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Oct 14, 2007

Back home again..

With a week of extension, I can't simply wait to go home... and finally, we're back.

Super busy I swear. I reported for work today around past 3PM and had a con call with our manager. We just needed to prep and make sure that we're ready for class tomorrow. I'll be on a 4PM to 1AM shift going from my_home-to-roxas-to-bacoor and back to roxas and back home. hay talk about travel and all that. wish ko lang talaga mobiled na ko - weeeeeeeeeee.

It's a tough and cranky day for me. Weird but I find it hard to unpack my things more than packing it in my luggage. Like I have to make sure to put the things I brought with me in their exact place, nobody will do it for me, hay kapagod. As in masakit katawan ko paggising ko pa lang and I'm still so dead tired. But Life as it is... ganito talaga.

meron akong gusto pang i-blog but i'm tired na.

break muna.

here are the the top quotes from melbourne:

1 - me talking to lyn - "ate, excuse me, kelangan kong sabihin sayo to. hindi nakakahiyang uminom sa Coles mo!"

2 - lyn talking to someone trying to make a belt fit "ate, pag di kasya wag ipilit"

3 - myda, talking to someone who's getting off a tram "nagmamadali, ambagal bagal naman. bababa din naman ako"

hahahaha, ako lang ata me alam niyan - laugh trip to!

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