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Sep 22, 2007

Be Gone for 2 Weeks

I know, I'll be blogless again.

It's past 1PM, I'm already packed, ready to go. I just have to take a bath later and dress up for another long trip.

I'll be with PAL again, my trip is 8PM and supposed to land in Australia at 8AM (their time). I'll be joining another workshop training and I'm supposed to train it here in our Bacoor Site. Badly, I needed some money - pero super short talaga ko. Salary last time wasn't enough, haaaaaaaaaay, I'm not yet blown and freaked out but sooner or later, I will be.

Come to think of it, last time na umalis ako about a month ago I have my period then, and it was also raining that time, same same now - it's raining outside.

I'll post again if I have time. :)

Bye for now.

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