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Oct 20, 2007

More Than The Usual Load of Work....

Saturday it is!

After leaving Melbourne last Saturday, I had to report to the office on a Sunday after that to prepare for our class on Monday. I have been experiencing jet log lately - i'm not even sure if I spelled it correctly, wehehehe.

My class' schedule is 4PM - 1AM, which means I don't go home at once. From house, I do the normal routine travel to Roxas office. From Roxas, I get picked up by our shuttle service going to TeleTech at SM Bacoor. From SM at 12MN, I get dropped off at Roxas and continue my work till 1AM - kung hanggang 1AM lang nga talaga. I wouldn't sleep after 1AM kasi I'd feel kukulangin din naman tulog ko e. I'll catch the 4:45AM shuttle going to LRT and make it at home hopefully before 6AM or a bit past 6AM. Around 12:30PM bangon ako, kain konti, prepare and then alis na. I have to be in the office at 2:30 para makaprepare pa ng konti for class then pick-up-in ulet ng shuttle to bacoor. This has been my tiring week. I have been struggling with my class a bit because this is a new training and new concept that I have only known for like 3 week - me kasama pa yung paglipad ng isip sa kawalan. ahahahay buhay.

I woke up past 3something today and I just feel so good that its Saturday today that I get to rest. Actually, our Australian friends have invited us in Shang to go gimik but I couldn't simply make it talaga. Even Bax texted me at the last minute if I can go to her place. Bax - sorry, kung alam mo lang... 'pagod and exhaustion' is an understatement of what I've been through.

Pagkagising ko, I decided to go to the derma. Salamat naman - it went well, pretty painful.

Tomorrow will be another history...

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