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Oct 29, 2008

Hair Free

hmmmm, when was the last time you've tried something new?

Lately, I have been wondering if I can survive waxing - brazilian that is. Remember my Belle de Jour 2008 planner packed with gift certificates and discount coupons? One of the certificates included is a free brazilian wax from lay-bare, no further services required to avail of the certificate. A couple of people have already told me I should try it so I went on researching and browsing and reading some testimonials.

I've also learned that lay bare has one clinic in Makati near our office and so... YES, I've decided that I should try it - sayang naman certificate ko. :p

I can say it was a bit painful but tolerable, but day after - you'll be amazed and happy at what you're looking at. I'm satisfied that I've tried it. I might go back after a month. :p

Oct 27, 2008

Murdoch-Go Nuptials

Yes, I've been to a wedding once but a not so formal one.

Recently, last Saturday (25th), I had the opportunity to witness a wedding (not exactly because I wasn't in church :p) of one of the managers in our office. I just knew him from work and I can say I was lucky to be invited to the celebration (because I think not everyone got invited from the office). Thanks Broz!

The reception itself was nice, sumptuous buffet by Manila Hotel.

I guess their preparation had been worth remembering, because I myself had to go to some grueling and painful search to find a perfect dress. Hehe, sorry naman, first time! Up to the last minute, talaga naman.

Sige, but it was a learning experience for me... next time, I know na what to do. And one more thing, medyo hirap pala ng single na umaattend sa kasal noh? Lahat ng games, puro pang single na men and women eh, since kilala ka ng ikinasala - ay, you have to join. But I enjoyed - so much! :)

Congratulations again to the newlyweds! Next celebration siguro nila christening???

was just taken from my phone, hmmmm, spent close to 2,500 for everything, hair and make up, dress, shoes, etc, etc - not bad?!

Oct 23, 2008

Back to Eye Bags

I just realized that my eyebags are in its 'blackest' when I don't get enough at least 8 hour sleep everyday. Eversince I started in the AM shift (which will be eversince August this year) my eyebags have become better. Their still a pair of black undereye circles but a lot better (huh! anudaw?) Lately, I've been really engaged into consecutive company activities that makes me stay in the office longer.

I'm actually in the office right now, blogging away while waiting for our turn to do a presentation for our clients.

I'm doing well except for my cough - and I wish to really see a doctor soon. I hope the coming days will be better for me - us, financially and career wise.

Looking forward to a good FRIDAY!! :)

Oct 20, 2008

Thank God! .. I'm better!!


i woke up around 4:15 AM today and I realized I just have to quickly jump to the PC and update my blog. Thanks for Saturday and Sunday rest -I feel a whole lot better. I still have cough - a bad one but I don't feel like I'll be getting fevers anymore.

I need to blog this so in case someone might ask, my whole world just goes down when I'm sick - can't move, can't focus, can't stand whatever. ..... But hey! I feel better today. :)

  1. I'm done checking the midterms of kids,, sigh, but not all passed
  2. hahaha, i've seen gossip girl last night from the internet. I don't know when it will air in cable tv so I thought I had to really see it soon!
  3. salary soon!

What your life is about is your own perspective. If you want to be happy with your life despite the challenges, then be happy. If you will just whine and do nothing, you can do that too.... Life is about the choices you make, we all have one.

You make your life, and no one else. So quit whining! :p

Enjoy the week! :)


Oct 17, 2008

Up, Down, Up, Up, Up..... Haaaaay

I'm sick.

Sunday, I was just sneezing. Monday, my body was just really down. I don't know what's wrong with me. I have a class so I can't bear to rest and be absent. Aside from class, I do post class updates, emails, scorecards, at kung ano ano pa so I sometimes go home late na talaga.

I had to take my meds 'round-the-clock this week. If I stop even my biogesic, asahan mo - manginginig ako at lalamigin. Mula sa simpleng sipon, I have bad cough now and my fever is still on and off. This is just the longest time I had fever. I have consumed God knows how many biogesics na for this week. I take 2 redbulls every morning to sustain me for the day and to give me energy so I can do my class.

Meron pa kaming fun run this Sunday and I'm not sure if I can do it. I want to--- but taking the stairs nga sa lrt hinihingal na ko, un pa kayang tumakbo or lumakad ng 5k? Goodluck talaga saken. I know walking is healthy, i'm just scared to do it tapos nakakahiya pag huminto ako in the middle and quit. sus - 1,500 people will be there. i'll stay home na lang siguro.

Here's the singlet (which I have) of the PAA-BILISAN run on Sunday

Oct 11, 2008


I would just like to say THANK YOU to the people who never forget. Those who drop by my blog to read - my friends, my previous students, new acquaintances... thanks.

Sis, sorry if I haven't replied to you real time. I'll text you soon, promise.

Keep smiling y'all. GOD IS GREAT.


Oct 2, 2008

forty eight

mama just turned 48.

had a simple dinner.
hope she gets long life and lives healthy. i hope she's proud of all her children.