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Nov 10, 2007

JePun Pali

Have you pampered yourself lately?

I have been really wanting to have a body scrub and body massage ever since I started working and that was like - 3 years ago! At long last, haha, out of nowhere, nakapagpaganon ako - akalain mo. Here's how it goes...

My bf and I went to MOA to do the usual "date" - hehehe, we didn't shop or anything like that kasi we don't want to carry anything with us while strolling. We went to Big Apple Express Spa to try a massage with hopefully a scrub - pero wala eh. Super affordable ung massage nila that would go for 45 - 60 minutes. May discount din lahat ng peeps from TTECH. So everyone out there who's stressed and tired as I am - go kayo din - very nice kahit maliit lang ung place nila. Actually wala sa hinagap na we will be doing this today kasi hindi naman talaga kami prepared ni Marvin. But I wanted a body scrub talaga more than anything else that day - so we walked around pa. Then I remembered, meron nga palang JePun Pali sa South Side - Parking Lot ng MOA - so off we went. I find it so affordable - and in short we availed of the product, err service.

We availed of the Massage and Scrub in Salt and Oil - it was therapeutic. The ambiance was made to set your mood to relax even just for a while. The corridors and even the reception were all lighted just enough to sooth the relaxed atmosphere that you're expecting. We had to reserve first when we went there and then had our merienda - dinner then went back. We just waited for a couple of minutes and they were set for us. :) -- sorry naman, first time!

Marvin and I stayed in an adjoining room. Our nice attendants accommodated us pretty well. We changed onto our towels and bathrobe and went to the Sauna. I couldn't imagine that sauna is that hot. It was something else I couldn't explain. I know what sauna is but I didn't expect it's more than hot - man, it's not steam or anything close - I think I was burning. :p Anyway, that sauna is supposed to make me sweat, but nope - just a bit I guess, but not exactly sweating like marvin - haha. I had to cover my face with my towel - maybe because I have done several treatments na for my face. Anyway, 15minutes lang naman sya - but really, super init!!! After that, we had a quick shower, syempre separate. Then we were brought back to the original room were we where before. I had to put on this disposable bikini under my towel :p First the whole body massage then the scrub, then we had shower. After the shower, we were given complimentary drinks. Lastly, they applied lotion. Wag nang details - hahaha, super hindi ako masyado ready to reveal my body to the attendant - ewan kung anong nakita nya sa katawan ko - nakakaloka!!

Pero happy ako. My skin was so nice after the treatment and we can do this daw at least every once a week - goodluck di ba! But definitely, we'll be back for some more!

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