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Oct 28, 2007

Accomplished Sunday

I have few updates for this past week.

  • Today is the championship game of Site Wars - Sports fest, but we weren't able to go. Makikibalita na lang kami tomorrow.
  • Sa wakas, I got a mani-pedi, huwaw, after like combined 5weeks, it's really nice to have one, finally!
  • Tapos na ren ang dreaded lecture days ng Training. Nesting time!
  • I have started reading the book I took with me in Australia, finally, I have the time to read again.
  • Nagawa na ren ung simulator na pinapagawa ni Aly, thanks to Tofer!
  • PC just got fixed, finally!
  • Nakalinis na din ako ng kwarto. My goodness, I didn't realize I have shoes and slippers already piling up kasama ng mga makakapal na alikabok sa kwarto. ewww, hehe, pero don't worry, naglinis po ako kanina. :)
It's really nice to be back on my feet again.... Finally!

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