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Aug 22, 2008

School Year - University of Wyoming

We've been hearing a lot of things about when the school year will start, and that laramie will be busy again because there will be students again... but man, parking spaces nowadays are fully occuppied, mas marami ng cars sa kalsada - ayos - dumami na tao - hindi na mukhang haunted ang laramie. hahahaha.

kasi pala, dito sa states - ung mga konting population na state katulad ng wyoming, mas mura ung universities. So ung mga ibang students from other states go to different places to study... parang las pinas and manila - ur living in las pinas but you go schooling in manila. parang ganito din pala dito - you live in california, you want to study in wyoming - pwede. dun kumikita ung mga apartments and boarding schools. population daw ng wyoming pag walang school eh 18,000 - pag school year na, nagiging 27,000 - i don't know how true. you know me pag dating sa numbers - hehe.

our resource manager came here from denver and visited the laramie site. so we went to walmart earlier to buy food to pig out. it's so late na, tomorrow we will be heading to estes park for a tourist visit. :)

have to getup early - but i feel the need to update my blog.

it's 23 already (in manila) while i'm writing this, but its still 22 here. It is our third year anniversary. Last year, I was in australia during our 2nd year anniversary, this year - I'm here in US.. hmmmm, what's for next year - I'm hoping it will be the BEST!

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