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Jan 17, 2009

Burger Avenue and Others!

We have just completed second week of training.

It was fun, it sometimes goes out of hand (especially the noisy-ness) but everything was just ok. I'll be preparing for third week this weekend and see what third week will bring us.

Nga pala, I saw Naps (my former college classmate) last Friday Morning. I was standing at the intersection of Buendia and Makati Ave waiting for the stoplight to go red so I can ride a jeep. And when it hit red I started walking from where I was. Tapos pagkasakay ko sa jeep, I saw him on the same spot where I was standing, he was waiting for the pedestrian signal to go green. We shared a few good memories back in college so I thought of talking to him, but ... not meant to be I guess. :p It's nice to see him again though.


Marvin and I tried Burger Avenue at G/F A-Venue Mall, Makati Avenue corner gen Luna St. Marvin was curious about the "Ridiculous Challenge" that they were offering. Ridiculuous Challenge is, you have to finish their Ridiculous Burger in 5 minutes, everything swallowed, and your burger is free! Ridiculous Burger is Php255.00 with 3 grilled patties, oatmeal bun, chees, tomato, and lettuce.

So we made our order and waited. I didn't try it ladies and gentlemen because I am no fan of burgers whatsoever. I just like Wendy's burger, that's the only burger I can finish. Anyway, so when he was called with his order being ready, the supervisor was very kind enough to run him again of the rules, just eat and swallow everything not including the wrapper and he wins! There was also one official timer that sits at the cashier.

When the burger was given, he opened it and started touching it. Hmmmmm, what was he thinking? Marvin is a little weak when it comes to hot items, so I thought, oh-no... yes, the burger is freshly cooked and its really hot. But still, I cheered for him :p I wasn't doing anything (not even capturing a video or photo.. bad momma!) I was there in front of him cheering him to eat and drink and eat some more... but it striked 5 minutes already and he has the other cheek of the bun and some patty in his mouth left. He didn't get his Php255.00 back but it was worth the try. :)

Burger Avenue also delivers, I think they are open on Weekends until 3AM and 1AM on Weekdays. They have a very small dining area.. actually a very small place that is - but it won't hinder you from trying their stuff. And oh - they have a wall and photo book full of pictures who tried their challenge and won. So if you win, you get to be posted on the wall and in their photobook. :)

Go ahead and try it!

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