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Jan 30, 2009

Woot Woot to 2009!!

I heard something earlier from a very reputable person that they are sending off people to the US again! wohoooo!

Sadly though it's not me.. though I would love to go AGAIN, let's give chance to others. :)

This news made me think a little and this analysis really excites me. Few days back I was watching TV and this feng shui expert said that those who were born on the year of the pig are prone to 'distant travels'; meaning they can possibly travel this year. I didn't stop thinking when I heard that and kept asking myself.. hmmmmm, galera? boracay? palawan? hongkong? singapore? thailand? .... until today that US travel is being planned. But US is not distant right? .. so maybe that's the reason why it's not for me. hahahaha.
But of course, I know who's going! And I won't tell you, LOL.

Other news naman

This is the second template after I changed from my charcoal one. I used the birdie's template for a few days but it really doesn't fit my taste well. So I went back to bloggertricks and found this neat layout and thought I'd use it. Very simple in black. Also, I'm revamping my comments - I'd like to have something standard and not use all the labels in the world. So goodluck to me on that.

I am happy with the current run of my lessons. It seems that billing, and so many others are not so bad after all. Parang kelan lang start of the week. It's Friday again guys!!

Happy Weekend you all :)

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venice said...

are you a mind reader now mae? lol. i was gonna ask who they're sending cuz i thought it was me. hehe. i'm glad you and marvin are ok now, we saw you guys at petron saturday morning. =) yiheeee! MAAAAAEEEEE!!! i want to get off the phones!!! ugh.