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Jan 20, 2009


Nope... it's not yet inauguration for Obama.. but real soon right?

Today was the day our site was officially inaugurated and launched to the public. The event started at 10AM and ended at 3PM with invited guests from press, private individuals, government and the President herself.

The event didn't actually end at 3PM because food was still overflowing during the night. It's eat all you can!! Gosh, I have 23 students currently and only 6 of them are girls.. so my students were really happy going back and forth to the serving table.

2008 Christmas we only had the head of the pig (LOL, or maybe I didn't see the body because it was chopped already), 2009 New Year, we had one roasted pig... Today ladies and gentlemen.. we had 4 freaking goood roasted pig... yummy! pati ako na hindi mahilig sa litson e nasarapan. :)

this was really gooooooooooooood

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