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Dec 10, 2007

Buhay Baboy

ehehe, medyo tambay lang ngayon sa bahay - walang work eh - I'm on leave till Wednesday kaso I'm part of the Trainers who will be conducting Trainer Cert for the next 4 days that will run from Tuesday to Friday - goodluck sa leave ko po.

Buhay baboy has been my past time - ehem, medyo birthday ng Papa ko and we've been cooking a lot this past few days - wahahaha, puro nguya lang gawa sa bahay - waaaaaaaa. Pero thank you naman Lord kasi may food kami - so di bale nang tumaba - ay sorry naman - mataba na pala. hehehe.

I know I miss him but this is for the good. I have maybe been confident enough but I know everything will fall into place at the proper time. I surrender everything to him because I trust no one else.

God Speed everyone this Christmas holiday! :)

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