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Jan 26, 2009

Monday Errands...

It's another week..

another life to celebrate, challenges to face and successes to celebrate!

I've seen few people changed templates and I was a little jealous looking at my old black one (but it's not yet 1 year) and so i did scout for another one. I'm a little OC when it comes to templates and I don't just change, I always want something unique and simple... finally I stumble upon this popular and really nice art. Hope you like it!

I'm working on the rest of the details... i find the font a little small...
till next time! :)


Whew, bills to pay, banks to go to, things to do.. hay.
i also finally saw marvin today. kakapagod na maglakad sa malls nowadays ha! anyway, end of the 3-day fight.

we went to greenbelt chili's, maiba naman.

triple play

blackened fish with black beans and not-so-regular rice

wala lang, i didn't intend to take pictures of food all the time.. i just do it for blogging purposes and remembrance itself, LOL. so, sorry kung hindi quality. hehe. panakaw pa yan, i know most restaurants don't want their food to be photographed eh. hiya din ako.

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Kim said...

Rice pilaf! I love that kind of rice.