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Oct 13, 2007

Saturday Flight!

My friends and I woke up mga past 2. Painit agad ako tubig to have some light coffee and reheated my food to have some breakfast. after 15 minutes - ligo naman. I was already dressed and completed repacking my luggage when lyn knocked on the door with all her luggage. :) I was worried how heavy my bag was - so good luck sa pag check in. :)

Sinundo kame nung coaster at exactly the same time we were told - 3:55.

After 20 minutes, because we had to stop for one more hotel to pick up another travelers, we were at the airport. Funny, it wasn't as crowded as the last time. Anyway, I was worried because my hand carry was 10 kilos and my luggage is about 30. Eto na naman ako - hahaha. In short, nag check in kami as a group, we exceeded 13 kilos and multiplying that with 24 - I believe we have to pay like A$300 dollars. Naawa naman ata ung supervisor, he waived the rest and made us pay 6kilos lang. I don't have to ditch anything in my bag so I hurriedly paid the 144Dollars na excess baggage. I'm thankful naman kasi we don't have to pay anything like of that amount. Thank you thank you talaga dun sa lalake na un - na sya ding nagpahirap samen the first trip. hay life talaga.

It was a smooth ride, hindi sya kasing exhausting nung first trip - ewan ko ba. few people lang and nandun sa waiting area and basta - it was all positive considering all girls kami na walang magawa kundi magkwentuhan. I have another book pala with me na kinekwento ko sa kanila na di ko gusto ung umpisa dahil sa sobrang dami ng characters at the beginning na I can't remember the names.

We are supposed to board the plane mga 6:45 - but nonetheless, nakalipad naman ung plane exactly 7:25 which is na dapat na time ng paglipad - so on time paren kami. An hour and 5 minutes later, we're in Sydney airport na. It was not so smooth landing and all that, feeling ko nagmamadali ung plane- hahaha.

So standby lang kame sa sydney, after mga 20-30 minutes, here we go again. Ewan ko ba, it wasn't as tiring talaga as before, nakatulog ako sa plane, di ako nainip, everthing was going well. We landed past 5Pm - and take note - wala pa ung mga sundo ko. hahaha take note naman of PAL being on time and my sundo being late. I bought my things with me muna sa Figaro and had some coffee - mga 15-20minutes later here comes Marvin and 3-5 minutes later, here comes Mama and the gang kasama si kae and kuya and my cousins. Off we went sa duty free.

The night ended early, mga 10PM. sumama lang ung mga pinsan ko dito and Marvin to have dinner. Tapos un, pasalubong giving at tulugan na.

Super bulagta ako sa bed.

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