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Dec 15, 2007

December = Pressure

Whoah, month of December is surely a busy month for almost everyone. Good thing I have bought almost everything for some gift giving on Christmas - saves time and effort when everyone is busy rushing to the mall, falling in line for gift wrapping and everything in between.

Never had a full sleep today but has spent quite nice few hours at the mall scouting for few things to buy. I feel so tired and ironically restless at the same time - for being sleepless and for wanting to go around the mall - i don't know with my self - hehehe, naguguluhan din ako.

Few days more and I'll be crossing out few people on my list. Konting gala na lang and ikot sa mall - I'm done na with my Christmas shopping - whew

I'm excited to see and buy the Belle De Jour Planner - hope I find time to get one - oh, soon!

I don't know if making sense with this blog - but nonetheless, i'll keep posting. :)


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