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Jan 11, 2009

First Week of First Class

so how's everyone doing so far? me?... I just survived my first week of teaching this new program/ account I'm into. I don't know how I'm doing, I don't know how I'm able to survive everyday.. but I did and will hopefully continue to do so, dahil 8 WEEKS ang training!!

I don't have any updates, just want to tell you I'm alright.

I want to THANK the LORD everyday for always being gracious to me and my family. Thank you LORD for the blessings, because my students are tame, polite and cooperative :p, because my old and old old students/friends remain to be there, thank you for the everyday blessings and safety... couldn't stop myself for appreciating everyday and this might continue on and on, so let me cut myself here...


You all have a good week ahead!

Let us all count our blessings, not what we don't have.

Love you all. God is Good, All the Time.

.... p.s.
I have a new hair cut, and yep.. its soooooooooo fucking short.. hahaha. but I like it this short, its just that the one who did my hair doesn't know how to cut hair appropriately, or maybe just my hair.. grrrrrrrrrr, will visit another salon this weekend. pagtyatyagaan ko muna to... hahahaha, so lahat ng makakakita saken, you have to bear with me na lang, nayahahaha.

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