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Jan 14, 2009

Manila, Manila

amazing how Manila could get this cold despite the information about Global Warming.. and that the world is getting hotter and hotter. I'm not sure about what you, but personally I think this January is colder than last year - correct me if I'm wrong though.

I always work night shift, and I would normally leave the office when the clock strikes 6AM, because 7AM onwards will be a little warmer, plus the sun would start to rise, after some time it will then be humid and real hot. But I like the weather this past week, I step out of the office at 8AM.. sometimes even with a jacket on... and it doesn't bother me.. I don't feel sweaty at all.

Nice nice happy weather!

.... drawback for me though, I have to endure the cold water at night,, ayoko maligo ng pinainit na tubig.. makes me lazy.. i feel sick when i do it. :p

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