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Jan 24, 2009

Third Week Update!

WORK is alright. I was able to finish my third week of training smoothly. I think my kids are learning naman so that's really great right?. Got my pay too today so I'm kinda happy, with all the OT's and holiday pay. Being in the office last xmas eve and new years eve was kinda alright.. but i wouldn't trade being at home for couple of thousands when its xmas and new year time noh! but i'm satisfied with what i got.. so it's all good.

MYSELF. I am ok. My hair is growing fast and is looking messy again. I can feel the ends of my hair right at my nape... un ung alanganing haba ng buhok, na sana either mas maiksi na lang or by the shoulders na agad. Few people don't like my hair, hehe sayang daw. Sabi ko naman... it will grow back. Before you know it, its long again! Hehe, pero personally, I've been longing for a short hair naman talaga, ung magaang sa pakiramdam. Wash and wear ika nga. Funny, nabuhay na naman si pachuchai. Claudette, my co-trainer suddenly told me one time, 'mae, kamukha mo si judy ann', i don't know if she's joking... LOL. Hindi nio na po itatanong, when I was in college i cut my hair short too.. even shorter and thinner than my hair now.. and during that time me soap opera si judy ann.. so nung mga panahon na yun e pachuchai ang tawag saken. see pic inserted! :p

MY LOVE. It's chaotic. We had a fight. it's been two days he didn't text, show up or anything. Our 41st monthsary was yesterday, with no hi's or hello's.

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