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Jan 13, 2009

So which Training 'Style' again to Use?

i'm super beyond my supposedly 'awake' after hours of shift. it's almost 11am already and I just got home.. why? wala lang.. hahahaha.

i don't know, suddenly when I do things, I can't finish anything at one time. Earlier in the office I wanted to start something at the same time doing something else - so in the end, I can't finish anything! Driving me nuts, and that's the reason why I'm still awake right now... can't focus!

Because my lessons are in my head. It's like haunting me.. it's like telling me, Mae, what will you be discussing tonight? Krista will be there.. what if you mess up? what if you don't know the questions and you totally embarass yourself?

We're almost in the middle of our Product Class and its getting tougher and tougher. Earlier they did plans, airtime charges, rates, roaming, long distance............. and i totally forgot the exact meaning....!!! later or maybe Wednesday, i will be talking about rerating, prorating, arrears, advance, BILL man... BILL!! I am a technical person...well I'd like to say I'm technical - in terms of troubleshooting DSL, connectivity and a little about PC.. waaaaaaaah, so me discussing BILL? ewan ko lang noh. ano ba tong pinasok ko. This might be the first time in history that I will embarrass myself in front of a lot of people and this might not be the first after all, pero wag naman di ba. So what should I do? hmmm...

I need to put up a good fight. hay. I can do this. I just need to know how to explain it clearly without so much flavor and complications. I need to do it in my own lingo right? so everybody will understand. at least I can do it in style kahit na mali - hahaha.

I just wish nobody from my current class reads this.. I bet walang nakakaalam.. kasi kung meron, nakow! talo na ko sa credibility. harhar!

OK... so I'm done, siguro makakatulog na ko nito. just venting out. :p

and my hair is still... ewwww :p

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