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Nov 3, 2007

A Gratifying Day

Today is one of those many days where GOD ultimately shows me how blessed I am, with my work, with my everyday experiences, with my life.

Let's start of by saying THANK YOU for pulling this training through. God knows how hard it was being in Melbourne and working our assess out completing a training that doesn't even sound close to any of the familiar terms we've known. Many people thought it's a nice experience. It was actually - after all, we went to a foreign land with full expense paid - and that's simply one of a kind. This training wouldn't have been possible without the help of Mydz, Marcia and the people really helping me and assisting me always. To my kids who have been really understanding and supportive. My kids are amazing, God knows how I look so stupid every time in front of them but they didn't make me feel that way - such lovely and nice people.

Next, thank you to ever dearest Marcia for being so supportive. Our company has been running 5 phases already and from the very beginning - nothing started so smoothly. Marcia was there to support me all throughout and never reluctantly help me in running the class. Funny how God creates the path to make Whites and Browns meet in an absolutely splendid way. I don't know if I'm making sense but I just love it.

Thank you because finally my finances can be covered.. because finally - and hopefully - it's coming through.

My family for being supportive with every decision I make in my life - mistakes or not - they're there.

LORD! - Thank you for giving my kuya the job that he and my mom has been praying for. Give him strength to pull everything through.

To my honey who's always there for me for everything. I love you.

My kids, my recent trainees - if you can read this - THANK YOU for the gift of the bag. :) Hehe, I love bags y'all. :) hehehe Honestly, THANK YOU for the gift of friendship. My classes have never been the same - it's always different every time. There were times that I just cry out of frustration, there have been several times that I walk out of the room, there were times that I conduct make up classess because I have students who can't follow the lessons.... but my kids proved their different. They were light-hearted, participative, funny. They were always there in the room in complete attendance - Sherwin and James -- thanks for staying in the class even if you don't feel well. My kids are just amazing. This is the only class I have been really thankful for because I was their trainer. Magagalit siguro makakabasa nito na past student ko - but again, each of my class is different. I simply thank you because I was at my worst - I swear. Even if I have my hang-ups being a trainer, you guys were still cooperative. Even during the last minute of the test, no one failed me. If there's someone to be proud at this moment - it's me... who met people that are truly wonderful. I couldn't say anything more - thank you, thank you and thank you. I hope one way or another, we have touched each other's lives - cause you did surely touch mine. Again, thanks for the gift of friendship and learning experience. Till next time around guys. :)


Remarkable isn't it? Simple things in life are the ones that are really valuable - it's a matter of perception.


loving life,

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