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Sep 15, 2007

Remyxx Get Together

After about more than a year, REMYXX finally has set aside some time to see each other; or at least for me, rina, hazel and ivy!

pasalubong giving - it should be, but we couldn't stop talking from the start till end of the night!

we decided to meet in Glorietta last night. Rina was there with her brother and shopped for few goodies while waiting for us. Hazel arrived before me then Ivy. Both of the girls (hazel and rina) with rina's brother are huddling in McDo when I got there. We exhanged stories while waiting for Ivy. after about ordering an ice cream (by rina :) ), ivy finally arrived. Jologs na kung jologs but there were picture taking and so many laughing out loud. It has been really a long time. After some time, we headed to greenbelt to make tambay. That's when we hand over our pasalubong. Rina gave ivy a shimmering lavander lotion from Victorias Secret and a kikay bag. Hazel got a Victoria Secret Perfume and an Aeria super see-through underwear in blue green color. I got another Victoria Secret shimmering lotion and a matching Aeria super see-through underwear with Bax but in old rose color. -- Thanks for all the pasalubong sis!

After a while I gave my girlfriends the boomerang I bought from Australia. I know it's not even personalized but I've been to Australia for only 2 weeks, no really time to shop that much - sorry girls. I'll make bawi na lang.

We went back to the mall to grab some snack sine Rina has been craving for a palabok. Kwentuhan and kainan it is!

The rest - missing in action... paramdam na lang mga girls.

The night ended when Marvin picked me up from Glorietta to have a late night dinner. I made paalam to go ahead and I'll make sure to see them again.

Love you all remyxx! :)

PS. I was able to watch Entourage later that --- morning :)
nice episode. :)

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