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Jan 1, 2009

My New Year 2009

How did you spend your New Year?? me? I get to again celebrate at the office...

I was a little sad this time because its my first time to be away from home at new year's eve. But how can I complain? all my students are there, some managers are there, our support group from the US are there (who are truly thousands of miles away from home!).. all I can do is to make the most out of it really. And I'm satisfied to be jumping up and down when it turned 12, making noise with my little torotot all throughout the time we were down at the parking lot, and lighting some.. errr a lot of sparklers.

This is what I was doing before 12 mn
I get to co-facilitate our first Train the Trainer Session with trainers, QA, TL's and OM as participants

our munting salo-salo aside from company food catering
Krista was able to bring 12 round fruits and everyone else brought something round too

And this toy was my best accessory during the midnight!

2 comment(s):

Kim said...

He he he ganda nga ng Torotot. Gold kung gold! :)

Reyanee said...

waaaah...gold torotot.. ^_^ ok lang yan sis... ahihihi.... Happy New Year! mwah!