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Sep 9, 2007


I Can't think of any title eh, hehe, sorry.

Work Check: Overloaded.
Nakakainis, di ko paren napopost ung first time happenings ko sa Australia. I have so many pictures to copy and burn. I have so many things to blog but can't really do it coz I don't have time. I have pending simulator due at the end of the month but since I'm flying again this Saturday, I can't really find time to do it. Waaaaaaaaah, pwede ba more than 24 hours na lang umikot and mundo so I can finish my tasks?

Relationship Check: Rocky
Uhmmm, here's the time of the year when everything just falls off.

Money Check: Still same shit.
No money, manahimik ka Mae! :) hehe. I need a digicam soon before I fly again to Australia para naman I can take pictures on my own, hehe - I'm so poor. harhar, so magtipid - nah, la sa vocabulary ko eh, haaaaaaaaaay. :)

Body Check: As heavy as I could get, hahaha!
Just had facial yesterday, finally after like so many months! My goodness gracious! Kasi naman hataw sa overpricing mga facial centres ngayon, pag naman sa derma walang ka-care care. Wish ko lang mag OK OK na ung mukha ko noh, for life na ata akong ganito.

Blog Check: Coping!
Hindi ko na ata ma-bloblog ung Australian trip ko, baka ung next trip na lang. :)

Rina will be home today at 11PM. :) Wish you're doing fine above the clouds, haha. :)

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