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Feb 1, 2009

GG Season 2, UFC, 4th week, etc.

TV Update!
After my beloved Veronica Mars was cancelled, I stopped seeing series regularly, no time, not enough passion to see them. I love House, CSI (all of it), 24, Prison Break, Sex and the City, Californication, Nip/ Tuck and Entourage (i'm not sure if I'm missing anything else).
Gossip Girl was created in replacement for Ms. PI, Veronica Mars. I've completed the entire season 1 right from the Television, no help from the dvd. Aren't you proud?!
After season 1 they went off the air for few months to start season 2.

My very last day in the US was the very day that Season 2 will premier there! Arghh, have been dying to see them back pa naman.

But finally, after 5 months the Upper East Siders will be back in no time because Gossip Girl Season 2 Philippine premier will be this February 3 at 8PM, brought to us by ETC.
you may visit http://gossipgirltv.multiply.com for more information.

And of course, I can't watch it GG this season because I have shift during weekdays. So marvin bought me the season 2 dvd during our recent trip to 168. After the frustrating battle with the pc's and laptops, I finally had the courage to conclude that the DVD wasn't working properly. And nope, we didn't test it. I was hoping to do a marathon pa naman yesterday. :( Can you believe that it stopped playing after 10 or 15 minutes? darn!


I don't watch UFC (ultimate fighting champion) like my brother but I know what it is. And yesterday, it aired live.. cool. The website gets updated in-pronto! I watched it with the barako's here at home. I just thought of posting something about it. :)

LAS VEGAS – Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre scored a one-sided win in what may have been the closest thing to a true “ultimate fight” in the history of a promotion with that name.

Between St. Pierre and lightweight champion B.J. Penn, you had two of the most gifted champions in company history – St. Pierre the world’s best welterweight and Penn the world’s best lightweight, with both at the peak of their careers.

And while St. Pierre was favored as the bigger man, it was still stunning how he dismantled someone who three years ago he struggled to beat in a controversial split-decision win. -- read more.. YAHOO

Fourth Week Update!

We're done with 4th week and I love just how the way it ended. We are not behind with the lessons, we even had a spare day (which was last Friday) so we did call simulations, mock calls and all that. We are now down to our final week for Product Training, next week is Abay. Hope that everything will still be alright.

Happy Monday everyone.
I'm not sure but I feel like I'm not uplifted at all.

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