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Jan 4, 2009

The year that was....

Here's my shout out to year 2008

I felt I need a separate page to highlight my experiences last 08... so here it goes

  1. i left my comfort zone - teletech, to find a place where i can grow and find myself again. i felt so stagnant and that my growth has stopped, ive been doing things over and over and over - the only ones making me stay are the people... i need something bigger, brighter and new.
  2. i joined an IT company which made me ITIL certified, ayos!
  3. i met kim, ed, ness... additional friends.
  4. and then i resigned again and transferred to a rising call center company
  5. for the first time, i met Ed Mallari - the famous director of teletech before
  6. i get to meet new people again... very long list... from our managers, my previous and current students who for not so long, became my friends
  7. my hotel and airport experiences here and abroad!! :p
  8. my wyoming and denver trips..
.. weird how i can get to summarize all that happened to me in just 8 items :p

thank you LORD because...
  1. i still have a job that provides food for my family
  2. i learned my lessons. and i now know where my 2009 is going.
  3. i met a lot of friends/ acquaintances along the way, who fortunately still remembers me.
  4. i get to fly out of the country for free. the experiences and everything,
  5. i am safe all the time
  6. i am surrounded by people who aren't selfish in teaching me life's lessons.
  7. i have friends - inside and outside the company
  8. i met a lot of new friends - pinoy at kano!
  9. marvin and i are still together
  10. my family are still here, healthy and alive
There maybe still a long list... so for everything else... THANK YOU!

** sorry, my post was going nowhere, hehe... **

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