk tea in Chowking but the color of this one is different - i don't want to say terrible - but orange for a milk tea? i'm having second thoughts as to what i was drinking....

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